Minecraft 1.20: It’s Possible to Mine Bedrock & Here’s How

Its possible to mine bedrock

There are two types of world borders in Minecraft: blocks of Bedrock and the world border. Players went far and beyond to try and cross both, but in terms of Bedrock, you had to find a way to mine a block that can’t be mined. Players made it happen using a bug embedded into the game, but is that bug still around? Can you mine Bedrock in Minecraft 1.19 and above?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • It is undoubtedly possible to mine Bedrock in Minecraft 1.20 and above. You’ll need a few items: building blocks, pistons, trapdoors, obsidian, ender pearls, TNT, and levers.
  • You’ll place the piston on the block you want to break, a building block next to it, and a block of obsidian on top. You’ll then place a lever on the obsidian block a TNT block on the piston, and another next to the obsidian.
  • Then, take the trapdoor and put it on the obsidian. Come up to the trap door and press use on it to force yourself into the crouching position.
  • You want to flick the lever, and as soon as the TNT explodes, you need to place another piston facing down to the Bedrock. If you did it correctly, the Bedrock should break.

Bedrock Levels

The first thing to learn about is Y levels, where Bedrock generates. This is important because you want to end up on a Y level with only one Bedrock block below you so that you can access The Void or The Nether roof. So let’s see the differences between Y levels where Bedrock generates in The Nether and The Overworld.


In the Nether, although you have Bedrock layers above and below you, you are more likely to access Bedrock that’s located above. Since The Nether floor is covered with Lava, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever reach the bottom layers of Bedrock in The Nether. Bedrock starts generating at Y level 126, but what you’re looking at is one that is generated at Y level 127 because this is the last layer before you break through to the Nether roof.


In The Overworld, the building limit is an invisible line with no Bedrock present, so you’ll have to dig down to find Bedrock. Bedrock in The Overworld can have a total of 5 layers, but the Y level that separates the Overworld from The Void is Y Level -64. This level can be hard to access, so you might even have to break more than one block to access the Void.

Why would you access The Void/ The Nether roof?

Although accessing The Void in the Overworld is less common, some players do it for the sheer fun of it. In The Nether, though, once you access the roof, you can start building Nether highways and quickly get from one place to the other in The Overworld. Although The Nether is as big as the Overworld, traveling one block in The Nether will make you travel eight blocks in The Overworld.

By making Nether highways and creating Nether portals all around, the roof, you’ll get a safe means of likely the fastest transportation in Minecraft. Another thing is that the Nether roof is covered with Bedrock blocks which prohibits mobs from spawning. If you’re looking for a specific biome in the Nether, you can also pay attention to the changes in the colors of the sky, which indicate the biome you’re currently in. Soulsand Vallies, for example, have the sky color appear dark cyan.

Other times, you want to access these places to confuse your friends and for the fun of things. Whatever the reason, it is possible, but it will take some practice to pull it off.

How to get on the Bedrock roof in The Nether?

In the Nether, to prepare for breaking Bedrock, you must get to the roof first. You’ll use an in-game bug to pull this off. Follow these steps to access the Nether top in Minecraft:

  1. Collect at least 2 Ender Pearls and a couple of Ladders.
  2. Dig up to the Nether roof and turn on your debug screen once you reach the Bedrock layers.
  3. On the right of the debug screen, you’ll find a line that says ‘targeted block.’ Pay close attention to the Y level. When you’re looking at a block of Bedrock, the Y level should be 127.
  4. Once you find the Bedrock block that’s at Y level 127, place Ladders at the very top of the targeted block.
  5. Climb the Ladders and look directly in the bottom right corner of the block. Once in that corner, throw the Ender Pearl.
  6. You’ll take some damage and teleport. Without moving, jump up by looking down.

Once you get to the roof, you’ll need to either break the Bedrock or make a Nether Portal to get out, so either have a ton of materials prepared to break the Bedrock or enough Obsidian Flint & Steel to make a Nether Portal.

Can you break Bedrock in Bedrock Edition Minecraft?

You can easily break Bedrock in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but it’ll take some time to pull it off. You can’t break Bedrock on the Nether roof, though, so this will only work in the Overworld. Here’s how:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need buttons, dispensers, powdered snow, flint & steel, and more than enough obsidian blocks and water buckets.
  2. Now, find a location where you’ll try to break Bedrock. Preferably, the area won’t be surrounded by a lot of caves. Dig straight down and then dig around the area, depending on how big of an area of Bedrock you want to break.
  3. Preferably, this area should be 4×4 because that’s how wide the Nether Portals are.
  4. Once you dug through, make sure to create a nice flat area on the floor along the Z and X axis so that the portal can spawn.
  5. Then, break a 2×2 area into one of the walls and then a 3×3 area.
  6. Replace all of the outer blocks in that 3×3 area with obsidian blocks.
  7. On the bottom of the 2×2 area, place a button and a Dispenser facing the obsidian Blocks on top of it.
  8. Fill the dispenser with powdered snow and light up the Nether Portal.
  9. Then, push the button. The Nether Portal should stay lit up but only one tile. If this doesn’t happen, repeat the process on the other block of the 2×2 area.
  10. Memorize your X and Z coordinates of the flat area you made for the Nether portal and divide them by two. Once you do that, enter the Nether using the portal you made earlier and find the divided by 2 coordinates.
  11. You’ll have to dig straight down to Bedrock. Make enough room for the Nether Portal.
  12. Once you’re in the exact coordinates, make the Nether Portal there and light it up.
  13. Enter the portal. It’ll teleport you either to a cave or to the surface.
  14. Cover all of the areas with water and break the portal. Then go back to your Bedrock portal in the Overworld.
  15. Repeat this process until a portal spawns in the 4×4 Bedrock area you dug out.
  16. Then simply break the portal, and a layer of Bedrock will be broken. Flat out the area again to allow the Nether Portal to spawn again and repeat.

How to Mine Bedrock in The Overworld and Nether?

The process of mining for Bedrock in the Overworld and Nether in Java Edition is the same in both dimensions. You’ll need an Obsidian, a Lever, 2 TNT, 1 Trapdoor, and 2 Pistons.

Once on the Nether roof, place the piston below you, facing away from the Bedrock. Arrange the rest of the blocks as you see in the photo. Then, get under the trapdoor, pull the lever, and just as the TNT breaks, place another piston that will face down to Bedrock. It might take a few tries, but likely the easiest way to make sure it works is to use an auto clicker.

If you don’t want to bother mining Bedrock this way, you can always mine it by using cheats and being in Creative mode.

bedrock mining

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