How Old Is Power in Chainsaw Man?

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Power is, along with Denji, one of the protagonists of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. An oddball character with a lot of quirks, she has proven herself to be a true friend an ally of Denji’s. Although the Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing, Power’s story is still ongoing, despite the major hinderance, but that won’t stop us from discussing her story here. In this article, we are going to reveal just how old Power is in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime, from its start to finish.

Power is one of the Chainsaw Man characters whose age is officially unknown. Power does look like a girl in her late teens or early twenties (she looks like she’s around Denji’s age), but there is the issue that we don’t actually know her age. The problem is that Power is actually a Devil-turned-Fiend and Devils and Fiends don’t age as regular humans do. This is why it is impossible to determine Power’s age in Chainsaw Man.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Power’s evolution as a character in the series, as well as answers to some important questions regarding Power’s age at some of the most important moments in her life. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

How old is Power in Chainsaw Man?

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Power’s age in Chainsaw Man: Unknown

As we have said above, Power’s actual age is unknown. Due to the fact that she is actually a former Devil and now a Fiend, it is practically impossible to determine Power’s true age, as Devils and Fiends don’t age as normal humans. She does look like a girl in her late teens or early twenties, as she looks as though she is around Denji’s age, but that can be misleading in her case. Be that as it may, we can still reveal what happened to Power in the series before her chaotic end.

As Makima told Denji that she would pair him up with someone to patrol together and do small-scale missions, Power appeared demanding Denji humble himself before her and introduced herself. She asked him if he was her new partner and, realizing that she was female, Denji was excited to work with her, although she would go on to cause him many problems.

Power, Denji, Aki, and Himeno are later seen sharing a restaurant when Katana Man begins to talk about his experience in luxurious restaurants that he shared with his father and how fair he was despite being a yakuza; at that moment Katana Man shoots them all, but Power manages to dodge the bullet and unsettle him with a fist to his chin, so Aki can use the Fox Devil.

As Aki fights Katana Man, Power attempts to stop Himeno’s bleeding, but then flees the confrontation as Himeno sacrifices herself. Following the incident that thinned the ranks of the Devil Hunter divisions, Makima decides to introduce Power and Denji to their new instructor, Kishibe, who immediately begins intense training for them.


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Kishibe looks for Power and Denji to be able to defeat him, since he is the strongest Devil hunter, and will not stop killing them until they succeed. In order to defeat Kishibe, Power and Denji initiate the “Super-Genius Strategy”, which consisted of an elaborate plan to attack Kishibe once he arrived at the apartment, through strategically placed Power blood spears and a direct attack by Denji, trying to catch him off guard.

But even so, it all ended with an anemic Power and a Denji with a knife in his head. The Fourth Special Division, along with other anti-Devil divisions, planned to attack Katana Man, Sawatari, and his henchmen in order to take revenge on their fallen comrades; Power and Denji were on a mission to capture Katana Man, but on their way, they ran into a horde of zombies, which were no problem for Power.

After having captured Katana Man, Power has a different appearance, since her blood horns grew and she became stronger, all the product of having consumed too much blood, so Makima had to take Power to drain the excess blood. After having her blood drained, Power reappears tracking Denji’s scent to the coffee shop where he was waiting for Reze.

She loudly announces her entrance through the door and sits next to Denji, noticing the flowers he had bought from Reze; when she asks about them, Denji chooses to eat the flowers instead of giving them to Power. Power, along with Denji, is watched and protected by different Devil hunters, but in reality, they are using Denji as bait so they can kill his pursuers. When Power and Denji discover the latter, Power is rewarded with sucking Denji’s blood until he dies, which she vigorously celebrates.

Once they all reunite with “Kurose”, Power convinces Kobeni to give her a ride, but Power starts to say that the car is hers and that she will drive it, but ends up running over and killing the supposed Kurose, implying that that was her plan from the beginning. After the fake Kurose incident, Power, Denji, Aki, and the other hunters are intercepted at the department store by the Santa Claus dolls, so they must face these dolls in order to survive. However, Quanxi appears to eliminate everyone in his path, leaving only Power and Denji standing.

Although Power only faked her death, thanks to Kishibe, they prevent a massacre from taking place and leave Long and Pingtsi in charge as their hostages. Power and everyone else who were in the department store are taken to Hell because of Santa’s offering to the Hell Devil; all the Devils, including Power, have an irrational fear of being in Hell, to the point that they wish to commit suicide.


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Once the Darkness Devil arrives, he removes everyone’s arms and ends up murdering or mutilating a large part of the group; they are saved by Makima through Tolka, offering all of himself to the Hell Devil to return them to the World. After defeating Santa Claus and Makima killing Quanxi and her women, Power is left with a severe phobia of the dark, to the point that she doesn’t want to be alone in Aki’s apartment and needs to be by Denji’s side constantly, even having to be fed, clothed and bathed by Denji.

As a method of apology for making Denji not go on the trip with Makima, Power offers Denji to suck her blood so he won’t hate her. Aki will go on a trip to Hokkaido to visit the grave of his deceased family and is accompanied by Power and Denji due to his insistence, which caused Aki, for the first time, not to remember bad things or get depressed about it.

The day they returned to the apartment ended with a “meal” that Denji prepared with the help of Power, which made Aki vomit. Later, the Gun Devil goes to look for Denji in the apartment he was with Power, but Power refuses to open it; when she finally does, she finds no one outside. However, Denji orders Power to go out of the balcony with Nyako.

Power doesn’t think it’s possible that she is being attacked by the Gun Devil, because she previously felt Aki’s scent near her. In some sort of dream, Power and Denji meet a little Aki and have a snowball fight, in which Aki throws a snowball at Power, which turns, in reality, to be a gunshot from the Gun Devil.

At his apartment, Makima reveals to Denji that she invited Power and instructs him to open the door so she can kill her. Denji opens the door to find Power outside with a birthday cake for him; Makima then brutally kills Power by pointing the finger at her and blowing her torso off, leaving her remaining legs and head.

After Makima’s attack on Denji, Pochita suddenly woke Power up and asked her to save Denji; Power, quite confused, was convinced that she had died at the hands of Makima before, but Pochita assures her that her consciousness had simply transferred to Denji, due to Denji drinking blood from her earlier.

A few moments later, Power, as the Blood Devil, emerges from Denji’s body, her appearance completely changed from her original one; thanks to the confusion she generated, Power took advantage of killing Makima and her followers with blood weapons. Makima then subdues her with her zombie army and shoots her in the right arm, asking Power how she’s still alive.

But, Power doesn’t want to answer and tries to grab Denji’s body and escape; her attempt is canceled out of the blue, immediately when Makima shot him in the back, realizing that he had no chance of escape. Denji was ultimately able to defeat Makima thanks to Power’s help. He was then able to communicate with Power, who made him promise that – after her resurrection – he would seek her out, find her and make her remember everything they had been through so that they can be friends once again.

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