Did Hawks Kill Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia? (How & In Which Episode)

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Back in the fifth season of My Hero Academia, we saw the fact that Hawks had seemingly betrayed the Hero Association so that he could become a member of the Paranormal Liberation Army, which was now headed by Tomura Shigaraki. Hawks was able to join the group by delivering Best Jeanist’s body to Dabi, who ordered him to kill a top hero. Of course, Dabi used this to his advantage by telling the entire world what Hawks did. So, did Hawks really kill Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia?

Hawks did not kill Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia. It only looked like he killed Best Jeanist, but this was only to convince the villains that he was on their side. The truth was that Best Jeanist underwent a procedure that placed him in a convincing death-like state so that Hawks could infiltrate the villains.

The fact that both Hawks and Best Jeanist actually worked together on a dark but secret mission is proof of how the heroes were willing to do anything to make sure that the villains were defeated. Of course, this wasn’t exactly something that the general public accepted well enough, but the fact is that Best Jeanist’s fake death was one of the key elements that allowed the heroes to ambush the villains during the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

Did Hawks Kill Best Jeanist?

Back in season 5 of My Hero Academia, we got to learn more about Hawks, who was introduced as the new number two hero in Japan after All Might retired from being a hero and Endeavor rose up to take the top spot. We also saw how effective a hero Hawks is as he can use his speed to his advantage and pepper villains with quick blade feathers. And his efficiency allowed him to become one of the strongest heroes in Japan.

However, one of the things that we also saw was the fact that Hawks was seemingly meeting up with villains during season 5. It was through his efforts that the pro-heroes learned that the Paranormal Liberation Front was now active once more due to the efforts of Re-Destro, who had to cede his leadership position to Tomura Shigaraki after the League of Villains defeated the Meta Liberation Army and took over it.


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In that regard, it was clear that Hawks was “on the side” of the villains because he was working alongside them the entire time. But the truth was that he was working as a spy for the Hero Association so that they could learn more about what the villains were planning. And this was only made possible when Hawks had to sacrifice something on his part to convince the leaders of the Paranormal Liberation Front that he was loyal to them.

Before he was allowed to join the villain army, Hawks had to go through Dabi, who was one of the top officers of the Paranormal Liberation Front due to his position as a member of the League of Villains. Dabi told him that the only way for him to prove that he was loyal to the cause of the Paranormal Liberation Front was for him to kill a top hero in Japan.

As such, we saw Hawks meeting up with Best Jeanist as they were discussing the things that happened after the fight with All For One. Best Jeanist said that he had taken a leave of absence after sustaining injuries that led to one of his lungs getting destroyed in the battle with All For One. Hawks lamented at what happened to the third-ranked hero as he brandished one of his blade feathers. The next time that we saw Best Jeanist was in a body bag that Hawks brought to Dabi to prove his loyalty. But does that mean that Hawks killed Best Jeanist?

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Dabi and Dr. Garaki seem to believe that Hawks did indeed kill Best Jeanist because the number two hero was allowed to join the ranks of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Of course, we know that Hawks never betrayed the heroes because he was the one that fed them information regarding the plans and movements of the villains.

But Dabi used this to his advantage during the Paranormal Liberation War arc when he revealed that he was Toya Todoroki. He broadcasted a video that explained the things that Endeavor did to him when he was a child. Dabi also said that Hawks killed Twice and also killed Best Jeanist, who was announced missing in action.

However, Best Jeanist surprised everyone when he arrived on the scene just in time to assist the heroes. As Dabi was about to kill Endeavor and Shoto with his Prominence Burn, Best Jeanist arrived to bind him and Gigantomachia with his fibers. Of course, Dabi was surprised to see that the number three hero was actually alive despite the fact that it was indeed his body that was brought to him by Hawks.

How Did Hawks “Kill” Best Jeanist?

At first, we thought that Hawks killed Best Jeanist by using one of his blade feathers to murder the number three hero while he was in his weakest state. However, that was not the case because Best Jeanist “died” in a different way.

Instead of actually killing Best Jeanist, Hawks told him about his mission to infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front and the fact that he needed to kill a top hero to join the ranks of the villains. Best Jeanist reluctantly agreed to be the sacrificial pawn in this mission. But he didn’t have to die.

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Best Jeanist told Hawks that Central Hospital had developed a method that could induce a death-like state in a person. This method was actually derived from the same method that Dr. Garaki used to develop the Nomus. In that regard, it was an advanced procedure that Best Jeanist underwent to turn himself into a corpse that was convincing enough to fool a genius like Dabi and a well-known medical practitioner like Dr. Garaki.


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But Hawks stole Best Jeanist’s body from Dr. Garaki’s storage so that he could bring it to Central Hospital. The doctors of the hospital revived Best Jeanist and allowed him to recover just in time for him to join the Paranormal Liberation War.

When Did Hawks “Kill” Best Jeanist?

The episode wherein Hawks brandished his blade feather and seemingly “killed” Best Jeanist was episode 14 of season 5. However, the actual events of Best Jeanist faking his death are yet to appear in the anime. In the manga, Best Jeanist and Hawks revealed what truly happened in Chapter 299.

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