Yhwach vs. Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Yhwach vs. Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Dragon Ball and Bleach have, each in their respective decades, marked a historical phase in the evolution of anime. Son Goku, the benevolent protagonist of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, has since become one of the most popular and best-known anime and manga characters ever, whereas his opponent, from this match-up, Yhwach, is known as one of the most powerful villains in the history of anime and manga. In this article, we are going to compare Son Goku and Yhwach to determine who would win.

The winner of this fight depends on where they are fighting. If the two of them are fighting in Toriyama’s world, Son Goku would ultimately be able to defeat Yhwach because the latter would not be able to use his powers to their full extent, which would allow Goku to triumph. On the other hand, if they were to fight in Kubo’s world, Yhwach would ultimately use his amazing Quincy powers to slice up Goku like he did with so many of his opponents.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why the outcome of this battle is not clear, i.e., why it depends on the location of the fight between the two characters.

Son Goku and his powers

Son Goku is the main protagonist of the manga Dragon Ball, and their animated adaptations, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball Kai, then Dragon Ball Super, as well as the alternative animated sequel to the first two series, Dragon Ball GT. An orphan exiled from the defunct planet Vegeta, he lands on Earth where he grows up with his adoptive grandfather. His adventure begins the day he meets Bulma, a young adventurer, who invites him to look for the Dragon Balls.

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He is an expert in martial arts, having been taught the style of the Turtle School; he is known to be close to a prodigy, managing to learn techniques and levels of strength that other individuals would take time to learn. He even knew how to use skills such as reading minds without even knowing how to do it. Goku has been shown to use different parts of his body to help him in combat, such as shooting a Kamehameha with his feet, and using his eyes to launch a ki laser beam in the Frieza Saga among other examples.

Son Goku is a born martial arts expert and fan, managing to read his opponents’ movements and get used to his attacks and speed. Usually, in combat, Goku reserves large amounts of strength and restrains himself to the point of apparently lowering his ki level to absurdly low points in order to conserve energy, however, he also demonstrated the ability to unleash his full power just in the nick of time, when he launched a physical attack.

As a Saiyan, Goku is able to use the Saiyan Power, which allows him to surpass his strength whenever he takes large amounts of damage or fatal wounds. Goku being an alien also has enhanced senses of smell, taste, and sight, which further enhances his combat senses. Goku’s body is much more durable than normal human beings, being essentially invulnerable to all Earth-made weapons.

However, while he is naturally durable thanks to his Saiyan physiology, he has limits, as other powerful beings like himself can hurt, and potentially kill, him if he doesn’t defend himself properly. Also compared to most humans, including those trained in the ki arts, Son Goku possesses a great deal of strength, speed, and stamina.


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For example, when he was a young child, he could lift a car over his head and throw it with ease, and during his training with Kame-Sennin, Goku could push massive rock formations that would at least weigh over 100 tons. At the height of his strength, he displayed the ability to destroy mountains, and islands, and even heavily damage entire planets with physical force alone.

For speed, he displayed supersonic speeds even faster than light when he reached the Saiyan Saga. By the time he became a Super Saiyan God, his speed had reached speeds massive than the speed of light, and his physical strength was enough for one of the shockwaves from his punches to be felt throughout the universe, damaging incalculably and destroying many planets and stars, up to this point, just four hits between Beerus and Goku are enough to completely destroy the universe.

Goku usually uses techniques based on ki, using them in a fight as support, defense, and attack such as the Kamehameha, these are performed through the control and mastery of ki, born from the creativity and skill of the character. Son Goku is one of the strongest characters in the series, rivaling Vegeta for the position of the most powerful Z Warrior and Universe 7 warrior.

Yhwach and his powers

Yhwach is the Father of the Quincy and the emperor of the Wandenreich, with the designation “A” – “The Almighty”. He is the son of the Soul King and also the leader of the Sternritter, as well as the leader of the Quincy rebellion against the Shinigami. Yhwach is one of the most powerful characters in the series and is, by all means, almost invincible.


Yhwach is one of the most powerful spirit beings in the Bleach universe, recognized as being the most powerful Quincy. Already as a child, his power gathered people around him, who considered him a miracle. He subjugated all of Quincy’s territories in less than 200 years single-handedly. History remembered him as one of the only opponents Yamamoto could not defeat and the only one to survive his Bankai.

He was able to kill the Captain General of the 13 Divisions with amazing ease, destroy the Seireitei, and even invade the Royal Palace. Even Ichibē Hyōsube, the leader of the Royal Guard, who can be described as an invincible fighter with his many abilities, was defeated by the Quincy. During his final fight against Ichigo and Aizen, it took Yhwach’s power to be negated for a short time for King Quincy to be defeated.

Yhwach is able to use the whole plethora of Quincy techniques, both the basic techniques and those that only he masters. He can of course absorb spirit particles to move through the air, levitate, harden his body, create a spherical barrier, create a giant spirit bow, or even shoot arrows from his finger. His mastery of absorbing spirit particles goes as far as stealing power from the enemy through the Sankt Altar technique.

