What Kind of Monster Is Gomez Addams? Is He a Vampire, Warlock, or Something Else?


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The new Wednesday series on Netflix reintroduced us to the Addams Family, as we got to see this classic fictional family once more as a live-action adaptation. Of course, the patriarch of the family, Gomez Addams (Luis Guzmán), was on full display in this series as the Wednesday storyline reimagined and reinterpreted his character in a way that’s fresh yet still quite classic. But what exactly is Gomez Addams? And is he a monster?

Gomez Addams, like most of the members of the Addams Family, is not a monster. To put it bluntly, he is just a weird and odd person, just like the rest of his family. However, in the Wednesday series, Gomez is a human Outcast that comes from a line of psychics, warlocks, and witches.

Although Gomez Addams seems to be normal in the Wednesday series, Morticia Addams explained that his distant ancestor, Goody Addams, was an incredibly powerful witch. In that regard, Gomez also inherited her penchant for magic and sorcery, although he is yet to showcase any abilities related to that. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Gomez Addams.

Is Gomez Addams A Monster?

One of the most popular members of the Addams Family is the patriarch of this classic fictional family, Gomez Addams. Often portrayed as a person with Mexican heritage who is deeply in love and somewhat clingy to his wife Morticia, Gomez is a loving husband and a doting father that is never shy about showing his affection toward his entire family. Of course, we know that the entire Addams Family is a weird bunch that loves the strange and the macabre despite the fact that this fictional family has always been non-toxic.

Gomez is also quite popular for being someone who is quite friendly toward people who live in normal society, as he doesn’t shy away from interacting with other people or welcoming them into his home. In short, he is simply a great father and a good man despite the fact that he may be somewhat odd due to his preference for anything gothic or creepy.

morticia gomez

In that regard, we saw a new version of Gomez Addams in the Wednesday series on Netflix. While this version may be new, the Gomez in this series tends to hit the spot when it comes to who the character is, as he is still a very loving and friendly person. But the thing is that, like the rest of his family, he isn’t exactly normal. So, does that mean that Gomez Addams is a monster?

Gomez Addams is not a monster. In fact, while the Addams Family members may seem to be monsters, almost all of them are actually humans. Specifically, the ones in Gomez’s immediate family (Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley) are more human than almost any of the other members of the Addams Family. In that regard, Gomez has always been as human as any other human being.


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It’s just that Gomez and the other Addams Family are the aberrant sorts in the sense that they don’t fit the normal standards of what a family should be in terms of the things they like. They are a strange bunch that loves anything creepy, gothic, and related to the macabre. But they have always been humans despite the fact that some of them may have supernatural abilities that were never really explained.

Meanwhile, in the Wednesday series, Gomez Addams and the rest of the Addams Family are still human but belong to a classification called the Outcasts, which have several species. Basically, the Outcasts are different from the Normies in the sense that they have traits and abilities that don’t really fit with the standards of normal society. As such, Gomez, strange as he is, is an Outcast as well.

What Kind Of Outcast Is Gomez?

Early in the Wednesday series, Gomez Addams revealed that he and his wife Morticia met while they were both attending Nevermore Academy decades before the setting of the storyline. Nevermore was then revealed to be a safe haven for the children of Outcasts. Of course, the Outcasts have different species, but the four main cliques on the campus are the vampires, werewolves, sirens, and gorgons. But what kind of Outcast is Gomez Addams?

At the start, it wasn’t really clear what kind of Outcast Gomez is because neither he nor the rest of his family members are remotely close to any of the four main Outcasts species that attend Nevermore. But we got to learn that his daughter, Wednesday Addams, has psychic abilities that allow her to see the deaths of people whenever she touches them. This means that Wednesday herself is a psychic, which is one of the species of Outcasts that can be found on Nevermore.

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Principal Weems then explained that Wednesday’s mother, Morticia, is also a psychic. However, Morticia revealed that she and Wednesday have different psychic abilities due to how their dispositions in life are different. While Wednesday sees bad things happening to people and is called a Raven, Morticia is known as a Dove and is able to see good things happening to people.


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Morticia also went on to explain that Wednesday didn’t only inherit her powers from Morticia’s Frump side of the family but also from her father’s Addams side. That’s because one of her father’s distant ancestors, Goody Addams, was also a raven and was actually a powerful witch during the early years of the Addams Family.

It was revealed that Goody Addams and her family moved from Mexico to the US. Of course, Mexico is known for supernatural tales and stories about witches. As such, it is possible that Gomez Addams is an Outcast with the blood of witches and warlocks flowing through his veins.

But the thing is that Gomez is yet to showcase any special abilities at all. As such, he is actually a psychic Outcast in terms of his genetic trait, but he probably isn’t capable of any magical or psychic abilities, unlike his wife and his daughter.

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