Dragon Ball: All 15 Female Saiyans Ranked by Strength

Dragon Ball: All 15 Female Saiyans Ranked by Strength

The Saiyans are one of the strongest fictional races of warriors in the Dragon Ball series. They inhabited Planet Vegeta until its destruction at the hands of Frieza, the emperor of space. Most of the Saiyans were prepared exclusively for battles; their best feature was the resistance shown several times. The Saiyans also exist in Universe 6 and live on the planet Sadala, which was also the home planet of the Saiyans in Universe 7 until it was destroyed by conflict.

Toriyama has introduced a variety of Saiyans over the years. In this article, we have decided to bring you a list in which we will talk about a specific sub-group among the Saiyans, a group that we will rank based on their strengths. Namely, we have already talked about the most powerful Saiyans in the series, but we haven’t really talked about the female Saiyans of Dragon Ball. In this article, we are going to list all the major female Saiyans (i.e., those who played a somewhat important role in the series, and not those who are simply video game fusions or have been mentioned as cameo characters in games) and rank them based on their strength.

15. The two Honeys


The first Honey (on the left) makes her initial appearance alongside Onio in Neko Majin Z and is only mentioned in Neko Majin Z 2. In the story, Onio sees a planet exploding near where Honey and he are, wondering whether it is Planet Vegeta. As according to Toyotaro’s interpretation of what might have happened to him and his wife Honey in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, that could have been true, but his wife tells him not to worry and that they should simply continue and search for another planet to make their vacation home. Honey and Onio traveled to Earth and decided to have their honeymoon there and establish a summer residence. In order to eliminate all humans without severely harming the environment, Onio estimates that it would take him roughly a month.


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In Neko Majin Z 2, the second Honey (on the right) makes her debut as Thunderbolt’s girlfriend. Honey made the decision to accompany Thunderbolt to Onion Rock for an autograph session. Honey tells Thunderbolt that they should leave because this is the wrong location for a champion like him as he gets frustrated that no one is coming up to beg for his autograph. As Neko Majin Z and his companion arrived, Honey and Thunderbolt were about to make out when Neko Majin and his companion mocked them. Thunderbolt, Neko Majin’s friend, notices this when he signs Thunderbolt’s autograph in his Porry Hatter book (which is a Harry Potter reference).

14. Mizore


The character Mizore from Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission assumes the identity of Fasha when she enters the Dragon Ball Heroes universe. Mizore has long hair, huge eyes, and an elongated face and wears spectacles. She is a tall female. She is wearing a plain t-shirt and a hat resembling an elf with a V-shaped insignia on the front. She resembles the look of the Dr. Slump character Arale Norimaki. Later, after being ejected from Rezok’s body, Haze Shenron summons Mizore to where he is and seizes possession of her. The Evil Dragon is quickly stunned by Froze, who also successfully removes Haze’s dragon ball from the inside of him. She is then brought into the real world by Erito while still unconscious.

13. Akina

DBH Hero Avatar 29 Akina Minami 29

Akina is more of a gimmick character than anything else, but she is an interesting addition to this list, especially since she seems to have some crazy powers and abilities. She is present in Dragon Ball Heroes and was modeled after the famous model and spokeswoman of Sakiyomi JanBANG!, Akina Minami. In the aforementioned game, she appears as a special Saiyan Hero Avatar. As we have said, despite being a gimmick character, she has various powers and abilities, including flight and numerous techniques, including Kiai, Energy Flash, Galick Gun, Death Beam, Death Ball, Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, Innocence Cannon, and Final Explosion.

12. Queen of the Saiyans

The Last Queen of the Saiyans is the mother of Vegeta and Tarble, Trunks and Bulla’s paternal grandmother, and King Vegeta’s wife. She is quite an enigmatic character, as nothing is known about her, and it seems that she was never even shown in any of the canon materials related to Dragon Ball. When she was 731 years old, King Vegeta appointed her as his consort. Like with practically every other Saiyan in Universe 7, she was eliminated by Frieza. We assume that she was powerful enough to be mentioned on this list due to her status in the community and the fact that King Vegeta personally picked her.