Even by Quincy standard, Yhwach possesses very strong spiritual power. This spiritual power is so powerful that it is able to annihilate the body of the Arrancars, yet covered with the Hierro. His Reiryoku reserves allow him to be able to use Yamamoto’s Bankai, Zanka no Tachi, which not only dries up the environment but also destroys the user’s body.


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He can even make his spiritual pressure take shape, under the guise of an overflowing aura. He can absorb the spiritual power of his opponents, without great difficulty, especially with the Sankt Altar. His powerful Reiatsu allows him to take a Getsuga Tenshō without taking any damage or exploding Ichibē Hyōsube’s body after a huge fight.

Even after his death, his spiritual power was strong enough to survive for 10 years. He has also demonstrated immense strength on multiple occasions. He sliced ​​Yamamoto’s body from left shoulder to right leg in a single blow, slicing him in half and condemning him to death. He stopped Ichigo’s first Bankai with his bare hands and even grabbed Aizen’s body with his arm.

His skill as a warrior is unparalleled. He was able to overtake Ichigo, yet in Bankai, tackle him to the ground and plant his sword in his neck, without him being able to defend himself. He has considerable mastery of the sword, often using it as his primary weapon in battle, being able to face Ichibē Hyōsube on equal terms and overpower Ichigo in a two-sword duel. His pain tolerance is also very high, using gigantic arrows that pierce his body to allow him to gain momentum.

Yhwach vs. Son Goku: Who would win?

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article – the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

In terms of pure stats, it is very difficult to determine who is more powerful. Namely, both of these characters are deities in some way and have enormous powers at their potential. Sure, the difference in the structure of the two series is a relevant factor in this comparison, but regardless of that, we can analyze the two.

As far as their fighting skills are concerned, it is almost impossible to compare them due to the difference in the worlds of Bleach and Dragon Ball. The former is focused on sword fighting, whereas the latter is focused on martial arts. In how own world, Yhwach is a formidable fighter and one of the better swordsmen in the series, whereas Goku, along with his transformations, is at the top of the list in his own universe. In terms of speed, they are more or less identical, as we cannot really disregard the speed that Quincy have in the series, regardless of the fact that we know that Goku is exceptionally fast.

As far as their energy manipulation skills are concerned, Yhwach has proven himself to be practically indomitable in his own universe, whereas Goku has used numerous techniques to defeat his opponents in his own universe. Due to the difference in the nature of the two series, it is difficult, if not impossible, to compare these two sets of skills. As we can see, the two characters are very similar. They are both overpowered deities and are considered to be among the strongest characters of their respective worlds. And in the latter lies the key to this comparison.

Namely, since it’s almost impossible to tell who the stronger is by a simple evaluation of their powers and abilities, we have to actually consider where they are fighting, as that ultimately determines the winner of the match-up. Namely, if the two of them were to clash in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball universe, Yhwach would ultimately be defeated, as he couldn’t really use the full extent of his power due to Goku’s universe not being composed of Spirit Particles, which would severely limit Yhwach’s actual powers. He couldn’t even steal Goku’s powers with his Medalion, since Goku is not composed of Spirit Particles in how own world.


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In this world, Yhwach would only be able to last until Goku finds a way to overpower him, either through Yhwach getting weaker by the fight, or Goku himself finding some new power ex Machina like he often does in his own universe. Whatever the reason might be, Goku would ultimately be able to use this difference in power to his advantage and would be able to defeat the Quincy Emperor in his own world. Kubo’s world, though, tells us a different story.

Namely, the world of Tite Kubo’s Bleach has such a structure that perfectly fits Yhwach. Not only can he use all of his skills at their full capacity, but he also has a practically endless amount of Spirit Energy at his disposition since, in this world, Goku would also be composed of Spirit Particles. This would also allow Yhwach to steal some of Goku’s powers, which would render the Saiyan warrior utterly helpless. Sure, his endurance, speed, and strength wouldn’t really fail him, but the fact is that Yhwach wouldn’t really care much about that.

Goku would never get the chance to properly hit Yhwach in his own world since the Quincy Emperor would be faster and more agile thanks to his powers. He would also have some powerful weapons at his disposal and after activating The Almighty, Yhwach would ultimately be able to cut Goku in two with his sword or a powerful Heilig Pfeil, which is why Goku would lose in the world of Bleach.

As we have said, the winner of this match-up actually depends on the world the two are fighting in. Since they are very similar in many aspects, it was impossible to disregard this parameter if we wanted to do a proper analysis. This is why we considered the location in our analysis, and why we have given so much detail to explain why each of them would end up being victorious in their own respective worlds. The overall difference between these two worlds gives a lot of advantage to the native character, which might not be fair when you look at it, but since we did not find a way to properly evaluate the two of them on a neutral battlefield, we had to consider the location as a relevant factor and that is why our answer is as it is.

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