Makima vs. the Darkness Devil: Who Won the Fight & How?

Makima vs. the Darkness Devil: Who Won the Fight & How?

There are still a lot of unanswered questions when the Chainsaw Man manga and anime are concerned. A lot of them concern the actual balance of power between the Devils, the Fiends, and the Hybrids. From what it seems, there doesn’t seem to be any fixed system, which is why comparing these characters is always difficult and depends on interpretation. Still, that won’t stop us from doing it, as we have decided to compare Makima, the Control Devil and the hidden villain of Part 1, and the Darkness Devil, Part 1’s creepy antagonist, responsible for one of the most bizarre scenes in the manga. Who would win? Keep reading to find out!

Makima and the Darkness Devil actually faced off in a very bizarre and bloody battle during Part 1 of the manga, but it ended in a draw, as the fight was interrupted. Objectively, Makima and the Darkness Devil are on an almost similar level and from what we could deduce based on their only fight in the series, the Darkness Devil is a bit stronger than Makima, which is why Makima avoided a longer fight with it.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why there is no clear winner in a duel between Makima and the Darkness Devil in Chainsaw Man, despite the latter being a bit more powerful.

Makima and her powers

Makima is a mysterious woman who acts as the head of Public Safety Division 4, and takes Denji as her human pet. Makima is cunning, intelligent, and manipulative, and controls Denji by taking advantage of his attraction to her with promises of a relationship while threatening him with extermination in case of disobedience. For much of history, Makima’s goals are unknown and her good intentions are ambiguous. She has shown many abilities, which could be her default ability as a Control Devil, or the ability of another Devil she controls.


Makima has demonstrated her ability to exert authority over any person she deems to be beneath her, even coercing them into signing contracts with her or another Devil. The victim seems to lose their memories after falling under their control. Both hybrids and humans can use this power. She can summon her victims through a circuit attached to her body and use their power

It has been demonstrated that she is capable of using the abilities of the Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, and Zombie Devil. Even the dead can be managed in this way. Three of the weapon hybrids in Makima’s squad—Reze, Guanxi, and Katana Meng—were formerly hostile individuals who now admired her. This shows that Makima is capable of both direct control over individuals as well as subtle personality changes.

Makima is seen using an invisible power to obliterate her prey. Makima needs a target’s name and a human sacrifice in order to use this technique. Makima tells the victim to say the target’s name as she forms a symbol with her hands. The target is then crushed when the victim passes away, leaving just blood splatter and their clothing. People nearby cover their eyes with black fabric when she uses this power.


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When Makima glances at a target, it has been demonstrated that the victim dies, appearing to be crushed from the inside. She has also demonstrated the ability to destroy objects by pointing her index finger at them. This power is potent enough to instantaneously kill Power and launch the upgraded Chainsaw Man into space. She has also been seen to use her sword to slash off the heads of her prey at close to the mid-range range while the others around her cover their eyes with black fabric.

Although it is unknown how Makima obtained these skills, they are comparable to those of the Darkness Devil and Gun Devil. Even if the target is dead, Makima may effortlessly communicate her voice to them by placing her hand on their heads. This is how she has taken control of the Devils she is presently employed for.

It was clear that Makima could manage lots of rats and use them as transportation. Makima is able to use her abilities to immediately go to any area by making these rats cuddle up together to form a human shape. Makima frequently employs the hearing of birds, rats, insects, and lesser life forms; it’s probable that she has the capacity to hear discussions taking place in Hell itself.

She could listen in on the talk between Kishibe and Guanxi as well as that between Denji and Reze. Non-verbal communication, like writing on a piece of paper, can get around this skill. The Control Devil can enter into agreements with people for a fee like a Devil. She can compel others to enter into a deal with her because of her power over them. In reality, the Control Devil had an agreement with the Prime Minister of Japan in exchange for employment there. Makima’s contract with the latter was based on the condition that any fatal injury she sustains causes an equivalent disease or condition to strike a random Japanese citizen.

Although she had been shot in the back of the head, she later stood up without any obvious injuries. She claimed that she was just struck by a bullet, however, this claim seems improbable in light of the location of the gun when it was fired and the spot where the blood from the exit hole was found. The Gun Devil shot her in the head and later killed her. Prior to the Gun Devil’s attack, it is known that she was murdered 26 times.