11. Note

Note render

Note is one of the avatars in Dragon Ball Heroes and one of the main characters in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission. Note was ranked 3rd in the previous year’s “Strongest Hero” national tournament, and upon seeing Beat play, she then decides to challenge him to a fight. Note uses her rare card, Super Baby 2, but in the end, she loses when Beat uses his Super Saiyan 4 Goku card. On another day, Note orders Beat to enter a tournament since he never participated. However, Note is out of the tournament due to losing the name draw. When Beat reaches the finals, Note fights with him, for despite winning, his Charge Impact is weak.

After Froze defeats Erito, Note tells Beat to trade her cards, but he can’t because he only brought those. Note then meets with Forte, whom she fought in the national tournament. After Froze defeats Beat in the finals, Note and Forte say that Beat lost as Froze is a fighting machine, emotionless and impossible to defeat. Forte then challenges Note to a fight, but as they are fighting, the machine is accidentally unplugged by Froze, who trips while being challenged by bullies who want to steal his cards. Note then takes down one of the bullies along with Forte, and soon Froze leaves as her parents show up.

10. Forte


In the Japanese arcade game Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a female Saiyan avatar, Forte, the Female Saiyan Berserker, is available. The Berserker Woman reportedly invaded the Dragon Ball Heroes universe, where she turned into a Saiyan, just like the Saiyan Hero and several other characters. With purple attire, fingerless gloves that extend over the elbows, black boots, and a yellow leg sleeve, Forte wears common battle armor. She wears her black hair in a bun.


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She dons a new Saiyan armor when she enters class-up mode. He currently dons an enhanced version of Vegeta’s original armor with a neckline, some sort of Saiyan-style bracelets, boots akin to those worn by Raditz or other Saiyans, purple wristbands that extend past the elbows underneath the bracelets, and two sleeves for both of his legs that are the same color as the original. She keeps on donning her purple attire.

9. Bulma Leigh


Bulma Leigh, better known as Vegeta Jr.’s mother, is a figure from Dragon Ball GT. She shows up a century after Yi Xing Long loses the Martial Arts Competition to support Vegeta Jr. She has Bulma’s physical attributes and personality, with the exception of spikier bangs and an affinity for the color olive green.

She resembles Bulma and Bra in various ways. Because of this, it is possible that she is a descendant of Bulma and the granddaughter of Bra or Trunks. She briefly converses with Pan before introducing herself as the CEO of the Capsule Corporation, which she insults for being “too old” to be Goku Jr.’s mother. She doesn’t recognize Pan, suggesting that all ties between the Goku and Vegeta families may have vanished over the past one hundred years.

8. Bulla


Bulla was born on February 8, a little before the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai, she doesn’t show any particular skill for fighting, but that’s also because she doesn’t appear much in the story due to her young age. But given her origin, we can assume that she has combat abilities. In Dragon Ball GT, we also see her using her powers to give her energy to Vegeta when the latter is under Baby’s control. But she is a spoiled girl who spends time shopping and idolizes her father. She is very beautiful and looks exactly like a younger version of Bulma.

She is Vegeta and Bulma’s daughter and Trunks’ little sister. She is, therefore, like this last half-human half-Saiyan. Therefore, King Vegeta is her paternal grandfather, Mr. Brief is her maternal grandfather, Madame Brief is her maternal grandmother, and Table is her paternal uncle. She looked a lot like her mother when she was young. She has blue hair. In Dragon Ball Z, she wears a dress and her hair tied in a ponytail on her head. In Dragon Ball GT, her hair is loose, and she has a bob cut with a red headband. Her clothes are also red.

7. Nion


Nion is a female Saiyan of pure blood. She was a scientist from the planet Vegeta who was entrusted with researching how infants develop and how they can fight. She first appears in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie and is a tertiary character. She has a thin frame and is a woman of average height. She has black eyes and medium-length hair that has been trimmed in a bluish-purple bowl style. In contrast to her male friends, Nion reveals to have a very cold attitude when assessing Broly’s combat potential, and she never exhibits fear when facing King Vegeta. She also flashes mischievous smiles.

6. Gine


Gine was a lowly Saiyan from Universe 7, Bardock’s wife and the natural mother of Goku and Raditz. She was employed at the Meat Distribution Center on Planet Vegeta after leaving Bardock’s Squad because of her submissive personality. To eventually make an appearance in the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Gine made her acting debut in Dragon Ball Minus, a special chapter of the Jaco the Galactic Patrolman manga. Due to her placid and meek demeanor, Gine was not a fighter like the other members of her kind.


