Minecraft: Here’s What the Rarest Horse Is & How To Get It

Rarest horse minecraft

Surely, we’ve all played Minecraft just for rare achievements like finding a blue axolotl or spawning in a modified jungle edge biome. Whatever the occurrence is, you might wish to manipulate it and make it happen on your own and luckily, many of these rare occurrences can be manipulated. Horses are a great way to travel on land in Minecraft but simply having the fastest horse isn’t going to cut it for most of us, so how do you stand out with your ride? Which is the rarest horse in Minecraft and how do you obtain it?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The rarest horse in Minecraft is a Skeleton horse.
  • The chances of one such horse spawning are 0.75 – 1.5% on easy, 1.5 – 4% on normal, and 2.25 – 6.75% on hard mode, and can only happen if lighting strikes a Skeleton Trap horse.
  • To obtain this horse, you’ll have to kill the Skeleton riding it.

Horse variants

There’s a total of 35 available horse types in Minecraft if you don’t include the skeleton horse. Each of them has an equal chance of spawning so if you wanted to get a horse that’s a living entity and have it be rare, I’m here to tell you that they’re all equally likely to spawn.

There are 6 possible horse colors in Minecraft which are: white, creamy, brown, chestnut, black, gray, and dark brown.

Each of these horses can spawn with different markings which are: none, black dots, white spots, white field, and white stockings and blaze. This all rounds us up to 35 different variants mentioned above.

How fast can horses go?

Compared to a player’s normal speed, horses can easily go 3x faster than them but of course, you’ll have to find a speedy horse for that. On average, horses travel 9.7 blocks per second while the player’s sprinting speed is 5.61 blocks per second. The slowest horses will travel 4.86 blocks per second so if you’d like to have a faster ride, don’t settle for the first horse you find, it might just be that you got the slowest one. The fastest a horse can ride is 14.57 blocks per second.


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Spawn areas

Horses spawn in heard of 2-6 in Savannas and Plains and 20% of all horses will spawn as foals. You can breed horses and to do that, you’ll need to tame two of them and feed them carrots, apples, or golden apples.

A foal is likely to have one of its parent’s colors but sometimes, a random color and markings can occur. Apart from breeding two horses, you can also breed a horse and a donkey which will create a foal mule. You will no longer be able to breed them.

Skeleton horse

Let’s get straight to the point, how do you obtain a skeleton horse, and why do you even want to do that? Well, the fact of the matter is, not only are these horses rare, but they’re also the best horse you can obtain in terms of their speed, jump, and unique interaction like the fact that the Wither won’t attack it since it’s undead.

To obtain a skeleton horse you’ll need to summon lightning or wait for a thunderstorm. Other ways of obtaining it are by using commands aka cheats. There is one more horse to obtain which is a zombie horse but these horses can only be summoned with a spawn egg in creative and using commands.

skeleton horsemen


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How to summon lightning

You certainly can summon lightning using a lightning rod or an enchanted trident but that won’t do you any good because skeleton horses will never spawn in such a way so you’ll just have to wait for a thunderstorm in a Savanna or Plains biome and search for a Skeleton horse.

Skeleton horse trap

Once you find your skeleton horse beware. Equip yourself with your best weapons, preferably an enchanted bow, and get within 10 blocks of the horse. This trap will then spawn Skeleton Horsemen with armor and enchanted weapons so make sure you also have good-quality armor on you.

You’ll need to kill the skeletons only so aim for them. If you hit a horse, it’ll die and you won’t be able to obtain it. Luckily, you get 4 chances so even if you mess up, there is some wiggle room to make up for it.

Once you get on the horse, in Java Edition, you’ll have to saddle it while in Bedrock Edition, you don’t need a saddle to ride it. You will not be able to breed these horses but you also don’t need to feed them. They regenerate health on their own.

Obtaining a skeleton horse using commands

In creative mode, there is a skeleton horse spawn egg available which will always spawn a skeleton horse. If you’re using commands, open up the command chat and type in “/summon skeleton_horse” and that’s it. I would personally try and find it myself since I am a survival player and like a challenge and the sense of achievement when I find something rare.

Benefits of a Skeleton horse

As I already mentioned, Withers won’t attack a Skeleton horse since it’s an undead creature. When riding a skeleton horse, you’ll get most of the same benefits that you get from a regular horse with the exception of the fact that you can still ride a Skeleton horse underwater. If you didn’t already know, you’ll dismount off a regular horse if you try to ride it in water. They don’t need food and heal on their own while being ridden just like regular horses.

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