Frieren vs. Denken Manga Fight Explained: Here Is What Happened!


So far, as the world of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is concerned, we have covered various different aspects. We have mostly been focusing on the characters, but we’ve also talked about some spells, objects, relationships, locations, and even organizations, but this article is going to be different and it is going to be a direct analysis of an upcoming fight from the series. To be fair, we have talked about the fight between Frieren and Aura, but not in this way. The fight we are going to talk about is the fight between Frieren and Denken as it happened during the First-Class Mage Exam and we are going to tell you what exactly happened there ahead of the new episode of the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • During the first stage of the First-Class Mage Exam, Frieren came up with an effective plan for capturing a Stille and she was successful in doing that with Lawine and Kanne.
  • Denken, being as slick as he is, decided to wait out until they caught one and he then attempted to steal it, which resulted in a clash between him and Frieren.
  • Frieren was ultimately able to defeat Denken because of her superior mana levels; Denken was unable to harm her and he soon became exhausted, while Frieren was unaffected by the battle, more or less.

Frieren and Denken engaged in a fight over the Stille Frieren captured

Before we actually tell you about the battle, we first have to remind ourselves how it even started and why. After realizing that Stille could sense even the smallest quanta of mana and that they would avoid them if they approached, Frieren came up with another plan for capturing one. Knowing that the Stille needed water to survive, Frieren made the decision to add a small amount of mana to every water surface—all except one. This limited the drinking area of the Stille and Frieren knew that one would, sooner or later, come to her location. In order to not scare them away, Frieren totally suppressed her mana, so she and her group chose to wait here.

The other Mages were angry and surprised by what Frieren did, but Denken realized her plan and he also deduced that they had to wait. Namely, even though Frieren suppressed her mana, he knew that a Mage couldn’t really suppress their mana completely, so they would have to wait for it to appear, which ultimately happened when Frieren captured the Stille that landed on her shoulder.

Laufen, one of the members of Denken’s party, then arrived, stole the Stille, and disappeared into hiding, while Denken and Richter faced Frieren’s group. As Richter took on Lawine and Kanne, Frieren remained to face Denken, who was pretty sure of himself and his victory. And this is where Episode 20 left us and in anticipation of Episode 21, we are going to reveal what is going to happen in this interesting fight.


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Frieren was able to defeat Denken thanks to her superior mana levels

It has to be noted that both Frieren and Denken are among the series’ strongest characters, which is why a duel between them was bound to be an interesting one and really, as the manga showed us, it was a very intriguing event. Denken has a lot of experience and is one of the wisest and most respected mages in the world; Frieren, on the other hand, has natural talent and is undoubtedly among the strongest mages in the series. So, what happened in the fight?

Denken assumed that Frieren wasn’t that strong; he respected her, but he valued his experience and his knowledge more. He, like Aura before him, underestimated Frieren because she is constantly suppressing her mana and is not really wasteful with her reserves, which allows her to fight actively for a long(er) period of time.

Denken’s approach was to surprise Frieren with the diversity of his skills, as he kept attacking her with various different types of spells. Unfortunately for him, Frieren was able to block each of his attempts without much effort. As Denken became more and more tired – because the overuse of these spells drained his mana – he realized that he would have to end this battle quickly or he would lose because he wouldn’t be able to keep up with his opponent. He then decided to give it his all with one last attack – the powerful offensive spell Lights of Judgement: Catastravia – but he was shocked to see that Frieren blocked it almost effortlessly.

Catastravia is a powerful spell, yet Frieren managed to evade it quickly and then landed a simple, but frontal attack on Denken, using a very basic offensive spell. Seeing how she had the upper hand at this moment, Frieren was able to defeat Denken with this move and thus won the fight. She then used him as a “hostage” to lure Laufen out, and when she finally did, she effortlessly captured her as well and retrieved the Stille. In the meantime, Richter also lost to Lawine and Kanne, so the victory of Frieren’s group was soon complete.

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