My Hero Academia: Does Endeavor Die? Here’s What Happens to Him

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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga and anime today. And even though when it started, the character All Might was the one known as the Number 1 hero, today, the character who holds this position is the Flame Hero, Endeavor. Enji Todoroki is now one of My Hero Academia’s most important characters since All Might retired and has undergone many dangerous fights throughout the latest chapters. This leads many fans who are not all caught up with the manga to wonder if Endeavor has died in the My Hero Academia manga.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • As of chapter 411, Endeavor has not yet died in My Hero Academia. He had come close to death many times and fought his strongest enemy to date, All For One.
  • In a battle so difficult, he lost an arm that could ultimately end his life.

Endeavor & Hawks vs. Hood

Endeavor Hawks vs. Hood

In My Hero Academia, there are artificial monsters called Nomus, which are actually humans who were forcibly implanted with a variety of quirks by All For One’s doctor, trying to make these so-called Nomus their top-tier soldiers. Later in the series, they presented the concept of High-End Nomus, which were even more powerful than the normal Nomus and had a working conscience, making it so they could analyze the situations they were found in and how to overcome them.

During the Pro Hero Arc of My Hero Academia, which focuses on how Endeavor is dealing with his sudden rise to the position of the number one hero after All Might’s retirement, there is a really insane battle that happens at the end. Endeavor and Hawks are attacked while chatting by a High-End Nomu called Hood. We later learn that Hood was sent there by Dabi, who had suspicious plans against the Pro Heroes and was actually working together with Hawks.

The battle begins as Endeavor and Hawks try their best to stop Hood and rescue all the citizens in trouble, but Hood proves to be really powerful. At one point, Endeavor seems to be dealing very well with this battle but ends up letting his guard down and receiving a fatal blow from Hood. This blow deals heavy damage to his torso and grasps the left side of his face.

Even though Endeavor seems to be defeated, he eventually gets up and goes after Hood. With the help of Hawks’ feathers, he gets the chance to land an extreme blow on Hood, placing his fist up Hood’s throat and using his maximum power to perform a Plus Ultra Prominence Burn, finally defeating the High-End Nomu. Endeavor ended up winning, but not without a cost since he was extremely close to death as he scarred half of his face and was even admitted to the hospital.


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Pro Heroes vs. Tomura Shigaraki

With the release of My Hero Academia Season 6, some fan-favorite moments will be getting their anime adaptation, including one of the story’s high points: the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. In this part of the story, the Pro Heroes, and even some students, find themselves fighting against Tomura Shigaraki, who is now the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front and has acquired All For One’s power, making him the most dangerous villain ever.

pro heroes vs tomura shigaraki

After Shigaraki wakes up from his deep sleep, he uses his original quirk, Decay, to destroy everything around him, killing many people in the process. It is left to Endeavor and other Pro Heroes to stop him from doing any more damage. In the beginning, Endeavor has control of the battle, dealing strong blows and stopping Shigaraki from touching him. However, Shigaraki gets the hang of his new powers and is just too strong, and Endeavor needs all the help he can get.

Even when fighting against Shigaraki with the aid of the other Pro Heroes, this battle still proves too difficult, and Shigaraki seems capable of claiming victory. The protagonist, Izuku Midoriya can fight at even ground against Shigaraki. At the same time, the Pro Hero Eraser Head nullifies his quirks, but even then, he cannot defeat Shigaraki once and for all.

At one point, Endeavor gets ready to deal a fatal blow to Shigaraki together with his son, Shoto Todoroki, and one of his students, Katsuki Bakugo. This plan fails, with both Bakugo and Endeavor being pierced in the stomach by one of Shigaraki’s new quirks and thus unable to continue battling. This leaves the battle up to the Pro Heroes left and an enranged Izuku Midoriya.


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Ultimately, no party is claimed victorious as Shigaraki is extremely hurt and flees with what is left of the League of Villains. Endeavor did not die but took great damage again and came extremely close to death.

Endeavor vs. All For One

Endeavor vs. All For One

My Hero Academia’s manga has reached its climax and what seems to be the series’ final all-out battle. In the Final War Arc, Endeavor is left to deal with the second biggest threat in the world, All For One himself. During this battle, he is somewhat aided by Hawks and other heroes, but he is the one doing the huge blows.

During the duel, Endeavor ends up being a victim of All For One’s manipulation as he talks about one of Endeavor’s sons, Toya Todoroki, and All Might. This leads to Endeavor being caught off guard, receiving critical damage on his chest, and falling to the ground. Fumigake Tokoyami and Kyoka Jiro join the fight in the hopes of helping Endeavor and Hawks destroy All For One’s helmet that’s been protecting him all this time.

As Tokoyami and Jiro join in, All For One sees the opportunity to deal heavy blows to them and gets enraged. When All For One tries to hurt them and Hawks, Endeavor returns and protects them but loses his right arm. This doesn’t seem to be much trouble to him, as Endeavor creates a fist made out of flames to replace his lost arm and deals immense damage to All For One.

Endeavor uses his ultimate attack to deal the final blow to All For One, but All For One has something up his sleeve and is not defeated. All For One was rewound to his peak using Eri’s quirk, which he got from Shie Hassaikai’s bullets, and is stronger than ever but only for a limited amount of time, leaving an injured Endeavor having to deal with an even stronger opponent.

As of chapter 395 of My Hero Academia, Endeavor survived his fight against Dabi, but only barely. As of chapter 411, Endeavor is still alive.

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