Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Didn’t Toji Kill Geto When He Had the Chance?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Didn’t Toji Kill Geto When He Had the Chance?

Toji Fushiguro, the main villain of Gojo’s Past Arc, was able to beat Gojo despite not having any powers himself when they first clashed, and after that, he faced off with an angry Suguru Geto, who wanted to kill Toji both because of Gojo and Riko, whom he killed right in front of Geto’s own eyes. But, despite all of Geto’s amazing abilities, even he was no match for the powerful Toji, who managed to defeat all of Geto’s curses and, eventually, slash even Geto. But, Toji did not kill him! He clearly overpowered him and won the battle, but unlike Gojo, whom he mutilated like he was Jack the Ripper, he actually let Geto live. Why? Well, let us find out!

Toji Fushiguro was able to defeat Suguru Geto when the two of them clashed, but he decided to spare his life and even commented how he did not cut him enough to kill him on purpose, which is when he left him lying. Why did he do it? Well, Toji did not know how many curses Geto had on him, but he knew that if he were to kill Geto, all the curses would be set free, and that would be potentially horrible, so he decided to spare his life because killing him was too dangerous at the moment.

This article will basically deal with the battle between Geto and Toji in Tengen’s underground home. We will tell you what happened during that battle and how it ended, i.e., you will find out all the details related to Toji Fushiguro ultimately sparing Geto’s life when he had the chance to kill him easily. If you’re not fully up-to-date with the story of Jujutsu Kaisen, we must warn you about the article being filled with spoilers.

Killing Geto might have been a real problem, which is why Toji did not do it

The whole story started in 2006, when Riko Amanai was picked to merge with Master Tengen, and two factions targeted the 14-year-old girl, wanting to kill her to stop the merger, but for wholly different reasons. The school then told Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo, two of its finest pupils, to find Riko, protect her, and bring her safely to Master Tengen to complete the merger.

And while Q, one of the organizations, failed miserably, the Time Vessel Association hired infamous assassin Toji Fushiguro to execute Riko. And while he was powerful in his own right, he knew about both Geto’s and Gojo’s powers, knowing that he himself couldn’t really defeat them at their best, which is why he came up with a wholly different approach.

After Q’s failed attempt at Riko’s life, the Star Plasma Vessel awakens, and Suguru presents himself and Satoru to her. The three then start talking, and Riko explains to them that she doesn’t hate the idea of merging with Tengen. After talking, Suguru and Satoru bring Riko to her school, as she forces them to, so she can visit her friends. Once they arrive at the school and after talking with Yaga at the school, who informs them to accede to all of Riko’s requests, they decide to check the surveillance curses, and Suguru tells Satoru that two of them have been exorcised.


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Satoru and Misato Kuroi leave to protect Riko while Suguru deals with the intruders. After getting rid of the enemies, Suguru goes to the beach in Okinawa with Satoru, Riko, and Misato, who had been kidnapped in Okinawa and saved by Gojo and Geto. To ensure Riko’s safety, Kento Nanami and Yu Haibara meet them at the airport after deciding to spend an additional day in Okinawa for Riko’s sake.

Upon returning to Tokyo and entering the school gates, where they thought they would be completely safe, all four are attacked by Toji Fushiguro, who surprisingly stabs Satoru in the back. Suguru quickly takes the two girls to the high school compound and heads to the Tombs of the Star Corridor, where Tengen was located. Upon reaching the location, Suguru and Riko say goodbye to Misato and enter the main hall of the Tombs of the Star Corridor.

There, Suguru tells Riko where and how to reach Tengen, telling her that Tengen would protect her, but also explains that she can choose not to merge with Tengen and that he will not stop her from doing it. Riko, at first confused, retorts that she does not want to merge with Tengen and that she simply wants to live her life normally. Suguru then prepares to take her home, but she is suddenly shot in the head by Toji, who has just arrived at the scene. Suguru asks him how he got here, and Toji replies that he killed Satoru, which angers the student, and he starts the fight.

He summons two of his most powerful curses, “Kuchisaki-Onna” and Rainbow Dragon, but also some other powerful curses, as he unsuccessfully tries to harm Toji. As they fight, Toji explains to Suguru how he was able to stay undetected until then and even how he fights. However, Suguru doesn’t care and instead wants to know how he found them and what happened to Misato. Toji admits he took care of her but doesn’t know if she’s still alive.

As Suguru briefly gains the advantage and tries to cripple the assassin by stealing his curse and weapons, Toji easily manages to defeat Suguru’s curses and defeats him. He slashed his chest with two attacks and left him down on the ground, defeated. Still, he then commented how he intentionally left him alive, as he knew that killing him would be dangerous. Why? Well, Geto’s ability to store curses was the reason for this.

Namely, Toji knew about Geto’s ability well, and since he, despite not having any cursed energy himself, knew a lot about the jujutsu society, he knew that if Geto were to die, his curses would be unleashed. Sure, Toji had exorcised some of Geto’s curses, but he did actually not know how many curses Geto had, so the risk of killing him was too big.

Why? Well, it’s simple, really. If he had killed Geto, all of his curses would instantly be set free, and Toji knew that Geto had many of them. Releasing such many curses simultaneously would certainly not be smart, which is why Toji opted for a prudent rather than practical solution.


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Could he have killed him? Without a doubt. Could he have taken on such a large number of curses at the same time? Possibly yes, but he did not want to bother with it. Plus, you have to remember the fact that Toji had an assignment and that he doesn’t really kill those he doesn’t have to unless they are in his way.

Hypothetically, had they given Riko to him, he wouldn’t have fought any of them. So no, Toji did not want to kill Geto, he did not need to, and seeing how killing him would have been a problem for everyone, he opted not to do it for everybody’s sake.

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