Minecraft: Here’s How to Record a Timelapse Video

Heres How to Record a Timelapse Video in Minecraft

Many Minecraft-related videos come out every day on YouTube and other platforms, and it’s no secret that some are better at recording quality than others. Apart from the time these people put into making and editing one video, the thing that makes some better is the techniques they use to get those great results. Creators are no strangers to time-lapses, and it looks like it takes a lot of effort to pull something like it off, but does it? How do you record a timelapse video in Minecraft?

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  • To record a timelapse video in Minecraft, you must download Tlauncher and OBS Studio.
  • Then, enter Minecraft from the official Minecraft launcher and create a new world.
  • Then, open Tlauncher and run it with a different name. In your main account, go to Settings and click Open To LAN; make sure you allow cheats and start the LAN world.
  • Then join the LAN world using the Tlauncher account, go into creative mode there, and position yourself the way you want to record.
  • Open OBS, create a new scene and choose game capture as the source. Click on mode and choose a specific window.
  • Then find your Tlauncher client, select it, set its size, and start recording once you disable the pause on the lost focus feature.

How do you record a timelapse in Minecraft PE?

You can use the same logic mentioned above to record time-lapses in Minecraft Pocket Edition, but luckily, you don’t need a complicated recording program. You need a person to act as a cameraman, so your world should be a multiplayer one.

You can download a screen recording app from your Google Play Store. Your friend or you alone can screen record on another device while you play and build on the other. Cheats should be turned on for better angles so you can go into creative mode and fly around while recording. Once you’re done, it’s just a matter of editing the video to get the best possible timelapse video out.

For iOS users, it’ll be a bit more challenging to get the same result, but it’s not impossible. Apple has strict measures against screen recording devices, but some software developers were able to bypass these measures to give you a fighting chance against Android users.


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To make it work, you’ll need a computer and download the Apowersoft application for iPhones and iPads. Then, select your output folder and connect both the iPhone and the computer to the same network. Turn on airplay mirroring on your iPhone or iPad and play the game. Once you start playing, there should be a record button on your computer. Press it, and it will start recording.

Of course, this does not guarantee a timelapse video but only a first-person point-of-view video. To execute a timelapse video, you’ll need the help of your friends again.

How do you record a timelapse in Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Java Edition players will have the easiest time recording timelapse videos because these are the only users who can download and make use of mods for free. The best mod that most Minecraft YouTubers use to record their videos is the Replay mod.

It’s an incredibly powerful mod that makes recording Minecraft videos a pleasure. The only problem people seem to have with the mod is that they often forget to press record, but it really shouldn’t be that hard to remember to do it since you hit record when you’re already in the game.

To start recording, you need to enable recording in single-player or multiplayer, which can be found in the top right corner of your world or server menu. Then, you can play as you would, and the mod will record everything you do. Once you’re done, you can see the recording in the Replay Viewer located in the game’s Main Menu.

Replay Mod

Enter the recording, and you’ll be presented with controls you can use. You can move around using the regular controls, and you need to add the first position keyframe, which is where the clip will start. You should then add the first-time keyframe, which will make the clip begin from when you start building.

Star your replay using the top left button and the slider next to the start and pause buttons to speed up the recording. To end the clip add another position keyframe, and you’re done.


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How do you record a timelapse in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Unfortunately for Bedrock Edition users, there is no way, or at least no easy way, to record a third-person timelapse on consoles (excluding the Minecraft Pocket Edition). The simplest way is to buy the Foxytail cameras add-on in the official Minecraft store. It’s not ideal and has its downs, but it’s the best one Bedrock Edition has.

A different approach to recording these time-lapses would require installing the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft on your computer and your console. Then, you could access the world from both accounts and record from the Windows 10 Edition on your PC. This would require you to buy the Windows 10 Edition, though, so you’re better off just buying the add-on offered in the Minecraft store.

How do you film yourself in Minecraft?

You can choose to record yourself in many different ways in Minecraft. The essential thing to know about all the different ways to record yourself in Minecraft without using mods is to learn about how you can change your point of view while playing Minecraft. On Java Edition, you can press F5 to change your perspective.

In Bedrock Edition, the only way to change perspectives is to go into settings and change the perspective from there. It’s a lot messier and requires you to edit the part where you switch perspectives.

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