Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Uraume a Boy or a Girl? Confusion About the Gender Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Uraume a Boy or a Girl? Confusion about the Gender Explained!

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Uraume is a character that debuted much earlier in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, in Episode 21 but has resurfaced, much to Sukuna’s pleasure, in Episode 40. Who is Uraume? Why is this enigmatic character so important? In this article, we will build on a previous article about Uraume and tell you about one very interesting aspect of Uraume’s character. Namely, even with the manga advancing a lot, the issue of Uraume’s gender is still big, and we will use this article to explain that issue to you.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After Sukuna was temporarily revived in Itadori’s body in Shibuya, Uraume came to greet him, and they later joined Sukuna during the Culling Game Arc, working closely with him to help him win.
  • Initially described as “that monk kid with the white hair”, Uraume is a character whose gender is unknown, and Akutami still hasn’t revealed that piece of info, so there is no way to tell, since Uraume has both male and female traits.

Uraume is a relatively important secondary villain

Uraume made their manga debut in Chapter 53, corresponding to Episode 21 of the anime series. They are described as a mysterious person wearing monastic garments and having white hair. Uraume was presented as a part of Kenjaku’s organization. Still, it soon became clear that Uraume had little regard for Kenjaku and was more interested in using his actions to further their objectives, which included sealing Satoru Gojo and liberating Sukuna.

However, there was little of Uraume in the narrative. Following their brief debut, they reappeared in Shibuya to meet Sukuna, who had been momentarily resurrected in Itadori’s body. Uraume welcomed Sukuna and made it evident that they would be attempting to fully free him. Later, Uraume and Kenjaku made a reappearance together, but things did not work out too well when they had to battle Choso in Shibuya.


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Regarding the other arcs, Uraume played a significant part in Sukuna’s liberation during the Culling Game Arc. They also looked for the ideal place to build Sukuna a bath, which they eventually discovered; afterward, they understood Yorozu would need to be slain in order for Sukuna to fully possess Megumi’s body and go free. When Uraume faced the recently released Gojo near the end of this arc, he was defeated in one blow. Shortly after Gojo’s apparent death during the Shinjuku Showdown, Uraume emerged while battling Kinji Hakari and brought Sukuna a weapon.

Their gender is, as of the time of writing unknown

Now that you know Uraume’s story in short let us tell you about the main issue of this article. Namely, when Uraume was first introduced, Juzo Kumiya called them “that monk kid with the white hair,” indicating that he had no clue about their name or their gender. And really, despite being 1,000 years old, Uraume does look like a child, while the rest of the description is also precise – Uraume does have white hair, and they are wearing a monk’s robe. But what is their gender?

If you look at their appearance, it is almost impossible to tell. The facial features are not that specific to distinguish between a male and a female character, as Uraume could be both; anime art is like that, and sometimes, characters are intentionally drawn like this to make it more confusing, so we’re quite certain that this is all Akutami’s doing.

Their voice is also not revealing since it seems that Uraume is a child, which means that a feminine-sounding voice is not a clear indicator. In the Japanese version, Uraume is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga, while in the English one, the character is voiced by Erica Mendez.

But, if you think that this is an indication, we have to remind you that many male characters in anime – especially children – are voiced by women, so this is also nothing clear.


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Regarding the canon, Uraume’s gender is unknown, so we have called the character using the pronoun ”they” throughout this article. Akutami never revealed it officially, and until he does, there is nothing we can do but speculate as to the true gender of this character. As anime and manga fans will know, this is always interesting. Still, based on the progression of the plot, we’re not sure that Akutami will ever confirm it.

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