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Gine, in Toriyama’s opinion, was an atypical Saiyan since she felt affection and attachment toward her mate, Bardock. Gine experienced maternal emotions as she was very glad that Raditz was sent with Prince Vegeta and concerned for the safety of her youngest son, who was being banished as a flying newborn owing to the slim possibility of survival. Gine even started to cry when she saw him leaving. In an amusing tone, Bardock accuses her of giving him fatherly feelings, which are unusual for Saiyans.

5. Pan


Pan is the daughter of Videl and Gohan, whose maternal grandparents are Mr. Satan, and the late singer Miguel, whose paternal grandparents are Goku and Chi-Chi. As the daughter of a Saiyan hybrid like her father, Gohan, and an Earthling like her mother, Videl, who makes her 1/4 Saiyan, Pan has a particularly Earthling ancestry.

In Dragon Ball Super, a baby named Pan is depicted as being very playful, smiling, affectionate, and hyperactive. Her parents, Videl and Gohan, constantly struggle to calm the funny little girl down. Still, Pan also appears to enjoy the affection from her parents, her grandparents, and other family members. Pan, who was only a few months old when she first learned to fly, enjoys exploring new places and getting into trouble, such as dirtying Alternative Future Trunks.

4. Fasha


As a Bardock’s Supreme Saiyan Squad member, Fasha is a low-class Saiyan fighter serving the Saiyan Army. Fasha is a cunning and brutal warrior, but like Bardock, Toma, and the other members of her squad, she has a strong sense of respect for and loyalty to her team. Fasha possesses 2,000 units of combat power, according to Dragon Ball Carddass. Her power increases by 10 when she transforms into a big monkey, giving her 20,000 units. As long as she has her tail and there is a full moon, she can change into a huge monkey. When she and her allies attack Planet Kanassan, she is shown in this transformation.

3. Caulifla

DBS ep96 Caulifla

Goku is impressed when Caulifla turns into Super Saiyan 2, which shows that with the talent, he might even turn into Super Saiyan 3 at the Tournament of Forces, but he must first master both Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. Caulifla claims that no Saiyan had ever defeated her until encountering Cabba.


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Of dread of encountering her, several soldiers from the Sadala Defense Forces shied away from her domain. Caulifla boldly asserts that she is more talented than all of them as she talks about how the Saiyans of Universe 7 struggled to learn the Super Saiyan transformation from Cabba. As a Super Saiyan, Caulifla was able to severely hurt Frieza and demolish a significant piece of the Tournament of Power platform. When Freeza initially became Namek, she would boast that she was far more powerful than Son Goku. She can’t stand a chance against Kale or Golden Frieza in their raw form.

2. Kale

Kale FighterZ

Kale, also known as the Demon Saiyan, is a female Saiyan from Universe 6’s Planet Sadala, a protégé of Caulifla, and a participant in the Tournament of Strength as part of Champa’s Universe 6 Team. She is regarded as the Legendary Saiyan of her universe, a demon Saiyan who appears every thousand years to cause destruction at the cost of her own life, existing as Broly’s Universe 6 female counterpart. She is a character who first appears in the Universal Survival Arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga.

Kale can transform into what appears to be Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan. In this form, her muscle mass increases even more, despite being slightly thinner than Broly (DBZ), her aura turns green, and her pupils disappear. His clothes and bracelets grow into this form and remain intact, much like the Saiyans’ battle armor when they transform into Oozaru.

1. Kefla


Kefla is the Saiyan fusion born from the union between Kale and Caulifla through the Pothala Earrings of the Kaio-shin Huwa. She first appears in the Universal Survival Arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, where she is a representative of Team Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power. Vados explains that by fusing with the Pothala, she increases the power of the user tens of times, and as Kefla charges up energy, Goku can’t feel a limit to her power.

Her power is immense, and her speed is enough to surprise a Super Saiyan God Goku quickly and, in turn, attack him and send him to the ground, only using her base state. When transforming into Super Saiyan, her power is able to maintain a more or less even fight with a Super Saiyan Blue Goku, forcing him to use the Kaio-ken x20 along with the transformation.

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