Jujutsu Kaisen: Dagon’s Death Explained! How Did Toji Kill Him?!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Dagon's Death Explained! How Did Toji Kill Him?!

As of the time of writing this article, the fight against Dagon is the focus of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series, which is why Dagon will also be the principal topic of discussion in this article. While Dagon is not a new character, his powers and abilities are new, as the series has not introduced us to them so far, which is why they are also a major topic of interest for fans. We have explained all there is to explain about his major powers, and in this article, we will discuss Dagon’s death, as it happened in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In Shibuya, Dagon initially faced the group consisting of Kento Nanami, Naobito Zenin, and Maki Zenin as the three were on their way to locate Gojo.
  • He initially seemed like a weak and helpless curse. Still, as soon as he showed his true form, he proved to be a worthy opponent as neither Naobito nor Nanami (not even together) could exorcise him due to his excellent defenses.
  • After capturing them all inside his Domain, Megumi first weakened him. Not long after Toji arrived, he was defeated by the powerful human, who stabbed him with the Playful Cloud until he was completely exorcised.

Dagon proved to be an extremely difficult opponent…

So, we’re in Shibuya, and a group consisting of Kento Nanami, Naobito Zenin, and Maki Zenin is looking for Gojo, but they found Dagon. Dagon, in his “baby form,” seemed afraid, and he was crying, as well as hiding behind a pillar. And while he left the impression of a weak and scared cursed spirit, it turned out that he had already eaten hundreds of people, whose skeletons he spat out of his mouth, as he changed his form, becoming a sort of larva-like creature.

The sorcerers wanted to exorcise him quickly, but Dagon was getting angrier with each second, and remembering his friends (primarily Jogo and the late Hanami), he finally transformed into his true form, which looks a lot like Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.

He then fought the protagonists, but his defenses were excellent, and even Naobito’s Projection Sorcery was ineffective, as the two powerful sorcerers could not exorcise him. The fight continued until Naobito seemingly got to kill Dagon, but failed, as Dagon then activated his Domain, Horizon of the Captivating Skandha.


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One of these advantages is the fact that the Domain is nearly unbreachable. A powerful sorcerer can enter it from the outside, and there are ways to open it from the inside, but it is exceptionally difficult, which is why Dagon was sure he was safe within the Domain.

He was slowly gaining the upper hand in battle, as the three sorcerers stood no chance against his Death Swarm, augmented by the sure-hit rule. Naobito managed to counter him for a while, but even he fell eventually and lost his right arm in the process; Nanami was also severely injured, and had she not been the weakest (which is why Dagon did not pay her much attention), Maki would have probably died. But then, Megumi appeared inside the Domain.

As we said, a Domain is exceptionally hard to break in from the outside, which is why Dagon was shocked to see Megumi, who had not been sucked inside the Domain alongside Nanami, Naobito, and Maki, suddenly appeared inside. So, how was Megumi able to do it?

Megumi activated his Domain from the outside, and it was enough to create a small opening in Dagon’s Domain through which he managed to enter. It also annulled Dagon’s sure-hit technique, making him vulnerable to attacks now. This is why Dagon had to focus on Megumi, as he was maintaining his Domain; his Domain wasn’t powerful enough to destroy Dagon’s Domain, but it was powerful enough to weaken it. Dagon focused on Megumi, but his other opponents were not dead yet. As Maki and Naobito fought Dagon, Nanami went to protect Megumi.

… but he was no match for Toji Fushiguro

Megumi soon realized the situation and then told Nanami they should escape. He would create an opening for them, and all three would escape alongside Megumi, bringing them on equal terms once again. Nanami gathered them around Megumi; Dagon initially thought they were defending him, but he realized they were trying to escape. While he was correct in assuming that and wanted to attack them, before anything happened, Toji suddenly entered through the opening created by Megumi.

Namely, Toji had killed Ogami and then proceeded to explore Shibuya, driven only by his urge to kill. At one point, he came to where Dagon was engaged in combat with the Naobito-led team. And while it seemed he was too late, Toji managed to enter the Domain and faced Dagon.

As Toji had no cursed energy, Dagon thought he would win, but he soon realized that Toji was exceptionally powerful, but he did not know how or why. Realizing he was in a tight spot, Dagon tried to escape but was stopped by Naobito. Toji then used Playful Cloud to strike the cursed spirit, stabbing him. At first, he stabbed him so many times that the Domain just fell apart, but he didn’t kill him.


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Dagon attempted to heal himself, stating that it was not over yet, but Toji utilized Playful Cloud to destroy him, stabbing him repeatedly until he was swiftly exorcised. And this is how Dagon lost his life, joining Hanami and, very soon, Jogo in the afterlife, where the three friends met once more.

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