Is Koji Kashin Dead? What Happened in the Fight Against Ishikki?

Is Koji Kashin Dead? What Happened in the Fight Against Ishikki?

The Ōtsutsuki Clan is one of the most powerful groups in the Naruto and Boruto series, and just when the original Naruto fans thought that they were done with the Ōtsutsuki Clan, Boruto brought the clan back. They’re a threat to the protagonists once more. They have been a persistent threat to the shinobi world and have fought numerous opponents, including Jiraiya’s clone, Koji Kashin. In Boruto, Koji Kashin fought Isshiki, and in this article, we are going to tell you what happened in that fight and whether Koji died during the fight.

No, Koji Kashin did not die during his fight against Isshiki Ōtsutsuki in Boruto. The fight was a fierce one, and Koji, at some point, was crushed by some pillars and lost control over the lower half of his body; Isshiki was about to kill him, but Koji used his powers to summon a toad that swallowed him and teleported him away. It is not known what happened to him later.

In the rest of this article, we will tell you about the fate of Koji Kashin as it happened in Boruto, mostly referring to his fight against Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. We will give you some basic information about how the story evolved and what ultimately happened to him. All of these facts will be revealed later in the anime, so if you haven’t read the manga, we have to warn you about some spoilers in the upcoming paragraphs.

Koji Kashin’s fight against Isshiki Ōtsutsuki

After Naruto defeated Delta, Koji praised his strength but noted that it would not be enough to defeat Jigen, considering Karma the only way to achieve this and speculating that Boruto might hold the key to defeating him. While keeping an eye on Kawaki, Koji showed concern due to the time he had spent from the confrontation with Delta and that Jigen had made no move, as well as his knowledge of Boruto’s Karma. Immediately afterward, and to his surprise, Koji noticed how a portal manifested from Kawaki’s Karma with Jigen appearing from there, wondering the reason why he sent him to retrieve it in the first place.


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Jigen felt the presence of Koji’s toad, forcing him to undo the summoning. In the anime, Koji just hid the toad. Jigen transported himself with Naruto to another dimension. In the anime, Koji could send his toad through the portal, allowing him to watch the fight, how Jigen’s body reached its limit, and how he sealed Naruto. Boro sent a follower to contact Koji. Using a hologram, Boro rebuked Koji about his recent actions and finally showed him the toad he found on the airship.

However, Koji claimed it was proof of Jigen’s trust and informed him of the leader’s appearance in the village. Koji waited for him to return and, seeing that he didn’t, was hesitant about defeating him at the hands of the Hokage, even if Sasuke Uchiha joined him.

Koji theorized that the battle must have exhausted him and depleted his chakra reserves; seeing it as an opportunity to finish him off personally, he immediately returned to Kara’s base. Once he returned, informed by Amado that Jigen had regained ten percent of his power, Boro was sent to watch over the Hokage while Code to the Ten-Tails. With this information, Koji decided it was time to finish Jigen.

After waiting for Amado to finish preparing, Koji summoned a toad to transport him. However, Delta confronted them due to not having Jigen’s permission. Koji got ready to face her, so Amado simply used a shutdown command to incapacitate her. Koji wondered if he also had something similar among her modifications. Once Koji finished giving Amado directions, he reverses summoned his toad to transport it to Konoha, and he entered the base. Koji prepared a toad to transmit everything that happened to Amado.

Once introduced to him, Jigen asked for the mission report from him. Koji questioned the reason for his mission since he could personally retrieve Kawaki; ignoring the question, Jigen revealed his knowledge that the airship crash that allowed Kawaki to escape was staged and that both he and Amado had betrayed him. Jigen questioned his motives since all the Interns had agreed to get the Chakra Fruit; ignoring him, Koji attacked him with shurikens. Dodging with ease, Jigen surprised and impaled Koji with multiple black bars. However, it was a shadow clone and declared that it was created to finish him off.

Jigen scoffed at his statement stating that it was nothing more than Amado’s tool. However, Koji, totally determined with his goal, yelled that, after all, that was the shinobi. Koji attacked using various tactics and ninjutsu, which Jigen repelled and absorbed, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, which Jigen managed to master. Eventually, Koji revealed his knowledge of his true identity as Isshiki.

Despite Isshiki unleashing the full power of Karma, gaining a boost in his abilities, Koji managed to hold it back long enough to inscribe a summoning formula and unleash a powerful sea of flames. Faced with Isshiki’s inability to absorb them with Karma, Koji explained that the flames were natural from the Flaming Mountains.


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Despite Isshiki trying to shrink the flames, Jigen’s body reached its limit. Once consumed by the flames, Jigen and his body burned to death, forcing Isshiki to reincarnate using his corpse as an imperfect vessel, losing Kawaki. Once the process was finished, Isshiki shrank, spreading the flames around him, and continued to shrink various objects around him, forcing Koji to move, breaking his mask, and recognizing him as a clone of Jiraiya.

Koji performed a barrage of attacks from which Isshiki was unscathed, thanks to Koji’s ability to shrink. Isshiki informed him that he had no chance against him and that his body had only a few days to live, taunting him for being a disbeliever who was made to be sacrificed. Going by his words, Koji entered Sage Mode.

Giving him a boost in his abilities, Koji displayed fire techniques that Isshiki constantly shrunk. Using a barrage of fire, Koji tried to surprise Isshiki, who ended the match by summoning gigantic stone pillars to crush Koji’s left arm and legs. As Isshiki mocked his existence and what happened with Amado, Koji summoned a toad to escape.