Here Is How Jiraiya Knew that Sasuke Was from the Future?

Here Is How Jiraiya Knew that Sasuke Was from the Future?

Jiraiya’s legacy in the Naruto franchise is enormous. Although he was, for the most part, a supporting character, his influence is enormous, both in-universe and out-of-universe. Jiraiya has been a mentor figure to Naruto and has profoundly influenced him growing up and becoming the shinobi he became. He was also one of the wisest, strongest, and most experienced shinobi in Kishimoto’s fictional universe. In this article, we will revisit Boruto‘s Time Split Arc and explain how Jiraiya knew that Sasuke and Boruto were from the future.

Jiraiya realized early on that Boruto and Sasuke were from the future when he observed that Naruto and Boruto had compatible chakra, which indicated that Boruto was Naruto’s son, meaning that he and Sasuke had to have come from the future because, at the time, Naruto was still a child. This happened when Jiraiya suggested that Boruto and Naruo should be trained together.

The rest of this article will give you more details on Jiraiya and his story from the Time Slip Arc of the Boruto series. You’re going to find out what happened in the arc, what role Jiraiya played in it, and how he knew that Boruto and Sasuke were from the future, which is a very important narrative detail. Beware, as the article is going to contain many spoilers.

How did Jiraiya know that Sasuke was from the future?

In the anime, Jiraiya and Naruto were present when adult Sasuke and Naruto’s future son Boruto were taken to the past shortly after Sasuke fled. Jiraiya tricks Boruto into blaming his detected voyeurism on his binoculars before Tsunade comes and settles the conflict. Sasuke said they were wandering entertainers who employed ninjutsu in their performances when Tsunade asked about Boruto and his presence.

Tsunade instructed Naruto and Jiraiya to watch Boruto and Sasuke while explaining that a genin had recently left the village and Konoha was still recovering from an attack during the Chunin Exams. Tsunade was still a little suspicious. They had to always be on guard and could not afford to have others enter their village. To the boy’s dismay, Jiraiya left Naruto to care for Boruto and Sasuke as soon as Tsunade left.


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Later, when he checked on Naruto to see what was going on, he was horrified to see that a brand-new alien had taken Naruto hostage with mysterious abilities. He was even more shocked to witness Boruto using a Rasengan on the enemy. The adversary imprisoned Jiraiya, Sasuke, and Boruto in a stone prison as he fled with Naruto. He was told by Sasuke that he and the boy, Boruto, were, in fact, ninjas from a far-off village and that their goal was to stop Urashiki’s plan, which focused on stealing the Kyūbi’s chakra. He put his faith in the two strangers to help Naruto after realizing they were still keeping something a secret. He released them by calling a Big Toad. Sasuke quickly discovered where Naruto was by detecting the chakra that was starting to spread from the tail beast.

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Jiraiya put strong seals on Boruto and Sasuke along the way to shield them as well after realizing that the Seal of the Hakke prevented Urashiki from stealing Kyūbi’s chakra. Jiraiya proposed that Naruto and Boruto train together after taming Naruto’s Demon Chakra and Urashiki fleeing since he knew the enemy would return. Jiraiya then concluded that Boruto and Sasuke were truly time travelers from the future. Boruto was actually Naruto’s kid because of their chakra compatibility, which meant they were linked and that Naruto currently had no living relatives.

The two boys’ training nature was first described to them by Jiraiya the following day. Jiraiya decided to confirm another hunch: the adult was, in fact, Sasuke Uchiha. When Naruto and Boruto proceeded to practice the technique based on their own Rasengan training, Jiraiya decided to validate the second hunch. He then requested him to deliver lunch to Naruto while attending to a task after the meeting. He was actually watching Sasuke determine how he was going to deal with Naruto.

Jiraiya went to see Sasuke again after Naruto left because he could tell that Sasuke felt inspired by Naruto’s commitment. Jiraiya commended Sasuke for his genuine care toward Naruto, which was remarkable considering that he was meant to be an outsider. Sasuke’s explanation confirmed Jiraiya’s suspicions that Naruto reminded him of someone he knew from his past. Before Sasuke could depart, Jiraiya surprised him by asking if he was Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke’s response served as Jiraiya’s verification of his identity, and he soon lightened the atmosphere by forcedly laughing at his charge. Jiraiya makes a deal with Sasuke to keep his true identity a secret in exchange for Sasuke telling him everything he knows concerning Urashiki because he could tell that Sasuke and Boruto’s commitment to safeguarding Naruto was genuine because Sasuke offered to divert Urashiki while Boruto and Jiraiya decided to take Naruto to safety instead of having Jiraiya make the diversion.


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Then Sasuke shared all of his knowledge on his prowess. After hearing all of this, Jiraiya decided that sealing Urashiki was the wisest course of action. But before they could devise a solid strategy, Sasuke noticed Urashiki returning close to where Naruto and Boruto were, so they hastened to save them. Urashiki quickly defeated them, and Jiraiya was pierced in the shoulder, leaving Sasuke still worn out from getting his chakra taken. Then Urashiki boastfully claims to be able to predict the future.

As the battle raged on, the heroes successfully took down Urashiki. On Urashiki, Naruto continuously flung clones at him. Urashiki was unintentionally exposed to the acidic chemicals from the huge toad’s stomach, far more than the ninjas, due to his frequent time trips, even though he effortlessly repelled the assault with his technique. Once Jiraiya revoked the summon, Naruto and Boruto used a Rasengan to assault Urashiki. Urashiki was able to stand up while remaining obstinate.

He made the decision to use all of the chakras he had collected because he was too tired and worn out to continue the battle. He triumphantly gouged out both of his eyes and ended up eating both after concluding that wasn’t enough. He finally changed into a monstrously physically powerful wicked creature. Even with aid from Sasuke’s return, Jiraiya and the two genin were easily defeated by Urashiki’s relentless attacks. Eventually, Naruto became enraged enough by Urashiki’s actions to let Kybi’s chakra go.

Jiraiya gasped as Boruto decided to employ Naruto’s Kybi Rasengan. As Boruto was able to convince his father, they were able to hone their brand-new method of working together. Jiraiya and Sasuke’s combined efforts allowed them to withstand Urashiki’s final assault and beat him. Jiraiya then made a hilarious comment about how amazing their apprentices were, and Sasuke agreed. Sasuke and Boruto decided to leave as quickly as their job was finished a few days later when everyone had healed from the combat.

Sakura then approached them and wanted to know how Sasuke recognized her and the contents of her letter. Jiraiya provided a plausible explanation while Sasuke struggled to respond: Sasuke and Boruto were genuinely such admirers of him that they’d researched him their whole lives and desired to train with him, which both Boruto and Sasuke affirmed. The Sannin interrogated Sasuke regarding his true identity the following day as Boruto and Sasuke readied to depart, reasoning that it would be ideal if he and Naruto had no recollection of recent occurrences.

After wiping the memories of everybody he and Boruto had interacted with while arriving, Sasuke nodded in agreement. When Sasuke then exposed his Sharingan, Jiraiya grinned as it was proven that Sasuke was who he claimed to be and that Naruto would eventually be able to return Sasuke to the village before their memories were lost. And there is Jiraiya’s tale from the Time Slip Arc, as well as how he learned that Boruto and Sasuke were time travelers.

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