‘Alice in Borderland’: Does Usagi Die in Season 2?

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While it is apparent that Alice In Borderland focuses on the character of Arisu and his journey throughout the different perilous games found in the Borderlands, we also know that Yuzuha Usagi is also one of the main characters of the series and is second only to Arisu in terms of importance. This is why Usagi is heavily featured in season 2 and was there in the different perilous games that we saw. But what happened to Usagi in season 2, and did she die?

Usagi did not die in season 2 because she and Arisu were able to clear the Queen of Hearts game. However, she ended up getting injured in both the King of Spades and the Queen of Hearts games. Luckily, she survived up to the end to make her decision to leave the Borderlands together with Arisu.

The presence of Usagi in the entire storyline of Alice In Borderland was a calming one for Arisu because she was one of the characters that helped Arisu get through his grief. She provided him comfort, relief, and support throughout the entire time, and that is why she is so important. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened to Usagi in season 2 of Alice In Borderland.

Does Usagi Die In Season 2?

One of the things that we know about Alice In Borderland is that the storyline heavily focuses on how Arisu has to go through the different games in the Borderlands so that he can get to the bottom of the mystery behind this strange land and the need to play life-and-death games. Of course, while Arisu may be the central character, Usagi comes in as a close second due to her importance as Arisu’s love interest and main ally.

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Usagi’s heart and athleticism were heavily featured in season 2 of Alice In Borderland when she was able to clear games using her best attributes as a person. In that regard, she was able to fill in the weaknesses in Arisu’s own arsenal as she provided the courage and physical capabilities that Arisu didn’t have. That is why she made the perfect partner to Arisu, as they even ended up as a romantic couple right around the halfway mark of season 2.

However, in season 2, a lot of different characters went through some tough stuff due to the fact that the games just got more dangerous. The most perilous out of all of the games that they played was the King of Spades game, which involved an all-out massacre conducted by the King of Spades. The players didn’t even have to register to join this game, as the King of Spades could simply kill whoever he wanted to kill whenever he was around.

In that regard, episode 7 of season 2 of Alice In Borderland focused more on the fight against the King of Spades. But prior to that, Arisu and Usagi got into a heated exchange with Niragi, who wanted to kill both of them. So, did Usagi die in season 2 of Alice In Borderland?


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During the early scenes of episode 7, Arisu was seen meeting up with Chishiya, who previously never really got along well with Arisu and the others. However, Chishiya wanted to say something to Arisu as the solo journey he had in the Borderlands somewhat changed him. But before Chishiya could say something, Niragi appeared and shot Chishiya.

Meanwhile, as Niragi was ready to settle things with Arisu, Usagi appeared. That was when things got interesting because Niragi, who had tried and failed to rape Usagi twice in the past, had already gotten fed up with Usagi rejecting his advances all the time. He pointed his gun at her to shoot her instead of Arisu.

Niragi shot Usagi, and that was what prompted Arisu to shoot the villain as well. However, Chishiya still had enough strength to take the bullet that was meant for Usagi, as he ended up getting gravely injured as a result of the encounter. Meanwhile, Usagi came out of the encounter unscathed.

What Happened To Usagi?

After Chishiya bravely sacrificed himself to save Usagi, the duo of Arisu and Usagi went on to face the King of Spades. They reunited with Kuina and Ann and even teamed up with Aguni and Akane to try to take on the dreaded King of Spades, who was undoubtedly the strongest out of all of the Face Cards. Knowing that he didn’t have what it took to take on the King of Spades, Arisu had to be the one to prepare and set off the explosion that they were planning on using to kill their enemy.

Meanwhile, Usagi, Kuina, Ann, Aguni, and Akane all had to work together to try to keep the dreaded King of Spades busy and lure him to the drugstore, where they were planning on dealing the final blow. As capable as all of these characters may be, the King of Spades was simply too strong. He dealt fatal wounds to all of the characters, as Usagi was the only one who came out of that encounter with wounds that weren’t too serious.

As such, Usagi still had enough strength to go on after the King of Spades was defeated due to the explosion that Arisu and Aguni set off. Aguni dealt the killing blow to the King of Spades, as Arisu and Usagi went on to meet the final Face Card, which was Mira, the Queen of Hearts.

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The Queen of Hearts game was simple because it was a simple game of Croquet that Arisu and Usagi didn’t even have to win. All that they needed to do was to play the game. However, they lose and die if they decide to retire from it. That is where the twist lies because Mira actually drugged the tea that Arisu drank as he was frantically trying to get some answers about the Borderlands from Mira.

Mira used the opportunity to trick Arisu into believing that the Borderlands were not real and that everything that was happening was a product of his psychological and mental problems. Usagi, however, never drank the tea and still had control over her mind and body. She tried to make Arisu snap out of it so that he wouldn’t be forced to retire from the game.


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In an attempt to gain his attention and make him wake up from the trance, Usagi slit her wrist. That was when Arisu’s love and concern for her won out, as he overcame the drug and the hallucinations. He realized that Mira had been lying all along, and that was what prompted him to treat Usagi’s wound.

While Usagi was still bleeding out, Arisu decided to finish the game. The Queen of Hearts was defeated, and Arisu and Usagi were allowed to choose between staying in the Borderlands as permanent residences or returning to the real world. Of course, they both returned to the real world, where their real bodies were in a hospital as they didn’t have any memories of what happened to them in the Borderlands. As such, Usagi survived the events of season 2 and went on to have a real date with Arisu in the real world when they met each other for the first time.

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