How Did Best Jeanist Fake His Death?

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A lot of pro heroes in My Hero Academia were in action during the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, as all of the strongest heroes in Japan took part in a mission that sought to destroy the army of villains and defeat Tomura Shigaraki before he could wake up. Of course, things didn’t go well for the pro heroes because Shigaraki woke up and devastated their ranks, even though he was knocked out by the efforts of Deku and the other heroes. Dabi and the League of Villains arrived to try to kill Endeavor but were stopped by Best Jeanist, who everyone thought was dead. So, how did Best Jeanist fake his death?

Best Jeanist faked his death by using a method that Central Hospital developed to put a person in a death-like state. This procedure was actually based on the Nomu, as it was convincing enough to fool Dr. Garaki and a genius like Dabi into believing that Hawks had murdered Best Jeanist.

The fact that Best Jeanist faked his death means that he was in it all along and that he knew of Hawks’ involvement as a spy/mole for the Hero Public Safety Commission. In that regard, his involvement in the plan was important because Hawks wouldn’t have been able to join and infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front if Best Jeanist hadn’t faked his death. So, with that said, let’s look at how Best Jeanist actually “died.”

Did Best Jeanist Die In My Hero Academia?

Before the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, we already had a good glimpse of what was to come. While the students of UA High School were training to be better at using their Quirks and at developing strategies, the pro heroes were actively learning more about the different villains that were still at large and the activities that the League of Villains was involved in.

Of course, the man that was on the ground for the Hero Public Safety Commission was Hawks, the number two hero in Japan. Because of his antihero personality and cold demeanor, Hawks was the hero that the Hero Public Safety Commission chose to try to learn more about what the villains were up to. And we learned during the events of the Meta Liberation Army arc that the League of Villains took on the entire army and installed Tomura Shigaraki as the leader of all of the allied villains of Japan.


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Hawks needed to infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front, which was the new name of the Meta Liberation Army under the leadership of Shigaraki. But in order for him to convince the leaders of the villain army that he had decided to defect to their side, Hawks needed to do something for them. That was when Dabi told him to kill one of the top heroes of Japan so that they would be able to see how loyal he was to their cause.

That was when we saw that Hawks actually brought the corpse of Best Jeanist to him. Dabi was happy enough to see that the third-ranked hero in Japan had been killed by the second-ranked hero. Of course, Dabi is a genius that would know whether or not a corpse is real. And Dr. Garaki also confirmed that this was indeed the body of Best Jeanist.

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During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Dabi used the opportunity to reveal to the entire world that he was actually Toya Todoroki. He made a video that he broadcasted to the entire world to not only discredit Endeavor and reveal the things that he had done to him in the past but also to destroy the image of the pro heroes by allowing the world to see that Hawks killed Twice in cold blood. Dabi also said that Hawks was responsible for killing the number three pro hero, Best Jeanist.

Just as Dabi was about to kill both Endeavor and Shoto with his own version of the Prominence Burn, thick fibers suddenly came out of nowhere to bind him, Gigantomachia, and the League of Villains. This was none other than Best Jeanist, who had arrived just in time to save the heroes before Dabi could kill them. And he did so by arriving on his jet plane and dropping in on the location where the heroes were fighting Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains.

That means that Best Jeanist was actually alive all along and was able to fake his death. This surprised Dabi, who believed that the hero was dead after Hawks supposedly killed him. In that regard, it was clear that Best Jeanist did something that allowed him to convince Dabi and Garaki that he was actually dead.

How Did Best Jeanist Fake His Death?

Before the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front war, we saw Best Jeanist and Hawks meeting up. We learned that Best Jeanist had been gravely injured in his fight with All For One during the Hideout Raid arc. He had taken a leave of absence due to his injuries, as he told Hawks that he was now missing one lung after the fight with All For One.

However, in that scene with Hawks, we saw the number two hero brandishing one of his blade feathers before the scene was cut. After that, it was announced that Best Jeanist had gone missing and that no one knew where he was. This only allowed Hawks to convince the Paranormal Liberation Front that he did indeed kill Best Jeanist.

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The truth, however, is that Hawks told Best Jeanist about his secret mission to infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front. Hawks said that Dabi assigned him the task of killing a top hero, as Best Jeanist reluctantly agreed to be the one to “die” so that the number two hero could infiltrate the enemy’s army and send intel back to the pro heroes.

But Best Jeanist said that Central Hospital, which was able to help him recover from his wounds in that battle against All For One, also developed a procedure that could put a person in a convincing death-like state. Of course, Best Jeanist allowed Central Hospital to do this procedure on him so that he could “die” for the sake of the mission that Hawks was given.


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This was convincing enough that Dabi allowed Hawks to join the villains despite the fact that he still kept his eye on the number two hero. But instead of disposing of Best Jeanist’s “corpse,” the villains kept it for future use. During the day of the Paranormal Liberation War, Hawks stole the “corpse” and brought it to Central Hospital, where Best Jeanist was revived and was allowed to join the battle moments later.

In that regard, Best Jeanist faking his death was one of the most important parts of the mission because Hawks wouldn’t have been able to infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front if the number three hero didn’t “die.” This was a necessary sacrifice on the part of Best Jeanist, who arrived on time to assist the heroes in their fight against Tomura Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains.

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