How Old Is Makima in Chainsaw Man?

How Old Is Makima in Chainsaw Man?

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Makima is one of the principal characters of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. Makima seemed to be a very odd protagonist, but she turned out to be a major antagonist in the series. Although the Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing, Makima’s story is over, but that won’t stop us from discussing her story here. In this article, we are going to reveal just how old Makima is in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime, from its start to finish.

Makima is one of the Chainsaw Man characters whose age is officially unknown. Makima does look like a girl in her mid-twenties, but there is the issue that we don’t actually know her age. The problem is that Makima is actually a Devil and Devils don’t age as regular humans do. This is why it is impossible to determine Makima’s age in Chainsaw Man.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Makima’s evolution as a character in the series, as well as answers to some important questions regarding Makima’s age at some of the most important moments in her life. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

How old is Makima in Chainsaw Man?

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Makima’s age in Chainsaw Man: Unknown

As we have said above, Makima’s actual age is unknown. Due to the fact that she is actually a Devil, it is practically impossible to determine Makima’s age, as Devils don’t age as normal humans. She does look like a girl in her mid-twenties, but that can be misleading in her case. Be that as it may, we can still reveal what happened to Makima in the series before her ultimate demise.

Makima went to exterminate the Zombie Devil, but finds that Denji, transformed into the Chainsaw Devil, had already defeated him; Makima realizes that she doesn’t smell like a Devil or a human, asking him if he did all that, but he, before falling, asks Makima to hug him. Makima tells Denji that she is a Public Security Devil Hunter and that he had two options: be killed by her or become her pet; Denji chose the pet option after hearing that he would be fed and housed.

While Makima, her subordinates and Denji are riding in the car, they stop to go buy food, but are interrupted by a civilian asking for help to save his daughter from a Devil; Makima sends Denji to take care of the matter, having to pay attention to him since he is now his pet. After Denji returns, he tells her how he became what he is, to which Makima tells him that Pochita is still alive inside him, thanks to his great sense of smell.


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After the conversation, Makima reveals her name to Denji as she feeds him noodles, as well as telling him that she likes boys like him. Arriving at the Tokyo Devil Hunter Headquarters, Makima hands Denji the hunter uniform, as well as introduces him to his new co-worker Aki Hayakawa; faced with Denji’s refusal, Makima encourages him by saying that if he works well, they could work together.

After Denji and Aki return from a walk, Makima confirms to Aki that Denji will join his squad and that he has to take care because he is a unique being, as well as work with him until he dies. Once Denji and Aki’s first mission is accomplished, Makima introduces them to a new colleague who will work with them Power, and tells Denji to be careful because she is a Fiend.

Because Power, on a patrol mission with Denji, killed the Sea Cucumber Devil, which was assigned to him by a private Devil hunter, Makima scolds both of them since that act was an obstruction of business and told them that they should go to jail, demanding Power to think before acting and for Denji to control her more.

In the middle of the discussion that Power had with Denji, whom she blamed for the fiasco, Makima asks them both to calm down and says that she is only interested in the outcome, without giving importance to who was to blame. Later, Makima is in a meeting. After the meeting, Aki leads Makima to an undetermined place, and he criticizes Makima because she expects too much from Denji, to which she replies that he is an interesting Devil as he can become a feared Chainsaw Devil.

After Denji’s confrontation against the Bat Devil and the Leech Devil, Makima calls Aki to tell him that from now on, he will also live with Power, since he can keep Denji and Power in order. The next day, Denji must go to Makima’s office to sign some papers for the Bat Devil and Leech Devil incident; Makima realizes that Denji is worried about something, to which Denji tells her about his dreams, so Makima begins to explain that it is better to do sensual things with someone you know more.

At the same time, she begins to seduce him, starting with a touch of hands and ears, then a bite on Denji’s finger which he must never forget, and ending with Denji’s hand on Makima’s chest. Having seduced Denji, Makima asks him to defeat the Gun Devil, telling him that he is able to do it because he is special, and further promising that if he does, he will grant any request Denji has.

To contextualize Denji, Makima tells him what happened in the last incident caused by the Gun Devil and the level of massacre it caused by only appearing for a few seconds in various countries. Once Denji accepts Makima’s request, she tells him that they have pieces of the Gun Devil’s skin, which should empower the Devils if they eat them, and also serve as a kind of compass since by putting together several pieces they try to return to the Gun Devil.

So, the main mission to find the Gun Devil is to gather more pieces of his skin to locate him. After the team of Denji, Power, Aki, Himeno, Kobeni, and Arai manage to exterminate the Eternity Devil and collect the Gun Devil’s skin fragment, Makima attends the welcome party they held for Special Division 4.

