Dr.STONE: Hyoga’s “Death” & Revival Explained – Here Is What Happened to Him!

Dr.STONE: Hyoga's "Death" & Revival Explained - Here is What Happened to Him!

Among all the various Dr.STONE characters we usually talk about, Hyoga is an exceptionally important name and a character whose story has attracted a lot of attention in the series. Hyoga was initially a secondary antagonist in the series, and he was an ally of Tsukasa’s for a while, the two of them being very close until one point. The schism happened when Hyoga betrayed Tsukasa, and since then, Hyoga’s status in the story has been somewhat strange. He “died” more than once in the series but is still alive and well. How? This article will explain everything you need to know about this issue.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Hyoga was initially a secondary villain associated with Tsukasa, who betrayed the latter and was ultimately defeated by Senku and Tsukasa; he was then taken prisoner by Senku and his allies.
  • While being imprisoned on the Perseus, Hyoga was petrified by Kirisame on Treasure Island; Senku depetrified him so he could help them fight, but he was once again petrified by Ibara later on.
  • Tsukasa urged Senku to depetrify him again, so Hyoga became their ally once again. He was later shot and petrified again by Why-man, which saved his life until Senku depetrified him several years later.

Hyoga was initially petrified twice on Treasure Island

Early in the story, Hyoga was introduced as an ally of Tsukasa. Though Hyoga believed that only the strongest should remain, he did share Tsukasa’s principles, which made sense considering that both were genuinely skilled warriors. Because of that, Hyoga saw Tsukasa’s future actions as a weakness; specifically, Tsukasa consented to peace after Senku assured him that he could depetrify and heal his sister Mirai, which dissatisfied Hyoga. He did not say anything at first, but once Senku brought Mirai back to life, he attacked Tsukasa’s sister before going after Tsukasa and Senku.

This was an interesting bout to see because Senku outwitted both Hyoga and Tsukasa intellectually, but Hyoga was a formidable fighter. What then transpired? Hyoga was able to kill Tsukasa during the battle, which was a blow for Senku, but Senku and Tsukasa survived because they were able to push back the traitor and win the war. Senku placed Tsukasa in cryosleep until he could heal him, saving his life, while Hyoga was brought into custody.

He was taken with the group on Perseus to Treasure Island, just in case, and he was petrified by Kirisame, who had the petrification weapon with her, early on. When Senku discovered this, he depetrified Hyoga so he could fight on their side, specifically against Moz and Ibara, which was a tough fight. Of course, Hyoga’s expertise was of much use to the two, but he was ultimately caught by the petrification wave initiated by Ibara, which left him petrified once again.


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Petrification does not mean death in Dr.STONE, but that explains the quotation marks in the title. This was the first time Hyoga “died” in the series, but he wasn’t actually on the brink of death here. As far as the second situation – which we are going to talk about in the second paragraph – is concerned, he was really on the break of death, and it was the petrification that saved his life, which is what we are going to talk about now, as we are going to explain everything.

In America, Hyoga was actually shot, but he survived

So, after the adventure on Treasure Island, Tsukasa, who had been petrified, depetrified, and healed by Senku, urged his ally to depetrify Hyoga as well, despite everything that had happened between the two of them. Senku did it and he ultimately depetrified Hyoga, who became a fighting instructor for the Science Kingdom, as well as their new ally. So, what happened next?

Well, as far as the story is concerned, the Treasure Island adventure was over, and Senku and his allies made their way to the Americas, both North and South, which was their next stop, and that is where Hyoga also went, as he was now an important member of the group.

And what happened there? Well, you can assume what happened – a lot of fighting, some new enemies, and Hyoga’s important contribution, as his fighting skills really came to the forefront here. You have to understand that Hyoga was, without a doubt, one of the strongest and most skilled fighters in the series, so his fighting contribution in the Americas was undoubtedly major.

But that is not the most important aspect here, as what interests us is Hyoga’s “death” in the Americas. Namely, as we have said above, the situation in the Americas was significantly different than earlier, as Hyoga was really on the brink of death.

Namely, after Tsukasa managed to defeat Maya Briggs, but at the cost of getting a bullet, Hyoga and Kohaku were still left standing. Kohaku was distracted for a moment, and Hyoga then took a bullet from Stanley Snyder; as he was dying, he told Kohaku that the mission was more important, and he then sent her away to continue doing what they needed to do. And Hyoga really was dying, there’s no denying that – the wound was fatal, but he did not die. How?


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Well, not long after he was shot and before he was completely dead, he was petrified by Why-man. Several years later, his statue was found, and he was revived again by Senku, with the petrification healing his former wound. And that is how Hyoga was able to survive.

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