Minecraft: All 3 Different Portals (& How To Make Them)

minecraft portals

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while, you’ll know that there are multiple portals in-game that lead you to different dimensions. If you don’t know this you should since you’ll need to use 2 of those portals to win the game – defeat the ender dragon Jean. Not everyone’s goal is to defeat the dragon. However, you might still want to consider going to other dimensions because there are various materials to be found there that you won’t be able to obtain in the Overworld. They will make your builds cooler, and you’ll obtain new recipes, so without hesitation, here are all the 3 Minecraft portals. I’ll also show you how to make them.

Nether portal

We’ll start with the Nether portal that takes you to the Nether, a hell-like dimension as big as the Overworld but with a lower block height than the Overworld. In the Nether, the light level is always eight, although other light sources can make it brighter there. If you’re fascinated with Biomes in the Overworld, you’ll be even more fascinated with Biomes in the Nether.

These Biomes are Nether Wastes, Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Soul Sand Valley, and Basalt Deltas. Of course, you’ll find various mobs in the Nether, but it seems like there aren’t any natural ones if you don’t consider Endermen.

Nether gets its worth from your ability to collect Blaze rods from a Blaze and Ender pearls from an Enderman. I’ll get into why they’re important later on.

Nether portal

How to make a Nether portal

To make a Nether portal, you’ll need to obtain the following: obsidian, flint, and iron.

Obsidian – To obtain obsidian, you’ll need to find a lava pool, pour water one block higher, and do that until you get enough of it; 10 blocks should do the trick. Before you mine it, though, you’ll need a diamond pickaxe because you can’t mine it with an iron one.

Flint – to collect flint, find some gravel blocks, and start digging. There’s a 10 percent chance the gravel block will drop as flint, so keep mining until you get it.

Iron – Iron is pretty self-explanatory. You can make a farm using Iron golems, mine it in caves, and turn it into an iron ingot using a furnace.

Now that you have the materials, you’ll want to make a flint and steel. You’ll do that by simply combining flint and iron ingot in your inventory. Then, make a portal frame using obsidian. Place three blocks on each side and two blocks on the bottom and top sides; flint and steel the entrance, and a see-through purple portal should appear.


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Tips for the Nether

  1. Make sure you’re wearing a gold helmet and have a lot of gold on you. Piglins won’t attack you if you’re wearing gold, and you can barter with them using gold. The items they drop can be very useful.
  2. If you’re about to die because you fell from a high place, make sure to avoid using water buckets since water turns to steam in the Nether.
  3. Do not dig straight down; you’re more likely to fall into the lava.
  4. Don’t try to sleep in the Nether. Beds explode if you try and sleep there. You can, however, use the beds to your advantage and easily mine for ancient debris that way.
  5. Arm yourself with fire resistance because most mobs in the Nether deal fire damage.

End Portal

The end is located in the void and consists of many small islands. Mobs that naturally spawn in the End are Endermen, Shulkers, and the Ender Dragon. Its name is convenient since it is the literal end of the game and the end of the world since it is located in the void.

To make an end portal, you’ll need to find the stronghold, which can be a daunting task on its own, but there’s much more to it than first meets the eye, so let’s go step by step through how you can access the end and finally beat the Ender dragon.

end portal

How to make the End portal

You’ll only need the eyes of Ender to make it to the Stronghold and create the portal, but this task sounds easier than it is. There are multiple ways to acquire Ender pearls, but it’s easiest to just go to the Nether.

The End portal consists of 12 end portal frames located in the Stronghold. There is a chance that some of those frames will be filled with the eyes of Ender, but just to be sure, you should acquire at least 15-16 eyes.

How to make the eyes of Ender

To make the eyes, you’ll need to acquire Ender pearls by killing Endermen and Blaze rods by killing Blazes. The easiest way to kill Endermen is to make 3×1 platform 2 blocks high in the Warped or Crimson forests. Not every Enderman you kill will drop a pearl, so you’ll need to repeat the process until you have enough pearls.

To gather Blaze rods, you’ll have to kill Blazes. You’ll find their spawner in Nether fortresses. They have a physical attack and charge up a powerful fire damage attack. You’ll have to gather an equal amount of Blaze rods as Ender pearls. After that, make Blaze powder by placing Blaze rods on the crafting table and combining it with Ender pearls to get the eyes of Ender.


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Locating the Stronghold

Once you have the eyes, hold them in your hand and press the secondary action button. The eye will lift and point you to the stronghold before dropping. You can then pick it up, but sometimes the eyes can break, which is why you need more than 12.

If the Stronghold is near, the eye will downwards or ever go underground; if the Stronghold is far, the eye will float upwards. After you find the general location, start digging down until you find it. Then you’ll have to navigate through a series of rooms to find the place where the end portal frames are.

This room will always feature a silverfish spawner, so make sure you destroy it. After that, place the eyes into the portal frames and go into the portal.

End gateway

After you’ve killed the dragon, I suggest you find the End gateway. It’s framed in bedrock and will teleport you to the End Islands. This is where you can explore, find End cities and ships, and get the most amazing items in the game. Beware of Shulkers, though.

Tips for the End

  1. Get Elytra. Elytra will allow you to fly in your Minecraft world. There are multiple versions of them, and they’re located in the End ships. They have low durability, so make sure you enchant and repair them frequently.
  2. To defeat the dragon, it’s best to equip yourself with a bow. First, locate the End crystals that heal the dragon and destroy them. Also, avoid the dragon’s breath, as it will do a lot of magic damage.
  3. You’ll find Shulkers in end cities and ships. They throw bullets that ricochet and follow you. Once a bullet hits you, you’ll float until you fall.
  4. Use Shulkers to make Shulker chests. Shulker chests are amazing since they don’t drop items once you place them back into your inventory.

Exit portal

In the center of the End island, a bedrock-made structure resembles a fountain. After defeating the dragon, it’ll spawn; if you enter the portal, it’ll return you to your spawn point in the Overworld.

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