Aki tells him he asks Makima if she knows anything about Denji, but he tells her he’ll tell her after they’ve had more to drink; once the party is over, Makima wonders about Denji’s whereabouts and is told that he went elsewhere with Himeno. Makima is on her way to Kyoto to meet with her superiors, accompanied by one of her subordinates, when they are intercepted by four fellow Gun Devil followers, who shoot them in the head and body to kill them.


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However, Makima survives the gunshots for no apparent reason and takes it upon herself to assassinate those who attacked her; upon arriving in Kyoto, Makima explains the situation to Kurose and Tendo, as well as telling them that she, despite being covered in blood, was not shot. Makima, aware that the target is Denji and is in Tokyo, decides to do something from Kyoto to help them, so he orders Kurose to ask the Minister of Justice for 30 criminals sentenced to life imprisonment and for Tendo to reserve a high sanctuary located as close as possible, in addition to asking them to bring her a change of clothes.

Once everything Makima requested has been fulfilled, she, through the contract of some Devil, kills the followers of the Gun Devil whose name she knows, asking the criminals to recite the name of one of them, who dies after doing her bidding. Once Makima, Kurose, and Tendo return to Tokyo, they meet Madoka who explains the situation of the other divisions, in addition to informing her that the orders from above is to join the first 3 divisions with Special Division 4, to compensate for the hand of work, being the one led by Makima.

At the same time, Madoka presents her resignation to Makima and asks about how much she could anticipate, to which Makima replies that she cannot share such information with a civilian. Makima calls Power and Denji to explain that the target of her enemies is Denji and that they must be instructed by someone else, i.e. Kishibe, a Devil hunter from the First Special Division.

After Makima introduces them to their instructor, she withdraws. After some time, Makima meets with Kishibe to talk about the ambush that the special divisions suffered since Kishibe suspects that Makima knew about this and did not notify him. Makima replies that all she wants to do is save as many people as he can from the Devils, so if the mission of ending the Gun Devil’s followers is achieved, the existence of the Fourth Division will be recognized, giving them more freedom to operate. and thus save more people.

At the beginning of the operation, Makima meets with the yakuza group that is related to the followers of the Gun Devil, and asks their boss to give them the names of that group and the others, in order to collaborate with the Public Safety devil hunters; the boss replies that they are a necessary evil to protect the Japanese from foreigners, so they can’t rat out other yakuza, similar to what Devil hunters do when killing Devils.

Makima, given the refusal to cooperate, gives him a bag with the eyes of the relatives of all those present, in order for him to cooperate, since someone in the office can return them to normality; a yakuza tries to hit Makima, but with a single glance it seems that he burst from the inside since he begins to bleed from his orifices.

Makima explains to the yakuza boss that necessary evil is just an excuse to justify the bad things they do, which society doesn’t need, plus the nation is tasked with keeping necessary evils on a short leash. Once the operation is successful, Makima meets with her superiors to explain that Sawatari orchestrated the terrorist attack on the special divisions in order to obtain Denji’s heart, making a contract with the Gun Devil and giving weapons to the Yakuza soldiers.


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The reason for this is unknown, as Makima tells them that the Serpent Devil cut off her head before they could interrogate her. Makima also tells them that they managed to gather 1.4 kg of the Gun Devil shards and that, combined with the 5 kg they possessed, these have begun to move toward the main body.

Makima goes to Aki’s apartment and realizes that Power drank a lot of blood during the battle with the zombies, due to her big horns, and that she must drain her blood periodically, otherwise she would become much more terrifying and arrogant than she had anticipated initially. Thus, that is the reason why she asks Denji to borrow him for a moment.

Due to the above, Makima tells Denji that someone wants to be with him, whose name is Beam and he is a Devil, asife from being someone frantic and not very talkative, but that he would do whatever Denji said. Makima notices that Denji is down, so she invites him to the movies the next day; Makima dresses casually and tells Denji that they will watch movies until midnight, nding with Makima zooming in on Denji’s heart and confirming that he does have one.

Makima intercepts Reze when she goes to meet Denji at the cafe using an ability to travel through a bunch of rats; once they meet, Makima tells her that she also prefers the field mouse, and that she helps a friend in her field to exterminate the mice that eat the crops, an activity that calms his mind. After talking and the fact that the Angel Devil has impaled Reze, Makima holds her hand until she dies; Makima asks Angel why he didn’t bring Aki with him, to which he replies that he wouldn’t have liked having to kill a woman.

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