Is Videl a Saiyan in ‘Dragon Ball Super’?

videl ritual

The storyline of Dragon Ball continued in Dragon Ball Super, which takes place right after the events of Dragon Ball Z. Of course, it was during the Buu Saga that Videl, the love interest of Gohan, was introduced. It didn’t take too long for Gohan and Videl to get together, as they eventually married during the events following Buu’s defeat. But the fact that Videl was included in the Super Saiyan God ritual in Dragon Ball Super is quite confusing to many people. So, does that mean that Videl is a Saiyan?

Videl was never a Saiyan. Because she was born the daughter of Mr. Satan and a human mother, she was always human. However, her training under Gohan allowed Videl to grow stronger than a regular human being. She also eventually carried a Saiyan in her womb, and that’s why she was included in the ritual.

While Videl was instantly a popular character when she was introduced, she eventually took a backseat to the other main characters of Dragon Ball during the events of Super. Nevertheless, she played a huge role in Dragon Ball Super because she was integral in the ritual to turn Goku into a Super Saiyan God in the battle against Beerus. Now, let’s look at whether or not Videl is a Saiyan.

Videl Is Human

After the success of Gohan and the other Z Fighters in the battle against Cell during the Cell Saga, there was a long period of peace between the end of the Cell Saga and the start of the Buu Saga. Of course, the world thought that Mr. Satan was responsible for defeating Cell even though it was Gohan that killed the biological android.

During the start of the Cell Saga, Gohan took a more active role as a normal teenager. That was when he met Videl when he went to school and tried to live the life of a regular teen boy. Videl instantly thought Gohan was suspicious because there were times when he couldn’t control his own strength and power. As such, she followed him until she discovered that Gohan was the gold warrior that defeated Cell many years ago.


In that regard, Gohan and Videl started a relationship that allowed Gohan to train her to become a better and stronger fighter. It didn’t take too long for Videl to surpass her own father, who happened to be Mr. Satan of all people. And after Goku and Vegeta defeated Kid Buu in the final moments of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan, and Videl married as they joined two prominent families.


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Of course, unlike Gohan, Videl was always human because she was born the daughter of Mr. Satan and a human mother, who was already deceased when Videl was introduced. Even though she was just human, Videl was able to grow stronger than most humans and was even able to learn how to harness her Ki so that she could fly.

As such, the relationship with Gohan allowed Videl to grow stronger even though her status as a pure human placed a cap on her potential. But the fact of the matter is that she was always a simple human being born stronger than most humans because, let’s face it, Mr. Satan was still stronger than most people, even though he was a lot weaker than Goku and his friends.

But She Carried a Saiyan in Her Womb

Of course, Gohan and Videl’s storyline continued during the Dragon Ball Super events. The opening saga of Super allowed us to see the God of Destruction named Beerus heading to Earth so that he could find a worthy challenger called a Super Saiyan God. He previously defeated Goku on King Kai’s planet, which was why he had to go to Earth to seek the other Saiyans and challenge them.

Beerus was far stronger than any of the good guys on the planet and was able to quickly defeat the good guys. However, he still insisted that something was called a Super Saiyan God and that this entity would be the first true challenge he would face in a long time. That was when Goku and the others came up with the idea of summoning Shenron to ask him to tell them what he knew about the Super Saiyan God.

Shenron told Goku and the others that the only way to summon a Super Saiyan God was if five pure-hearted Saiyans came together to give their power to a fellow Saiyan in what was called the Super Saiyan God ritual. As such, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, and Goten came together to try to use their Saiyan powers to awaken Goku as a Super Saiyan God.


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That was when they realized they needed six Saiyans because the ritual required five pure-hearted Saiyans to give their power to another Saiyan outside the five. And because no other Saiyans were around, they thought they could no longer summon the Super Saiyan God.

But Videl stepped forward to announce that the ritual could still work because she was carrying a Saiyan in her womb. She essentially told everyone that she was pregnant and was carrying Gohan’s child in her belly. While it was a gamble, Videl joined the ritual to summon the Super Saiyan God as the child in her belly acted as the fifth Saiyan required in the ritual.

ssg ritual

At that moment, Videl appeared to have gone Super Saiyan even though she wasn’t a Saiyan. But she never really entered the Super Saiyan state as she merely harnessed her child’s Saiyan powers at that moment. After all, Videl and her child were still connected in her womb.

The ritual worked as Goku turned into a Super Saiyan God. That means that, while Videl was never a Saiyan, the fact that she carried a child with Saiyan blood allowed her to join the ritual and use the child (who turned out to be Pan) as her way to help Goku become a Super Saiyan God. Of course, Goku turned into a Saiyan with the divine powers of a god but was still not strong enough to defeat Beerus, who was on an entirely different level.

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