Is Homelander Gay, Bisexual, Or Straight In The Boys?

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Homelander is one of the most controversial yet excellently written villains in TV show history because of how this man has all the power in the world but chooses to be morally corrupt and manipulative. Of course, throughout his time, Homelander has had his fair share of romances in The Boys. But what exactly is Homelander’s sexuality? Is Homelander gay, bisexual, or straight?

In both the show and the comics, Homelander is straight. He hasn’t been shown with another man in the live-action series and has been in relationships with women. Meanwhile, in the comics, he once manipulated Soldier Boy into having sex with him just to humiliate the supe.

The thing about Homelander is that he is someone who craves power in the form of adoration. He feels powerful whenever the people either love or fear him. In that regard, in the comics, one of the ways he manipulates people is through physical relationship, and he doesn’t care what gender his partners are. Still in the series, he is pretty much straight.

What Is Homelander’s Sexuality?

The Boys is one of the most outrageous TV shows because it doesn’t seem to have any limits as far as the violence, gore, and other shocking scenes are concerned. Of course, The Boys is like any other modern TV show because of the fact that it is quite open in terms of how it portrays people and their different preferences in their partners. We have seen a fair share of gay characters in The Boys because homosexuality has become a commonly accepted theme in society today.

While there are homosexual characters in The Boys, and some of these homosexual characters tend to be quite outrageous (especially that Termite scene in season 3, episode 1), there aren’t a lot of characters that don’t have Homelander’s lack of moral limits. Throughout the entire series, Homelander has regressed as far as his mental health is concerned because he has become the most morally corrupt supe there is. And his actions were more morally corrupt than the scene involving Deep and Starlight at the beginning of the series.


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Of course, Homelander’s moral corruption was seen in the fact that he was willing to keep Queen Maeve alive and locked up for as long as possible so that he could harvest her eggs and produce powerful babies. But what does that mean about Homelander’s orientation?

Throughout the entire series, Homelander has been portrayed as a straight character as all of his romantic interests are female.

There is also the fact that all of the people linked to Homelander romantically are female. As mentioned, he once dated Maeve before having a weird mother thing with Madelyn Stillwell. After that, Homelander had a thing with Stormfront, who he had rough relationship with and considered a perfect creature because of her powers. Then, in season 3, he made the public believe that he and Starlight were a couple.

Stormfront and homelander

Nevertheless, even though Homelander has only dated women, that doesn’t exactly mean that he is completely straight. That’s because he is someone who craves the love and adoration of the people. He also likes mentally manipulating people into doing his bidding and forcing them to either love or fear him. In a way, he gets off on the love or the fear of the people more than anything.

So, in a way, even though Homelander wanted to have babies with Maeve and has only dated women so far, he probably is someone who is more driven on by the thought of people either loving or fearing him. He probably doesn’t look at romantic relationships in a conventional manner but is more interested in what the relationship has in store for him. That was the case with Stormfront, who he dated because he thought they could both rule the world together. Meanwhile, he made the public believe that he and Starlight were dating so that he could easily manipulate her.

Is Homelander Gay Or Bisexual?

Even though we did say that Homelander has only dated women and is quite possibly straight, that wasn’t exactly the case in the comics. That’s because, in the comics, he did coerce Soldier Boy into having a relationship with him.

The story was that Soldier Boy in the comics is actually a very gullible person that is easily fooled and is quite a coward. He wanted to please Homelander and was also afraid of him that it was easy for the powerful supe to manipulate him. That was when Homelander told him to engage with him as some sort of a test to join The Seven (although he only assumed that it was for him to get into The Seven).


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This moral deprivation was also seen in the fact that he was the one who led the other male supes in The Seven to assault Starlight when she was still new. In a way, he got off from the fact he could easily manipulate other people into doing his bidding.

So, in that regard, Homelander only had relations with Soldier Boy in the comics to manipulate and humiliate the supe into doing his bidding. As mentioned, Homelander is a morally depraved and corrupt person who loves manipulating people into doing what he wants them to do, and that was the case for Soldier Boy in the comics.

It wasn’t that Homelander wanted to be with him, but it was only that he simply wanted to humiliate Soldier Boy. That is why there is no limit to what Homelander was willing to do in the comics as long as he could get what he wanted. But that doesn’t exactly mean that he is gay or bisexua,l but it only implies how deprived of morals he is.

Meanwhile, there haven’t been any hints that the live-action version of Homelander could be gay or bisexual. But we believe that it isn’t beyond him to manipulate a guy into having relations with him as long as he is able to assert himself against that person.

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