Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna vs. Kenjaku – Who Would Win in a Fight?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna vs. Kenjaku

If you know Jujutsu Kaisen, you’ll surely know that the series has some amazing characters, as well as a large number of very powerful characters. This is why we often compare characters from the series, and this is why we are going to do the same in this article. The two characters we are going to compare are both villains, and each of them can be considered as the series’ big bad. They are, of course, Sukuna and Kenjaku, and we are going to see who the stronger of the two is.

Based on what is known about them now, Sukuna could probably defeat Kenjaku in a direct fight. Sukuna is pure power; he was the strongest sorcerer of his time and is considered the strongest curse. Kenjaku, on the other hand, is powerful but has gotten around thanks to his cunning. In a direct battle between the two, it seems that Sukuna would triumph as his status of the strongest is truly deserved, and his battle with Gojo has demonstrated his power. Still, we haven’t seen Kenjaku fight, so there is a small chance he could ultimately surprise everyone.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to provide you with a detailed category-by-category analysis of the issue, presenting the characters in questions to you and giving you a point-by-point analysis that is going to help you understand why we really think that Sukuna could actually defeat Kenjaku in a direct clash, despite both of them being exceptionally powerful villains from the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Overall skills

The most powerful cursed spirit in history, Sukuna is a vile S-class cursed spirit. Sukuna is regarded as the undeniable King of Curses and is extremely strong and powerful. When he awoke, his presence in Shibuya rendered his enemies all but useless. Even Satoru acknowledged Sukuna’s might and that it would be challenging to defeat him, but he still had faith in his ability to defeat him.

Few individuals, even among the S-classes, can match Satoru’s strength, making him one of the few who, as far as we are aware, can defeat Sukuna. As the series’s timeline evolved, Sukuna managed to evolve into the most powerful curse in the series.

The vast majority of Kenjaku’s skills are still unknown, but because of his advanced age, he has amassed a plethora of knowledge that the majority of exorcists in the modern era lack. The Cursed Womb: Death Paintings resulted from his experiments on a woman from the Meiji period.

Tengen thought that Kenjaku could be surpassed due to his level of proficiency with magical barriers. He formed the body of Geto into a team of highly powerful S-class curses, posing a major threat to both Japan and the jujutsu community. He makes superb use of the power he already possesses and is likely more knowledgeable than his original user.

On the one hand, we have Sukuna, who is pure power (and is intelligent), while on the other, we have Kenjaku, who is pure intelligence (and is also powerful). It is very difficult to determine who the better one is overall, so we will split the points here.

Points: Sukuna 1, Kenjaku 1


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Sukuna is a curse of the S-Class with a huge amount of Cursed Energy. Despite continuously employing his skills over his multiple battles, he displayed no fatigue symptoms, making him almost impossible to defeat. His mastery of the Reverse Cursed Technique and the Domain Expansion demonstrates his proficiency in managing cursed energy, as his Domain is one of the most powerful ones in the series, and it can even match Gojo’s in power.

He is one of the typically strongest characters in this category and can even parry Gojo in many respects, as evidenced by their most recent encounter.

Kenjaku, like most other powerful characters, possesses an enormous amount of cursed energy, best demonstrated by his effortless mastery of the techniques of others, some of which are notoriously difficult to control.

Although he only controlled their corpses, he was Noritoshi Kamo, Itadori’s mother, and Geto, thanks to his unnamed Innate Technique, which enables him to transfer his brain into a corpse and then take on that person’s memories and abilities. In that sense, Kenjaku was able to use all of their abilities as if they were his own, and he could continue to use those abilities even after changing bodies.

Kenjaku’s power stems from the fact that he has “stolen” the powers of other characters, and while he can control them as if they were his own, we have to acknowledge the fact that Sukuna is simply better in this category.

Points: Sukuna 2, Kenjaku 1


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Fighting skills

Sukuna had extraordinary strength in Yuji’s body and could effortlessly carry a person up the many floors of a building. He could readily withstand the effects of an S-class curse, even in his half-form. He also effortlessly defeated and destroyed one of Megumi’s Shikigami. Sukuna has demonstrated that his adversary is unaware of his movements until it is too late because of how rapidly he moves.

Sukuna showed incredible endurance by shooting through many buildings and coming out unscathed. Sukuna is incredibly powerful and adept in hand-to-hand combat. He can combine physical assaults with spells, making him quite challenging to defeat in combat.

Kenjaku is a very potent fighter. With just his bare hands, in Shibuya, he could parry the New School of Shadow’s Shaving Technique, one of the fastest moves, and easily shatter his opponent’s saber. With more than a thousand years of expertise, Kenjaku has honed various hand-to-hand combat abilities. This was shown when he squared off against Choso in a legal hand-to-hand combat and won.

There is no doubt that Sukuna is a better fighter than Kenjaku despite Kenjaku being an above-average fighter. Kenjaku was aware of his limitations, while Sukuna was so sure of himself that he decided to face Gojo without hesitation. And that is the main difference between the two and the reason why Sukuna wins this point.

Points: Sukuna 3, Kenjaku 1


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Sukuna has proven himself to be an exceptionally intelligent character. He was fully acquainted with the characteristics of spells and every type of cursed energy. He may use this to swiftly ascertain how spells operate after seeing them, allowing him to create parries particular to diverse methods.

The most famous instance was when, after honing his technique, he challenged Mahoraga to a duel and defeated the Shikigami. Due to his remarkable versatility, Sukuna is among the most difficult opponents in the series in that regard.

Without a doubt, Kenjaku’s greatest talent is his intelligence. Because of his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Kenjaku has developed an almost flawless plan that involves numerous steps that no one could have foreseen.

Regardless of your perspective, he is an absolute tactical genius who excels at both planning and execution. He is also incredibly observant and adept at reading his opponents, which helps him better prepare for them.

This is a category where Kenjaku could even have a slight advantage, but we’ll split the points because we cannot really disregard the fact that Sukuna is a tactical and analytical genius.

Points: Sukuna 4, Kenjaku 2

Sukuna seems to be the better one, but there is room for Kenjaku to surprise us still

Now that we’ve done our analysis, you can see that the situation seems more or less clear, and the points confirm it. The difference is not that big, but we really do agree that Sukuna seems to be the more powerful one, and we truly believe that Sukuna would defeat Kenjaku in a one-on-one fight. Sukuna is pure power, and the level of his power is truly, truly amazing. And while we cannot deny that Kenjaku is also amazingly strong, the raw power combined with his skills and the experience that Sukuna has is something that only Gojo can, as it seems, counter.


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Kenjaku’s power cannot be denied, as we have said, but he relies a lot on the abilities he has “collected,” while Sukuna is his own master. Everything he can do is his own (okay, he now uses vessels, but this applies to the original Sukuna as well, so don’t think we’ve made an error – it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the current Sukuna or the original Sukuna) and knowing how powerful he is, it makes sense that we actually think that he would win against Kenjaku.

Now, there is a small window of opportunity here for Kenjaku, as we don’t really know how powerful he truly is (we haven’t seen all of his skills), but we don’t think he’d be able to surpass Sukuna in a fight.

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