Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku’s Original Form Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku’s Original Form Explained!

Alongside Sukuna, Kenjaku is the most important villain in Jujutsu Kaisen, and he is a character who has been present from the very start of the series. And while we do know that he was Noritoshi Kamo and Itadori’s mother, as well as that he is currently Suguru Geto – all of this is possible thanks to his Innate Technique – what does Kenjaku really look like? What is his original form? This article is going to reveal that answer to you.

Kenjaku’s unnamed Innate Technique allows him to insert himself into any corpse and take over it without any problems; he also takes the memories and the powers of that corpse while retaining the powers of all his previous corpses. But, in reality, Kenjaku is an ancient jujutsu sorcerer whose original appearance is unknown, just like Sukuna’s. The only known feature of his is his brain, which looks like a cursed spirit (it has a small mouth with sharp, claw-like teeth), and which Kenjaku actually inserts into the heads of the corpses he is going to possess, leaving a characteristic stitch-like scar as the only sign of his presence. Everything else looks completely like the host’s original body.

The rest of the article will be dedicated solely to Kenjaku and his appearance in Jujutsu Kaisen. Kenjaku’s past is quite enigmatic, and since we’ve only seen him in his host bodies (Kamo’s, Kaori’s, Geto’s), it is natural that fans actually want to know what he looks like, which inspired this article. Kenjaku is an extremely important character, and his appearance is a topic that is certainly of interest to fans. Although the article will not be filled with spoilers, we have to warn you that some details might be revealed in that aspect, so be careful how you approach certain parts of the article.

Kenjaku’s real body remains a mystery, but we do know about one aspect of his personality

Kenjaku is one of the principal antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. He is a thousand-year-old jujutsu sorcerer whose objective is to expand the potential of human beings through the optimization of cursed energy; for this, he needs to sow chaos that even he is unable to control.

Thanks to his Innate Technique, he could transcend through the years by changing his body and, therefore, his identity. One of the many bodies that he took over is that of Noritoshi Kamo, the ancestor (not the present-timeline character with the same name), who managed to become known as “The Worst Shaman in History”; around 400 years ago, he possessed the body of an anonymous jujutsu sorcerer, and later, he was also in the body of Kaori Itadori, Yuji’s mother. Currently, he possesses the body of the late Suguru Geto.

As you can see, Kenjaku’s career has been quite odd, so to say, as he has, for 400 years at least, been stealing and living in corpses, which means that his true appearance is a big mystery.


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Akutami has not provided us with many details and insights into the history of the jujutsu society, which is why we have very little to work with in general, not just when Kenjaku is concerned. In that aspect, we had a similar problem when we talked about what Sukuna originally looked like and how he became a cursed spirit, both important questions left unanswered as of the time of writing because Akutami’s focus is on the present. Whether he will provide us with these answers remains to be seen in the future, but as of now, this is all we have to work with.

So, getting back to Kenjaku, what do we have for you? Well, we know that roughly 400 years ago, he was in possession of a young male jujutsu sorcerer whose identity had not been revealed. His chronologically next host was the old Noritoshi Kamo, the infamous jujutsu sorcerer.

Much of Kamo’s appearance is unknown, given his little involvement in the series. It is known that he had a mustache, wore a dark-colored nagajuban, and carried a dark Japanese umbrella with him. His hair was also dark and he had a very stern and menacing expression. After Kamo, Kenjaku took over, at one point, the body of Kaori Itadori, who was Yuji’s mother. She was a youthful-looking woman, and from what we’ve seen, she was pretty. She had short, side-swept black hair and a slim figure, but that’s about as much as we know about her.

Finally, Kenjaku is currently inside the corpse of Suguru Geto. Geto is a slim, muscular man of tall stature. From his younger days, he had long hair and used to keep it up in a bun, and on the left side of it fell a thin lock. After leaving the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School, he began to let his hair down, and only the top part of it used to be tied up in a bun, leaving the bottom part loose.

He has small, sharp eyes and piercings in both ears. So, as you can see, all his four hosts were quite different, but they all had one thing they stayed – on each of their foreheads was a long, stitch-like scar that served as proof of Kenjaku’s presence. Namely, because Kenjaku literally inserted his brain inside them, he had to be able to take the tops of their heads off, including their skulls. He needed to insert his brain inside them or somehow infect their brains; we don’t know. But, be that as it may, the scar is proof of Kenjaku’s presence, and each host could have their head removed by Kenjaku.

This was seen when Pseudo-Geto first revealed his true identity, that of Kenjaku, as he simply took off the top of Geto’s head and revealed the brain inside it. The brain is the only aspect of Kenjaku that we’ve seen, as everything we’ve seen aside from that brain (and the scar) belonged to the hosts.

The brain looks like a normal brain, but it has a small mouth on the front side, a mouth that is filled with sharp, claw-like teeth. It is unknown whether the brain is Kenjaku’s original brain that became a cursed spirit or the host’s brain that was infected by Kenjaku’s innate technique and then, from that perspective, turned into a cursed spirit-like entity. Also, it is known what the mouth can do.


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Namely, it could simply be a decoration that illustrates that the host has been possessed by Kenjaku, a decoration that has absolutely no use and can do absolutely nothing. But, it could also be that the brain is the core of Kenjaku’s actual power, which means that it is a sentient entity and that the mouth can probably speak and feed on the host and their cursed energy. But, as we’ve said, we don’t know at the moment, so we’ll have to wait and see how this evolves in the future.

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