Dr.STONE: How Did Senku Escape Petrification on Treasure Island?

Dr.STONE: How Did Senku Escape Petrification on Treasure Island?

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As far as the locations of Dr.STONE are concerned, there are many intriguing ones in the series. Treasure Island, also the home of the Petrification Kingdom, is certainly among the most popular and important ones. The setting of the current anime arc, the Treasure Island Arc, the island is exceptionally important, and it was the setting of one of the best adventures in the series. Ibara was the main villain in this arc, and at one point, he was quite close to winning, as he managed to petrify the whole island, save for Senku. How did Senku save himself? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ibara, the usurper of the Petrification Kingdom on Treasure Island, tricked Oarashi into serving as the vessel for his plan to petrify the whole island and, thus, achieve victory over Senku.
  • Sensing what was about to go down, Senku Ishigami covered himself with the revival formula just in the right moment, which is how he was able to survive Ibara’s attempt and foil his plan.
  • Ibara and Senku then engaged in a battle on Treasure Island, in which Senku used his science and the traps he had set before to defeat the vile usurper.

Senku managed to escape petrification by doing what had to be done at the right moment

Ibara was a nasty villain, unlike the kind-hearted Head of the Petrification Kingdom. Even though he was aware of the truth of the state the Head of the Petrification Kingdom was in, he nevertheless usurped power and ruled the Kingdom as a despicable despot that only his most devoted supporters despised. In the Treasure Island Arc, Ibara’s collapse was the only possible outcome because he was a tyrant. However, he nevertheless made things difficult for everyone and was very close to succeeding. He had it in for Senku and the others and planned to destroy his enemies with Kirisame and Moz. In the end, he was somewhat successful in doing so.

So, what happened? Well, we know that Ibara had a petrification weapon. Realizing that his regular forces would be unable to win against Senku, he tricked Oarashi into becoming a vessel for his weapon, with which he planned on petrifying the whole island, save for himself, of course. While the gullible Oarashi believed him, he ended up being petrified himself, and Ibara’s plan was seemingly successful. This means that he seemingly won.


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But, not long after that, Senku appeared in front of a shocked Ibara, and the two began fighting. Senku aimed to reach and deactivate the weapon while Ibara tried to kill him. Senku had prepared several traps for Ibara earlier. While the usurper was relatively successful in avoiding them and coming close to killing Senku, some unexpected help from Nanami changed the course of the battle. Nanami had also been petrified, but while dodging one of Senku’s traps, Ibara poured the revival potion on Nanami, and he was once again free.

Using their combined powers, Nanami and Senku were ultimately able to surprise and overpower Ibara, who ended up being petrified himself, and this actually ended his tyrannic rule over the Petrification Kingdom. Senku then proceeded to undo the effects of his horrible plan, and once he depetrified everyone on Treasure Island, Soyuz – as the rightful heir – took over as the new ruler, succeeding his father. And that is the story of how Senku defeated Ibara and how the Petrification Kingdom was saved, but wait… how did Senku avoid being petrified by Ibara in the first place? This is the million-dollar question, and we are about to explain what happened.

Here, you have to consider that Senku was a genius and that he knew – roughly – what Ibara’s plan was. He also knew how the Petrification Weapon worked, so he had enough time to come up with a countermeasure, and that is exactly what he did.

Namely, when Ibara activated the weapon to petrify everyone, Senku was ready. He had a very short opening to do something, and he used his opportunity as best as he could. Namely, just at the right moment, as the beam was closing in, he actually covered himself with the revival potion, which blocked the effects of the beam and left him depetrified. This was a genius move on his part, and it shows that Senku is truly the biggest mastermind in the whole series; and that is how he saved himself.

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