Minecraft: Here’s How To Put a Pumpkin on Your Head

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Minecraft has plenty of useful protective gear that will allow you to brave the dangers and explore the world in proper and safe way. It also does have some items that are purely cosmetic, and the best part is, some of them are extremely easy to acquire. Today we’re going to be dealing with pumpkins, unlike in our world, home-grown pumpkins are available to you in-game all year round, even if it’s not Halloween. Let’s see how to put one on your head in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To put a pumpkin on your head in Minecraft, you need to make a carved pumpkin, go to your inventory, and place the carved pumpkin in the slot where your helmet usually goes.
  • You’ll get pumpkin vision as a result so it’s not a particularly useful game mechanic.

How to find pumpkins?

Pumpkins grow in the grassy biomes of the Overworld in random patches. that means that you can pretty much find them anywhere except for Mushroom islands and desert biomes. You’re most likely to find them in villages though and you can even create your pumpkin farm using pumpkin seeds.

Keep in mind that naturally generated pumpkins are rarer than diamond ores. Each chunk has a 1 in 32 chance to generate a pumpkin patch so if you find one, better mine it quickly.

Pumpkin options

There’s a total of 3 pumpkin options that you can find/craft in Minecraft. We’ve already discussed the pumpkin so let’s dive deeper into the other two which are carved pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns. By the way, the fastest way to mine a pumpkin is by using an axe.

Carved pumpkin

Carved pumpkins can be made using shears in Minecraft. To make shears, you’ll need to smelt 2 raw iron to get 2 iron ingots, then place them in your crafting table one slot diagonally from each other. Place the shears in your hand and use them on a pumpkin and you’ve got yourself a carved pumpkin.


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When it’s on your head, you’ll get pumpkin vision. It’s annoying to wear it constantly because of it. The only way to remove it is by messing with the resource packs. You can go to your resource packs folder and find the pumpkinblur.png image. Then you can edit it yourself or you can find it online and replace it.

Jack o’ lantern

Jack o’ lanterns are a great light source in Minecraft since they emit more light than a torch which you’ll have to use to craft it. Another great use of jack-o’ lanterns is their ability to provide light underwater. In Java Edition, you can enchant the lantern with a curse by using an anvil as well. They can generate naturally in taiga and snowy taiga villages.

Pumpkin uses

There are two reasons why you’d want to obtain a carved pumpkin. The first reason has to do with wearing it. When you are, Endermen are not going to attack you if you look at them. This can help you a ton in the End dimension where there’s an enormous number of Endermen just waiting for you to look at them.

The other use is that you can use them to create snow and iron golems. Iron golems can typically be found in villages since they are village protectors while snow golems are player-spawned mobs.

snow golem

Making snow and iron golems using pumpkins

Snow golems

To make a snow golem, you’ll need 2 blocks of snow and a carved pumpkin or a jack o’ lantern. You can’t craft them in the crafting table but rather, all you need to do is place 2 blocks of snow on top of each other and a carved pumpkin at the top.

Snow golems will throw snowballs at other mobs but can’t be tamed. What you can do is put them on a lead and make your snow golem army that’ll endlessly fire snowballs at mobs. They are very sensitive to temperature changes so they’ll get damaged in biomes where temperatures are greater than 1.0. They will also get damaged if they come into contact with rain and water.


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Iron golems

To craft an iron golem, refer to your crafting table and create a T shape with 4 iron ingots. The pumpkin will go into the center. You can spawn them in your base so they can protect you and they usually won’t wander off too far. If you want to keep them close to your base at all times, attach them to a lead.

In Java, you can only use jack-o-lanterns and carved pumpkins to create both the iron golem and the snow golem while in Bedrock, you can also use a regular pumpkin to do both

Other items you can put on your head besides pumpkins and helmets

In Minecraft, you can obtain mob heads as well. You can use them as decoration and they can face 16 different directions or you can put them on your head. They help reduce the detection range of the mob you’re wearing the head off. The heads you can collect are zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, creeper, and dragon.

Every mob head except for the dragon one can be obtained by the mob getting killed by a charged creeper explosion. So get yourself a cool new skin by having a mob head-on as a helmet.

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