Koji Kashin vs. Jiraiya: Who Is More Powerful and Who Would Win in a Fight?

Koji Kashin vs. Jiraiya: Who Is More Powerful and Who Would Win?

Jiraiya may not be as popular as the main trio or Kakashi, but he is one of those Naruto characters you must love. He is also an exceptionally powerful character that has been consistently regarded as one of the strongest in the series; he also had a profound influence on Naruto’s upbringing. But Jiraiya died at one point, yet a character looking exactly like him, named Koji Kashin, appeared in Boruto. Koji Kashin is actually a clone of Jiraiya, and in this article, we are going to determine who the stronger one is – the clone or the original.

Although nobody is happy to hear it, Koji Kashin is actually stronger than Jiraiya. As his clone, he not only has all the powers that Jiraiya has, but he is also an improved version of himself. He is stronger and faster, his body was modified to be more resilient, and he also has access to numerous techniques that Jiraiya never had. He is also not a perv like Jiraiya, so he is not that easy to distract.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article will be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we will give our final verdict and explain why Koji Kashin is stronger than Jiraiya and why he could defeat him.

Chakra and physical prowess

Jiraiya has sufficient chakra reserves to call forth Gamabunta, and her chakra is powerful enough to perform Senjutsu. He was skilled with his chakra, using both hands simultaneously to produce a Rasengan or even use it to engrave words even when it was halted. He was skilled enough in genjutsu to instruct others on escaping it. With a single stroke of his finger, he has the raw force to launch Naruto a good distance. He is portrayed in the anime lifting and hurling enormous stones and chasing some of the multiheaded gigantic dogs away.

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Being an Inner of Kara, Koji is considered monstrously strong in abilities, with his body modified with Scientific Ninja Tools by Amado. Koji refers to himself as a murderer. It has been noted that he is not an ordinary person and was recognized by Isshiki as a very capable man. He could kill Victor easily, having such confidence in his abilities that he was confident in defeating Delta, and he could take on a weakened Isshiki while inside Jigen.

Koji wins this category easily. He was engineered to be stronger and more powerful than Jiraiya, and although it pains us to say it, Koji would defeat Jiraiya easily from this point of view.

Points: Koji 1, Jiraiya 0


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Jiraiya is skilled in a wide range of ninjutsu techniques. He had the unique ability to could grow and trim his hair for offense and defense, and he could even spit forth oil that would immobilize an adversary. Jiraiya picked up the method from his student Minato, the Rasengan, who perfected it and created fantastic variations. Thanks to his knowledge, he could even instruct Yahiko and Nagato in manipulating his chakra. Jiraiya’s reputation as a perfectionist was well-known. He could improvise or push the boundaries of a technique so much that he could even improve a simple Rank E move.

Over time, he proved highly valuable in espionage and reconnaissance, much as he did while developing the Jutsu: Transparent Escape, which he designed to aid him in spying on ladies. Jiraiya was an extremely skilled barrier practitioner in addition to his combat abilities. His skills include the Barrier: Pumpkin Toad Prison, which allows him to imprison an adversary within the belly of a tiny shaped toad with a lake of stomach acid, and the Barrier: Dome Formation Method, which enables him to detect movement within a set range.

Although he possessed a basic understanding of genjutsu and how to counter it, he was not skilled at applying it and instead relied on his teammates’ use of illusions.

Koji employs the ninjutsu of Konohagakure. He can make several copies of himself and use them to take his place. On the other side, he showed that he could use the Rasengan by producing it with just one hand and using the Super Great Rasengan Ball, which has sufficient strength to negate the one used by Konohamaru. In addition, Koji can grow hair to trap and capture targets, as well as transform it into needles for self-defense and release toad oil from his mouth as fuel for fire methods.

Although it is a stretch, we decided to split the points here as Jiraiya is not much weaker than Koji in this category. He is, but it would have pained us not to give Jiariya at least one point, so we decided to split the points here.

Points: Koji 2, Jiraiya 1


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Jiraiya was able to learn Senjutsu because of his abundant chakra reserves, which allowed him to transition into Sage Mode and use natural energy to significantly improve all of his skills. Jiraiya called Shima and Fukasaku, the Two Great Sage Toads, to gather the natural energy required for Jiraiya to enter Sage Mode as well as serve as his combat partners. He gained more physical strength due to this change, enabling him to kick one of the Pains away and conduct combination strikes with the Toads’ pair like the Sage Art: Bath of Boiling Ol.

The Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan, a huge variation of the Rasengan that is far larger than his own body, is only one example of an expanded version of one of his techniques that he is capable of performing. Jiraiya needed the assistance of Shima and Fukasaku because he lacked genjutsu expertise. Jiraiya disliked utilizing Sage Mode because he would then sport a toad-like appearance, including facial marks, a beard, a bigger, warty nose, and webs on his hands and feet, which made him less alluring to females. This occurs as a result of Jiraiya’s incomplete technique mastery.

Koji27s Rasengan

Koji can use Sage Mode, being able to balance natural energy perfectly, acquiring an increase in all his abilities. His physical and sensory abilities increased to the point where he could block a blow from Isshiki, holding it at bay until he quickly counterattacked. Making use of senjutsu, Koji is able to add it to his techniques, producing a huge curtain of flames around him.

Although both these guys can use Sage Mode, Koji’s Sage Mode is much more powerful than Jiraiya’s, so we had to give him this final, decisive point.

Points: Koji 3, Jiraiya 1


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Koji Kashin is a better version of Jiraiya

As we have said, Koji Kashin is a clone of Jiraiya engineered by Amado. As the points suggest, he is much better than the original, and we can only confirm, sadly, that it is true. Amado made Koji to be everything that Jiraiya is, but only better. He is stronger, faster, younger, skilled, and powerful. He knows all that Jiraiya knows, but only better, and he also knows a lot of additional techniques that Jiraiya never knew. And that is why, sadly, Koji Kashin is the stronger one.

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