Did Itachi and Jiraiya Die on the Same Day?

Did Itachi and Jiraiya Die on the Same Day

Some of the most iconic fights we have seen in the Naruto universe must be between Sasuke and Itachi and Jiraiya and Pain. It has been almost six years since the release of the last Naruto Shippuden episode, but we are still talking about the franchise today. This just shows how timeless the series is and why it’s one of the most popular anime worldwide. While the manga and the series were still being released, it was sometimes hard to tell if certain timelines collided. This was difficult to tell unless the creator made it known to the viewers and the readers. The story feels like it’s progressing, but we are not sure how much time has passed, especially when it comes to fights. This is why everyone has been wondering if there might be some collision between Itachi and Jiraiya. Their fights felt really close to each other, but how close exactly were they? With that said, let’s look at whether Itachi and Jiraiya died on the same day.

There hasn’t been any official timeline confirmation from Kishimoto, but it does seem like the two fights happened almost back-to-back. This would mean that Jiraiya and Itachi did, in fact, both die on the same day. The main evidence for this claim is the fact that the moment Jiraiya dies in the manga, the next page of that same chapter starts with the fight between Itachi and Sasuke.

If you want to find out how the two timelines between Jiraiya and Itachi collided, keep reading for more and stick with us!

Did Itachi and Jiraya die on the same day?

When Jiraiya found out where Pain hid, he decided to go on the mission alone. Tsunade tried to advise against this since they didn’t know what kind of power he possessed. Jiraiya promised her that he would simply go and stake out the Village Hidden in the Rain and that he won’t engage unless he had to.

He started his journey toward the village, and when he arrived, he was immediately greeted with a barrier that covered the entire village. This barrier made it known that someone had entered the village, which would disadvantage Jiraiya. Even so, he had to go through it to investigate where Pain’s headquarters were.

He went undercover for a while until he found two shinobi and captured them. He made them tell him where Pain was hiding, and they told him he was in the highest tower of the village. Jiraiya made his way toward the highest tower, and there he encountered Konan, who was his student from the past.


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He recognized her but didn’t understand why she was a part of the Akatsuki. Konan started to attack him, but Jiraiya managed to stop her. She can turn anything into paper and build anything like origami with her powers. Jiraya countered her attack with toad slime since he is almost proficient in Sage Mode, and this stopped her attacks.

This was also when he encountered the first Pain; he later found out that there were six Pains’; they represented a team of shinobi, and each of them had one ability. Interestingly, they all had the most powerful eye Kekke Genkai in the Naruto universe, and that is the Rinnegan.

Unfortunately, Jiraiya soon understood that he couldn’t beat all six of the immensely powerful Pain characters. Instead, in his last moments, he extracted as much information about them as possible. He managed to kill one of them, so he sent the body back to Konoha for observation, wrote an encrypted message, and sent that back to Konoha as well.

Jiraiya death
Jiraiya’s death

Now, this is where the two events collide with each other, or rather, after Jiraiya’s death; the next thing that follows is the Itachi and Sasuke fight. This happened in chapter 383; while one fight ended, the next one began. This is also why it appears that the events happened on the same day, and some of the surrounding events follow that timeline.

The fight between Itachi and Sasuke was difficult for so many fans to watch. Sasuke is trying to figure out why Itachi killed their entire clan and why he only left him alive. Itachi never told him the real reason why; instead, he found out that later from Obito. The fight was very difficult for both of them since they were quite drained from their previous fights.

Itachi vs Sasuke fight
Itachi and Sasuke fight

There was a lot of genjutsu used in this fight, every time revealing that they have been fighting in an alternate world of capturing each other in their genjutsu. Itachi had a lot more strength in that area, but later they would move on to fight against each other with the power of Susano. Eventually, the two o them wear each other out completely, but in the end, Sasuke is the one who wins the fight. As Itachi was on the verge of death, he poked Sasuke on the forehead just like he did when they were younger.


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Does Jiraiya or Itachi die first?

If we follow the timeline in the manga, it would seem that Jiraiya was the first one to die. The same goes for the anime series; Jiraiya was the first in line, his fight ended with Pain, and then the next fight started. His investigation of Pain started earlier, so it’s hard to tell at certain times. Still, it seems like the fight between Itachi and Sasuke started somewhere after Jiraiya died.

There was also a moment before Itachi and Sasuke finally encountered each other. Naruto was looking for Sasuke and felt Jiraiya’s spirit tap him on his shoulder. Soon after that, a fight between Itachi and Sasuke ensued. All of this points to Jiraiya being the first to die, followed by Itachi’s death.

In what episode do Jiraiya and Itachi die?

If you are looking to revisit these two intense fights, in this section, we will look at which episodes did they happen. Jiraiya’s death was an incredibly emotional episode to watch for all the Naruto fans, and it happened in the 133 episodes of Naruto Shippuden. The episode was called „The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant, “and if you find it too emotional, you can skip it; we completely understand.

The second death we are going to revisit is Itachi’s, he actually died twice in the anime series and in the manga, but in this case, we will list out the two times this happened. The first time Itachi died was after his fight with Sasuke, which was in the 138th episode of Naruto Shippuden. Later on, Itachi was reincarnated in episode 339 of Naruto Shippuden; after the reincarnation, he died in the same episode.

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