The Control Devil must be able to replenish her health by ingesting blood because she is a devil. She has demonstrated the capacity to restore the arm that the Darkness Devil had broken, however, it is unclear if this power comes from her natural ability to regenerate or from her agreement with the Prime Minister. The Control Devil is an eternal Devil who can never die since he must respawn in Hell. She reincarnated as Nayuta in China after being devoured by Denji.

The Darkness Devil and its powers

Darkness Devil has one of the most grotesque and disturbing appearances seen in Chainsaw Man so far. Darkness Devil’s appearance is made up of several human bodies connected to each other with two bodies acting as his legs and four other human bodies acting as his torso, each with a unique face: the one immediately below the neck has no eyes, nose and a vertical mouth, the second head has open eyes and its mouth is sewn shut, the third has no nose, its mouth remains open and its eyes are sewn shut, and the fourth has no eyes and maintains a grim expression.

Darkness Devil

According to the description, The Darkness Devil is a transcendent being; one of the Devils that embodies a fundamental terror and has never actually died because of his immense strength. The Darkness Devil has the power to envelop the region in darkness, causing numerous astronauts’ bodies to appear split in half.

The Darkness Devil can telekinetically control a blade with bells connected to the hilt to assault its foes. Anyone wounded will immediately begin bleeding profusely as soon as the bells sound. The Darkness Devil appears to require little physical effort to cut the arms of numerous humans, Devils, and Devils. The Darkness Devil will start to bleed to death with copious amounts of blood the moment he directs his gaze towards another creature, whether it be another Devil or a human. The Darkness Devil can provide contracts to humans for a fee because he is a devil.

The only contract with him seen so far is a contract with Santa Claus. Santa Claus received a small amount of the Devil’s flesh in return for Denji, which gave the assassin the ability to control her body in the dark and to use all of her strength. The Darkness Devil should be able to recover his health by ingesting blood because he is a devil. The Darkness Devil should come back to life as a devil on Earth after being killed, thereby becoming invincible.

The Darkness Devil has demonstrated remarkable ease in raising both humans and demons. The Darkness Devil can move quickly and make quick attacks. Without any of the Devil hunters, even Quanxi, being able to see his movements, he appeared among them. He could sever through several opponents with his many limbs before they could react.

Makima vs. the Darkness Devil: Who would win?

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article – the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

We shall start off with a brief recap of their battle during the International Assassins arc. Through Tolka, the Doll Devil offers the Chainsaw Man’s heart in exchange for the ability to slay Makima. The Darkness Devil accedes to the demand by giving a portion of his body to the Earthly Santa Claus. Later, as the Darkness Devil grabs hold of his hands, Denji’s body violently twists, rendering him helpless. The Violence Devil leaps again, holding his amputated limb in his mouth, but the Darkness Devil calls forth his sword, piercing Violence and putting an end to his attack.

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He then glances at Aki Hayakawa while he is on his knees. The Angel Devil and Aki both start to bleed profusely as the Darkness Devil turns to face them. Pingtsi appears from the neighboring ground and tries to strike the Devil as he reaches down to take Aki. Pingtsi is pushed back as a frog passes by, losing a few of his limbs while all of that happens. Makima challenges the Darkness Devil after giving Pingtsi the order to bring her to Hell. Both of them aim at the other, breaking Makima’s finger as the Darkness Devil starts to bleed and falls.


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The Darkness Devil grabs Makima’s hands as she comes closer to the body of Tolka, breaking her entire arm. The Darkness Devil summons the black blade once again and impales Makima with it, but at that same moment, they are all sent back to earth as Makima uses Tolka’s body to make a deal with the Hell Devil to save all of them.

As you can see, Makima actually avoided a direct fight with the Darkness Devil. And while she is powerful, she couldn’t really use her powers on the Darkness Devil, as it was not a being she could control; in fact, the Darkness Devil was superior to her on a general level and there was not much that she could do in the end. Ultimately, Makima ended the fight abruptly, but the Darkness Devil is the stronger entity of the two.

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