Does Toga Die in My Hero Academia? Here’s What Happens to Her


What makes My Hero Academia so compelling is the fact that even the villains have storylines that would make you understand why they do the things they do and why they are the way they are. Of course, one of the most popular villains in the series is Himiko Toga, who has one of the most complex storylines in My Hero Academia due to how similar her character is to DC’s Harley Quinn. But does Toga die in My Hero Academia, and what happens to her?

Himiko Toga is still alive in the events of the manga and is still active during the Final War arc. She ended up confronting Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Midoriya. That was when she got rejected by Deku when she professed her love for him. After that, she used Twice’s blood to become him and use his Quirk. 

While she isn’t one of the top villains in the world, Toga is still able to prove how dangerous she can be due to her twisted mind and her fearsome ability to copy the identity of any person. It is also the fact that she has a crazy way of viewing the world that makes her a favorite among fans, and it is possible that she is actually going to live through the events of the storyline. That said, let’s look at what happens to Toga in My Hero Academia.

What Happens To Toga In My Hero Academia?

There are a lot of different characters in the My Hero Academia manga and anime, and all of these characters have unique storylines that allow fans to connect with them. While the heroes are some of the most relatable characters in the storyline, the villains have backstories that fans can’t help but relate to as well due to how anyone can experience the same things that the villains experienced.

One such villain that fans of My Hero Academia can’t get enough of is Himiko Toga, who was always one of the most notable secondary villains in the series ever since her introduction early in the storyline. She is a member of the League of Villains and is one of the most trusted allies of Tomura Shigaraki. That’s because her Quirk, which is called Transform, allows her to become anyone as long as she ingests their blood. And after mastering her Quirk, she could even use the Quirks of the people she transforms into as long as she has a good understanding of the person’s Quirk and holds that person close to her heart.

toga knife

In that regard, Toga became one of the most dangerous members of the League of Villains and continued to have a good role among the different villains of My Hero Academia. Her twisted mindset and incredibly good looks also made fans liken her to DC’s Harley Quinn. As such, she became one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia and is consistently one of the most popular villains in the storyline. 

Considering that Himiko Toga has one of the most compelling backstories in the anime and is one of the characters that fans can’t get enough of, there are a lot of different fans that actually want to know her fate in the story. So, what happens to Toga in the manga?

It is worth noting that Toga has one of the most interesting histories in My Hero Academia. That’s because, as a young girl, she always had a fascination with blood and was always interested in things that were bloodied and dead. This tendency was likely caused by the nature of her Quirk, which requires her to ingest blood to transform. As such, she became a repressed girl that was forced by her parents to become “normal” during a good part of her childhood years as they weren’t fond of her morbid nature.

After seeing one of her schoolmates getting covered in blood and bruises after a fight, her “abnormal” tendencies began to resurface as she ended up giving in to her attraction to blood. This caused her to attack the boy and suck his blood out as she couldn’t contain her feelings of “attraction” towards him. After that, she went into hiding and eventually became a member of the League of Villains.


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Of course, as a member of the League of Villains, Toga used her powers to confuse the heroes as she could transform into anyone as long as she ingested their blood. That is why she favors the use of knives in battle and is able to train herself to the point that she can move swiftly on the battlefield, even though she doesn’t have any sort of physical enhancements that allow her to become fast and strong. As such, heroes often tried to make sure that they avoided a close confrontation with Toga, as that would allow her to draw blood and use Transform.

During the early part of the storyline, she managed to infiltrate UA High School using Transform, and that was when she felt an attraction toward Izuku Midoriya because he was always covered in wounds and bruises due to the effects of One For All on his body. And during the Paranormal Liberation War arc, she ended up developing a rivalry with Ochaco Uraraka because of their common feelings toward Deku.

Toga continued her role as a valued member of the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front. She was also one of the villains that the heroes deemed to be too dangerous during the events of the Final War arc. And that was the reason why she had to be one of the villains isolated from the rest of the pack.

During the Final War arc, the heroes were able to use a trap that allowed them to isolate the villains and then use Warp Gate to push the villains through different Warp Gates that led to different parts of Japan so that they could isolate them from one another. Toga, of course, was isolated as well and was set to battle Ochaco and Tsuyu. But before the Warp Gate closed, Toga was able to use her rope to snag Izuku and drag him to her battlefield, despite the fact that he was supposed to be confronting a different opponent.

Their battlefield was Okuto Island, where Toga actually confessed her love for Deku by telling him that she wanted to be his girlfriend. However, Toga had a twisted understanding of what love is, and that was the reason why Izuku had to reject her love after getting flustered by how the villain actually confessed her feelings for him. 

toga blush

The truth was that Toga’s understanding of love was for her to be the people that she admired, as this was possibly an effect of her Transform Quirk, which basically allows her to transform into different people. Because that was not the kind of love that Izuku had in his mind, he had no choice but to reject her offer, and that was when Toga snapped and assumed that he and Ochaco were just like other people in the sense that they didn’t count villains as real people. This realization was brought about by her past experiences in life as society shunned her for her “abnormal” tendencies and because she saw how Twice got killed by Hawks during the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

Ochaco continued to battle with Toga, as she told her that she had been thinking about her ever since their previous battle. However, the twisted villain told her that she no longer cared about her due despite the fact that they had a common “love” for Deku. Ochaco’s fight with Toga allowed Izuku to leave the battlefield and head to his own battlefield.


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However, it was revealed that Toga had some of Twice’s blood, which was collected by Dabi during his fight with Hawks back in the Paranormal Liberation War arc. She used the last of her friend’s blood so that she could transform into him and then use his Quirk to overwhelm the battlefield. Toga created copies of herself so that she could get to the other battlefields and try to exact her revenge on Hawks, who was the one who killed Twice.

Does Toga Die In My Hero Academia?

At this point in the storyline, Toga is still very much alive and is still actively fighting the heroes on different battlefields, thanks to Twice’s ability to create copies of himself. As such, Toga is still far from defeat and probably won’t die anytime soon, if ever she would actually die at all.

While she may be a villain, Toga’s ultimate fate isn’t something that we are quite privy to at this moment. That’s because the heroes, as much as possible, avoid killing villains. In that regard, it is unlikely that Ochaco and Tsuyu are going to kill Toga, considering that they aren’t really the most violent characters in the series.

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The most likely case for Himiko Toga is that she would survive the events of the Final War after the heroes snap some sense into her. And if Ochaco and Tsuyu are unable to force her to change her ways, then the most likely case is that Toga is going to end up behind bars alongside all of the other members of the League of Villains (except for Shigaraki).

Of course, that’s because, as evil, as they may have been during a good part of their careers as villains, Toga and her fellow members of the League of Villains are simply misunderstood people that ended up having bad experiences that forced them to become villains. In that regard, they aren’t really people that no longer have a chance to reform. As such, as twisted as her mind may be, death probably isn’t in the books for Toga anytime soon.

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