Minecraft: Ender Dragon vs. Herobrine, Who Is Stronger?

Herobrine VS Ender Dragon

Back in the early days of Minecraft, beating the Ender Dragon was a tough task. It was not until players started speedrunning that beating started getting easier. The Ender Dragon has the power to deal magic damage and physical damage and perform both melee and ranged attacks, but her power is still undeniable. On the other end, we have Herobrine. Not much is known about him, but through the stories, we can dissect the powers he possesses to asses who is stronger, the Ender Dragon or Herobrine?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Herobrine is stronger than Ender Dragon.
  • This is because Herobrine can teleport and has the power to steal any item in the game, even if, perhaps, he can’t craft them.
  • Herobrine would be a definitive winner in the fight because of his sheer agility and ability to avoid almost all, if not all, of the Ender Dragons’ attacks, both melee, ranged, magical, or physical.

Herobrine backstory

Herobrine first appeared on a live stream of a user named Copeland. He seemed to be an entirely passive mob meant to scare you and nothing more. But strange things began happening as the player continued exploring his world. There have been reports of 2×2 tunnels in the rocks, sand pyramids in the ocean, and tree leaves that were entirely cut off.

The legend began on August 30th, 2010, nearly a year before Minecraft’s official release. The important thing to mention here is that the first Minecon took place on August 31st, 2010, in America, and it was a so-called impromptu meeting of Minecraft fans and Minecraft’s creator, Markus Peerson, known as Notch.

At the gathering, Notch confirmed that Herobrine was, unfortunately, a hoax but left us wondering whether there’s more to the story than first meets the eye as he followed up his answer with ”or is it?”.

Herobrine appears to be passive, slightly messing with your world to confuse and scare you, but other reports say he’s a vengeful dead miner who was in this world long before Steve and Alex arrived. He steals player items and works on trapping them. He waits patiently for the players to enter his dungeon, then seals you in or teleports behind you to try and kill you. He disappears just as fast as he appears, and there’s no way you can capture him to kill him.


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Ender Dragon backstory

There’s so much potential lore in Minecraft, but almost nothing is revealed, and players are encouraged to make their own stories. The little we know about the Ender Dragon is that she is a female named Jean. She can be found in the End dimension and is hostile to anyone who enters it.

Minecraft Story Mode sheds some light on her lore but not a lot. All we know is that she was initially killed by one of the Order of The Stone members, specifically Soren, the architect. If you don’t know the Order of The Stone, it’s a team of heroes and legends in Minecraft Story Mode.

The team is comprised of Soren, the architect; Gabriel, the warrior; Ellegaard, the Redstone engineer; Magnus, the master of griefing; and Ivor, the brewer and enchanter. Even though it’s said that Soren, the order’s leader, killed the dragon by destroying the crystals. The reality is that Soren used command blocks to kill her, making Ivor leave the team.

Jean is simple; she wants to protect The End and be left alone. If you’re trespassing and Jean feels threatened, she will come for you until she is left in peace with her gang of Endermen.


The Ender Dragon is the largest mob found in Minecraft. She’s eight blocks tall, 16 blocks wide, and 16 blocks long. This also takes into account her wings, tail, and long head. From a size perspective, Jean would win against Herobrine, who is 1.8 blocks tall and 0.6 blocks wide, just like Steve and Alex.

Ender dragon dying

Point: Herobrine (0:1) Ender Dragon


Herobrine is a trickster who only lives to mess with your head and set up traps. We don’t know if he can access the End dimension or The Nether, but it seems he is part of the Overworld.

On the other hand, Jean is a lone wolf, otherwise peaceful and only hostile when you enter her domain, The End. I’m certain she would attack if Steve were to attack first and they were on neutral territory, but the only way Steve could mess with Jean is to take the end crystals from her if he considered them an item. That would take away her regeneration from her but would not kill her.


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To conclude this section, the character doesn’t play a role in deciding who would attack or win the fight in the End, but it is worth mentioning to understand both Herobrine and Jean better.


According to the stories told by players, Herobrine is a dead miner who would make him an undead mob. If this weren’t Minecraft, I’d say that someone undead can’t be killed, but since this is Minecraft, I’ll conclude that Herobrine can be killed. Looking at his physique, we can assume he has 20 health, just like Alex and Steve do, but he does have the power to teleport, which would make it an overpowered ability in Minecraft in general.

Although he’s described as passive, it’s clear he can mine and craft since he can create sand pyramids in the ocean, break leaves, and create tunnels. How he does it is uncertain, but he can steal items from players, and bear with me now, he might have the silk touch enchantment but as a power. Herobrine is intelligent since he can set up traps for players, but he’s also patient since he will wait as long as it takes for you to fall into one of his traps.

Jean has both magical and physical powers. She can regenerate health rapidly through the power of the end crystals; she has dragon’s breath that deals per-second damage, Dragon fireball that also deals per-second damage, wings that deal physical damage, and her melee attack that deals physical damage.

Jean is a ranged and melee attacker, making her a versatile character. To top it all off, she is also tanky because of how much health she has and the fact that she can regenerate her health. She is incredibly agile but not agile enough to overpower the teleporting ability Herobrine has so that he would win in this category.

Point: Herobrine (1:1) Ender Dragon


Herobrine is as strong as a player in a Minecraft world, meaning he can deal as much damage as a player can. He can steal any of your items, including netherite and enchanted weapons, beds, and everything imaginable. Basically, anything you can do, Herobrine can do better.

Jean is a different story; we already covered that the Ender Dragon deals both magical and physical damage, so let’s look at how much. Her Melee attacks deal ten damage, her wings deal 5, her dragon’s breath deals 3 per second, and her dragon fireball attack deals 6 per second.

In terms of raw strength, it’s hard to see a world where Herobrine would win, so I’ll give the win in terms of strength to the Ender Dragon.

Point: Herobrine (1:2) Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon vs. Herobrine: Who would win?

Although in each separate category, the Ender Dragon takes the win, as a whole, we have to give Herobrine credit where credit is due. His teleporting ability is too powerful to be matched by any of Jean’s attacks. He can easily dodge each one, never getting in contact with her, her dragon’s breath, and her fireball.

Would Herobrine be intelligent enough to know he must destroy the End Crystals first and then attack Jean? Even if he weren’t, his trickster personality would allow him to accidentally steal the End Crystals and leash her from the regenerating powers the crystals give her. But it’s been proven that Herobrine is an intelligent being.

Even if there was no player to steal items from, Herobrine could easily spam his attacks after taking down the end crystals to kill Jean slowly but surely. The Ender Dragon is decently agile, but not even the fastest of creatures are a match for teleporting. Additionally, he can always steal beds from unsuspecting villagers and kill the Ender Dragon as any other speedrunner would.


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Sadly for Jean, Herobrine would win this battle, but luckily, Herobrine was never an official part of the game and is only a legend. The first Herobrine encounter says it was a retextured painting, while the second encounter says he was a retextured door. Jeb confirmed a while back that they have no intention of ever adding Herobrine into the game, and maybe it’s for the best because if he can defeat the dragon with great ease, imagine what he would do to you.

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