In What Chapter Does Makima Kill Power in Chainsaw Man?

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular and recent manga from Shounen Jump and its newly released anime is extremely successful. One of the most iconic and fan-favorite characters is Power, the Blood Devil fiend, who befriends the main character Denji and is extremely charismatic. However, sadly enough, she does not meet the best ending she could have as she is killed by Chainsaw Man’s main antagonist. So, when exactly in the Chainsaw Man manga does Makima kill Power?

Makima brutally killed Power in chapter 81 of the manga, during the Control Devil Arc and the climax of Chainsaw Man Part 1. Power was killed by surprise while Denji was at Makima’s house and Power went there to celebrate Denji’s birthday at Makima’s request. Makima killed Power by pointing her finger at her and saying “Bang” imitating a gun.

But how exactly did this happen and how did everything lead to it? Let’s get a little deeper into it and see the details of Power’s death.

How Does Makima Kill Power in Chainsaw Man?

In chapter 80, Denji is out grieving Aki’s death and feeling guilty for what he did to Aki. At some point, Makima appears in front of him. Touching his hands, she tells him to stand up. Denji seems pretty confused and has not left his state of grief. Makima takes him to her apartment, inviting Denji inside, where the two are greeted by lots of dogs, which are Makima’s pets. Makima gives attention to the dogs for a second, petting them and talking to them excitedly.

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Makima offers Denji some food, while still taking care of and playing with her dogs. Denji contemplates how much calmer and happier he is feeling. He thanks her, and she begins to pet him. Makima then reminds Denji of a promise they made and a reward he would get after defeating the Gun Devil: A wish. After thinking for a bit, he states he wants to be treated as one of her dogs.

Then, in chapter 81, Makima questions Denji what exactly does he mean by that, Denji explains that he does not want to act alone and think for himself since he now has things he never imagined he could have, but feels a deep regret in many of his decisions, and now he wants someone to order and guide him through life. So if is just a puppet who answers to Makima’s requests, this will make him a happier person, just as he feels when he is with Makima. Makima wants him to be sure of what he is asking for, which Denji is extremely sure.


What Prank Did Denji & Power Pull on Aki in Chainsaw Man?

Makima tests Denji’s loyalty by requesting him to act as a dog. Denji acts accordingly without any constraints and is petted on the head just like a dog by Makima. He truly thinks that he is as happy as he could be. Out of nowhere, someone knocks on the door. Makima has invited Power to enjoy them as well.

Denji is confused and asks why she would do that, to which Makima responds by saying he is not supposed to think. Denji barks in response. Makima leads Denji to the front door so that he can open it while she kills Power. Denji barks, before stopping and trying to understand what Makima has just said.

Makima continues to lead Denji to the door, but he is still very confused, trying to figure out if this is a joke. Makima just ignores it and does not give any response. Makima asks one more time for Denji to open the door, but the things she said are supposedly covering Pochita’s orders from Denji’s nightmares: ‘Don’t open it’. Denji is hesitating a lot but does go grab the handle in order to open the door while thinking about Power and a birthday cake.

In the corridor, Power is there holding a cake, waiting. Before Denji and Power have the time to talk, Makima points at Power and says “Bang”. Power’s body is almost entirely destroyed, with only her head and legs remaining.

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Why Did Makima Kill Power in Chainsaw Man?

Throughout the Chainsaw Man series, Makima’s true goal was to awaken the Chainsaw Devil. To make that happen she hoped to break Denji’s mind and make him go loose, this way the Chainsaw Devil would take over Denji’s body. To achieve this, Makima killed Power in front of him just after Denji had to face the Gun Devil that had taken Aki’s body to himself.


Why Did the Eternity Devil Want to Eat Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Makima has always had this fixation with the Chainsaw Devil and has always admired him because she thinks it is the most powerful devil there is. She planned to tame him and use his powers to terminate every single devil, including the formidable ones that have been plaguing humanity for all these years in the hope it would bring order and make a better world for humanity, fulfilling the hopes of the one who hired her, the Japanese prime minister.

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Also, Makima is actually a devil called the Control Devil, a powerful being that is as old as humanity and has always been around being feared by the human race throughout all history in many different regions, the United States included. All this was because everyone was trying their best to be away from her as she was seeking to bring the worst peace the world could have. Every kind act Makima ever did to Denji was actually a lie and the work of the Control Devil.

In the end, everything Makima ever did to Denji was only a way for her to not only create the strongest enemy to fight off the Gun Devil, but she was also creating a path for her to get close to the Chainsaw Devil himself, ultimately killing Power in the process. Makima made Denji get a chance to live a happy life, with food, fun, and friends, only for her to take it all away from him later. Denji would eventually overcome this ordeal, but it is indeed a very sad story.

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