Is Wednesday Addams a Witch, or a Vampire, & Does She Have Powers?

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We saw in the Wednesday series on Netflix that Wednesday Addams is a special type of person in the sense that she is an Outcast, which are people that have traits that don’t allow them to fit in well with regular society. However, we also know that she has some traits of her own and that she actually looks quite pale compared to the rest of the students in Nevermore Academy. So, is Wednesday Addams a witch or a vampire, and does she have powers?

Wednesday Addams is neither a witch nor a vampire, but she is the descendant of a powerful witch named Goody Addams. In fact, she actually has psychic abilities that are similar to Goody’s own psychic abilities. However, Wednesday is yet to showcase the magical abilities of a witch.

The Wednesday series actually put a good twist to the entire Addams Family storyline with the addition of the Outcasts, which are different types of people who are not entirely normal. In that regard, Wednesday, as an outcast, also has her own different traits, and we saw those throughout the entire series. That said, let’s discuss this in greater detail.

Is Wednesday Addams A Witch, Or Is She A Vampire?

The new Wednesday series on Netflix is Tim Burton’s own reimagining of the Addams Family storyline. However, it focuses more on Wednesday Addams, who is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. The story follows her adventures in Nevermore Academy after she transferred to that school, which is actually meant for the children of people called Outcasts.

But while Wednesday was in a school together with people that weren’t exactly normal, the thing is that she also isn’t quite normal when compared to the other Outcasts. That’s because she has a negative disposition in life and doesn’t really like being around people. She is basically a very gloomy goth teenager that never sees things in a positive light. Of course, there’s also the fact that she’s as pale as a dead body and almost as cold as one.

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With that said, we know that Wednesday Addams isn’t a normal girl because of the fact that she never really fits in with society. So, does that mean that Wednesday is actually a witch or a vampire in the Wednesday series?

In the Wednesday series, the Outcasts are a group of people who have traits that allow them to be very different from the people that we normally see in regular human society. These Outcasts are composed of different species, but the main cliques that could be found in Nevermore are vampires, werewolves, sirens, and gorgons. Wednesday, as weird as she is, isn’t one of them.


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Outside of her negative way of looking at the world, Wednesday is actually pretty normal in terms of her physical traits, as she doesn’t have the traits of any of the abovementioned species of Outcasts in Nevermore. That means that we are ruling out the possibility that she is a vampire. However, we are not ruling out the possibility that she could be a witch.

During the storyline, Wednesday often saw visions of a young teenage girl that resembled her but with blonde hair. This was revealed to be Goody Addams, who is a distant ancestor of the Addams Family. Morticia revealed to Wednesday that Goody Addams was one of the first members of the Addams Family that moved all the way from Mexico. On top of that, she also said that Goody was a powerful witch.

That means that there is a good chance that Wednesday could also be a witch herself, as she is the descendant of a very powerful witch that was responsible for establishing the early beginnings of the entire Addams Family. Of course, we are yet to see whether or not she actually has the powers of a witch.

But while Wednesday’s status as a witch is still up in the air, what we know is that she is actually a psychic. The psychics are species of Outcasts with different abilities psychic abilities that vary from one psychic to another. For example, Rowan has telekinetic abilities that are powerful enough to pin Wednesday between a tree. Meanwhile, Xavier’s psychic abilities allow him to have visions that he often paints. 

In Wednesday’s case, her status as a psychic is something that she acquired from the sides of both of her parents. Gomez, of course, is the descendant of Goody Addams, who was also a psychic on top of the fact that she was a witch. Meanwhile, Morticia Addams has psychic visions that allow her to see good things that will happen to people whenever she comes in contact with them.

Does Wednesday Addams Have Powers?

As mentioned, Wednesday Addams herself is a psychic because she inherited her genetics from bloodlines with psychic abilities. In fact, she actually displayed her psychic abilities several times during the entire series.

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Wednesday Addams was shown to have the ability to see bad visions related to people whenever she touched them. At first, we thought that this was something that was restricted to bad things that would happen to people. However, we saw that Wednesday could also see things that the people did in the past.


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It was this power that allowed Wednesday to solve the entire case regarding the Hyde that had been terrorizing the town of Jericho and the students of Nevermore. She is able to solve this when she kissed Tyler and saw a vision of him killing Doctor Kinbott while he was in his Hyde form. As such, she was able to confirm that her boyfriend was actually the monster that was killing people throughout the entire series.

Of course, it is possible that we will see more of Wednesday’s powers in the future, especially if the Wednesday series gets the green light for a second season. It is possible that she would end up developing witch-like powers that are similar to the abilities that her ancestor Goody Addams had.

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