Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Might Return in Chapter 238?! Here’s the Truth!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Might Return in Chapter 238?! Here’s How!

Satoru Gojo apparently died in Chapter 236 of Jujutsu Kaisen, and we’re not expecting Chapter 238 to come out so that we can find out what will happen next in the series. Now, the chapter won’t be out until Sunday, at least not officially, and while there are numerous leaks and spoilers online, what caught our attention was a group of supposed leaks and spoilers suggesting Gojo’s return in Chapter 238 of the manga. We will address these rumors in this article and reveal the truth to you (as we have read Chapter 238).

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Satoru Gojo fought Sukuna in the Shinjuku Showdown and seemingly lost in Chapter 236 in a shocking, unexpected, and disrespectful way, as he was off-screened by Akutami, as Sukuna cut him in half.
  • Since then, fans have been theorizing about Gojo’s possible return. Many have criticized Akutami for handling Gojo’s death badly from a narrative and logical standpoint.
  • Numerous fake leaks have since appeared suggesting that Gojo will be coming back in the next character, and thus, a lot of supposed leaks are present for Chapter 238 as well. The article addresses these leaks.

No, Satoru Gojo won’t be returning in Chapter 238 – the supposed leaks are fake

As if anyone really needs a reminded… we are still going to tell you what happened in Chapter 236, as these events are actually crucial to understanding why fans keep asking for Gojo’s return and why so many fans are hyped over any rumor or supposed leak confirming Gojo’s return in the series.

The fight started in Chapter 223. Sukuna entered the battle in Megumi’s body and with the ability to use all of Megumi’s moves, as well as his own. But Gojo has recovered from his time spent honing his skills in the Prison Realm. When it appeared that one of them had the upper hand, the other would execute a stunning maneuver, ending the conflict exactly where it had begun. At first, neither of them was able to do much.

Sukuna was surrounded and dependent on Mahoraga’s capacity to outrun Gojo’s plans, so for a moment, when he combined his Red and Blue, it looked like Gojo had the upper hand and that he could not adapt to it. Sadly, he did, and pretty soon, Gojo was facing three opponents at once, with Mahoraga having the ability to slice him and seriously hurt him.

The two Shikigami were nevertheless driven away by Gojo, who even exorcised them, leaving Sukuna alone. He then used his special attack, the Hollow Technique: Purple, to once more decimate a portion of Shibuya, appearing to have defeated Sukuna. Chapter 235 concluded with the phrase: “Gojo won.”


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And then we had Chapter 236. The chapter in question began with a scene in the afterlife, where Gojo met all his friends who had died (Haibara, Geto, Nanami, Yaga, Riko, and Kuroi, whose death has thus been confirmed) and even mentioned his dad; he discusses losing to Sukuna and claims that he could never defeat him, which seems odd for a character like Gojo.

At the end of that conversation, he bids farewell to his friends in the afterlife. Soon after, we are returned to Shinjuku, and Gojo’s body is torn in half, with Sukuna explaining how Mahoraga managed to adapt to his technique to allow Sukuna to cut the space itself and not Gojo.

He couldn’t have cut Gojo, but he was cutting the space itself, and since Gojo was part of that space, he was cut in half as well. And that was that. Gojo was seemingly dead, as Sukuna faced Kashimo, whom he also killed in Chapter 238, and is now ready to face Yuji and Hiromi Higuruma in Chapter 239. But what about Gojo? Where is he in all of this?

Before the release of Chapter 238, many leaks, spoilers, and rumors appeared. This is normal, especially as raw manga scans appear online several days before the actual chapter comes out in the West. Still, with high tensions and fans demanding Gojo’s return, the situation is more heated than usual and more complex than usual.

So, a lot of fans of the series, especially fans of Gojo, want to see Satoru back in the game, and that is why various leaks and panels appear online, suggesting that Gojo will return. These were heavily present when Chapter 238 was discussed. For starters, look at this panel:

image 2023 10 05 185624539

Seen online, this panel seemingly confirmed Gojo’s return in Chapter 238, as it was supposedly taken from the raw scan of that chapter, but this is obviously a fake and is probably a photoshopped panel that has nothing to do with the content of Chapter 238. On top of that, some fans claimed that this had to do with Kenjaku, based on another fake panel:

image 2023 10 05 190504757

Now, while both of these panels are supposedly from Chapter 238, we can confirm that they are fake (yes, we’ve read Chapter 238). Plus, they don’t make sense together. In the first panel, there are no stitches on Gojo’s forehead, which means that Kenjaku is not present; we saw stitches in every iteration of Kenjaku, so the first panel makes absolutely no sense, as there are no stitches; someone probably reused some old drawings and photoshopped them into that panel.

As for the other one, this one makes more sense regarding how realistic it is, but not much. The cut is too high and is inconsistent with everything we’ve seen so far, as all of Kenjaku’s iterations had a cut on the forehead, not so high on top of the head. So, this is also how we could deduce that these panels are fake and that they had nothing to do with the content of Chapter 238.


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But this does not mean that Gojo won’t be coming back in Chapter 238, right? While a couple of fake panels don’t mean that Gojo is not coming back, we can confirm that he won’t be coming back, at least not in Chapter 238. We’ve read that chapter, and Gojo is mentioned only once in the series, and that’s about it. He is not seen, no one is saying anything about him, and there is absolutely no indication that he is coming back anytime soon.

Gege Akutami has done a great injustice to his own manga, and it is now impossible to tell how things will end up as they are too chaotic and unpredictable, and not in a good way, we might add. We’ll simply have to wait for the upcoming chapters to see what happens to Gojo, but as far as Chapter 238 is concerned, we have to tell you that Gojo really won’t be coming back.

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