Does Aguni Die in ‘Alice in Borderland’? Ending Explained

Does Aguni Die in Alice in Borderland Ending

Since the end of season 2 of Alice In Borderland, fans have been wondering about the ending of the series. On the one hand, we know that there is no more material for creating a third season of the show since it ended following the manga series on which it’s based. On the other hand, the last shot at the end of season 2 felt like the creators were hinting at a possible open ending. It felt as though the story isn’t quite over. Another interesting thing is about the main characters themselves, and it was revealed for some of the characters what happened to some of them when they left the world of the Borderland. One of those characters is Aguni, so we’ll be looking into whether Aguni died in Alice in Borderland.

Aguni has been close to death many times throughout the season, but he did not die in the Borderlands. The last time we see Aguni before returning to the „real world“ is after he and the rest of the team manage to defeat the King of Spades. In his last moments, the King of Spades revealed that he had a similar past as Aguni, after which Aguni killed him. Aguni then tried to end his life, but after he put the gun to his head, he saw his best friend Hatter appear and decided he won’t do it.

In „real life, “ we saw Aguni seemingly with a really bad head injury. It was never revealed what happened to him later on, but from what we did see, it seemed that Aguni was in a coma. If you find this interesting, stick with us and find out what happened to Aguni in a more detailed recap of what happened in the second season of Alice In Borderland.

What happens to Aguni?

Arisu and Karube teamed up while Chota was injured to try and buy more time to figure out what these survival games were about. They entered a deadly game of tag, where the player’s goal was to find a hidden explosive in the building. While they are looking for this room, another player tries to kill them and prevent them from finding the explosive.

The game is portrayed as a simple game of tag with a deadly twist. Thirteen players joined this game. To win the game, they have to work together, but the rules don’t specify this; the players have to figure this out on their own. The game begins, and Arisu and Karube amount the first who take the initiative for everyone to work together.


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They were letting everyone know where the tagger was located, and after some time, other players joined them in the search for the hidden room.  After some time pass, Arisu and Karube meet Aguni for the first time and decide to team up with him and his partner. Karube and Aguni had prepared a plan to attack the tagger to distract him while Arisu was looking for the explosive room.

When Aguni and Karube face they almost die, the fight between them is incredibly difficult. Even with three people attacking the tagger, he managed to still be standing. After this game, we saw Aguni again during the Beach Arc. His friend Mad Hatter tried to kill him because he thought he was trying to take his place of leadership over the Beach.

Aguni killed his best friend because he believed he had gone too far in the ideology he had built around the seemingly perfect utopia. Aguni has struggled ever since that incident; he has even tried to kill himself multiple times. He was constantly putting himself into very dangerous situations.

This all led up to the end of the series, the final battle against the King of Spades, in which he survived once more. Arisu and Aguni managed to lure the King of Spades into their trap and blow themselves up with him. This injured the King of Spades enough, and the Aguni finished him. Aguni was badly injured the last time we saw him in the world of Borderland.

After it was revealed that there is a real world and that the world of Borderland was a collective unconscious experience shared by all of the characters from the show. Everyone wakes up at a hospital and learns that a meteorite had hit Tokyo. Some of the characters did not survive, but we see Aguni alive but unconscious; he had a bandage wrapped around his head which tells us he had a pretty bad injury there. He was connected to a machine, and it seemed like he was in a coma.

Who survives in Alice in Borderland?

After the final game was completed, everyone in the Borderland world was offered a choice and could stay in the Borderland or return to the real world. Everyone except the characters Banda and Yaba wanted to go back to the real world. Even Ann, who was really close to dying, trying to fight to survive, did so in the real world as well. We saw her in a coma, just like Aguni; both of them managed to survive. This also includes Arisu, Chishiya, Usagi, Niragi, and Akane. Each of these characters managed to survive and return to the real world.

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