My Hero Academia: 16 Best Teachers Ranked

mha teachers

As the anime title suggests, My Hero Academia explores the growth of students looking to learn how to use their Quirks or powers better to become heroes. In that regard, they enrolled in one of the primary hero high schools, UA High School, the top hero school in the country. As such, they must learn what it takes to become a hero by attending school.

Of course, while My Hero Academia focuses on the students, we cannot help but commend the teachers for their efforts and dedication to their job and for ensuring that the students are safe and protected. Most (except one) of the teachers and staff we’ve seen in My Hero Academia worked in UA High School and have been instrumental in the growth of the students. That said, let’s look at the best My Hero Academia teachers.

16. Lunch Rush

lunch rush

Even though he isn’t a teacher, Lunch Rush is one of the members of the UA staff and is pretty useful in ensuring that the students have the energy they need to go through their day. He is the head of the cafeteria in the school and is in charge of providing the students with the meals they need daily. And when UA became a shelter for the students and the citizens alike, he became an important part of providing meals to everyone.


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While not many things are known about Lunch Rush and his Quirk, we know that he is an exceptional cook and can whip up different types of meals in a hurry. At one point in the past, he prepared a full-course French meal for ten-thousand typhoon victims on his own, which meant that he could prepare many meals in such a short time. On top of that, his food is also exceptionally delicious, as Ochaco Uraraka never gets tired of the food in the school.

15. Thirteen


Another UA High School staff member that isn’t necessarily a teacher is Thirteen, who works as the school’s search and rescue operations specialist. That means her job is to ensure that she finds and rescues students and different people whenever there is trouble. As such, she has been an invaluable staff member due to how many crises the school has seen since the start of the storyline.

Of course, while she doesn’t teach, Thirteen assists teachers in helping out in teaching students the basics of search and rescue operations. Her Quirk allows her to such anything into her finger and destroys it using the powerful pull of a black hole. That means she is a powerful hero in her own right but is better as someone who uses her Quirk to search for and rescue people.

14. Recovery Girl


Probably the oldest member of the UA High School staff is Recovery Girl. While she isn’t a teacher, she has always been one of the most important staff members due to her ability to heal people. Recovery Girl works as the school’s resident nurse. She is responsible for ensuring that students are cared for properly after a tough fight or when they get injured during training and sparring sessions.

The reason why Recovery Girl is so important to UA High School is the fact that she can heal almost any wound in an instant. With a single kiss, she transfers life energy, allowing the person’s wounds and injuries to heal. She was very important when Izuku Midoriya was still getting the hang of One For All, which constantly injured his body whenever he recklessly used the power of his Quirk.

13. Ms. Joke

ms joke

Ms. Joke is the only Teacher on this list who isn’t a UA High School staff member. She is the only known member of the Ketsubutsu Academy High School’s staff. She was introduced when the different schools came together for the Provisional Hero License arc of the storyline. She was the one who accompanied her students during the annual event.

At one point in time, Ms. Joke became acquainted with Shota Aizawa when, and that was when they became sort of friends. Unlike Aizawa, Ms. Joke has a fun-loving personality reflected in her Quirk, as she can force her opponents to burst into laughter. While that Quirk might not be the best offensive power, it can be pretty handy for distracting opponents and ruining their strategies.


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12. Gran Torino

gran torino.jpg

Even though he was already a retired teacher by the time he was introduced, Gran Torino used to be a member of the UA High School teaching staff and was one of the teachers who inspired and helped All Might become the hero he eventually became. Gran Torino was also the best friend and companion of Nana Shimura, who was the mentor of All Might and the one that held the power of One For All before she passed it on to him.

Gran Torino is a grumpy old man who doesn’t like to mingle with people, but he helps Izuku Midoriya hone his “shoot style” form of movement and fighting when he allows Deku to train with him. His Quirk allows him to bounce through surfaces with such precision and speed that he could use it for mobility and offensive purposes. However, Gran Torino retired as a hero after he suffered a career-ending injury at the hands of Tomura Shigaraki.

11. Power Loader

power loader

While he isn’t known for being one of the best teachers in terms of what he does for the students, the thing about Power Loader is that he is an invaluable member of the faculty and staff of UA High School because he is the prime authority for the costumes and equipment of both the students and the teachers. That means he is developing the costumes and equipment that help augment the Quirks of the students and teachers of the school.

Power Loader’s Quirk allows him to have fingertips made of steel, which allows him to dig and mine materials effectively. Of course, his true power comes from his ability to design and create costumes that allow the students and heroes to fight to their full potential. Without him, the students and heroes won’t have the costumes and equipment they need to excel on the field.

10. Cementoss


Cementoss is the resident block-looking Teacher of UA High School and teaches Modern Literature to the students. While he may look quite funny, he isn’t someone anyone can mess with because he is incredibly powerful. Cementoss has the power to control cement, allowing him to manipulate cement in any way he can, as he can even turn solidified cement into liquid and harden it at will.

In that regard, Cementoss is one of the best UA teachers regarding his mix of offense and defense, as not many teachers can match his ability on both ends of the battlefield. Recovery Girl even said that Cementoss and his Quirk are some of the most difficult to fight against. And we saw this during the Paranormal Liberation War arc when his Quirk singlehandedly changed the outcome of the ambush of the pro heroes on the base of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

9. Vlad King


Vlad King is one of the UA High School teachers who may look like a villain and has the powers of a villain but is a true hero in every sense. He is the homeroom teacher of Class 1B, so he is often seen trying to compete with Shota Aizawa’s Class 1A. And throughout the storyline, he carried his personality with a very calm yet competitive spirit.


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That said, Vlad King is also a powerful hero because he can manipulate his blood. While that may sound a bit grotesque, he can change the outcome of a fight using his abilities, as he can use his Quirk for offensive and defensive purposes in any combat situation.

8. Hound Dog

hound dog.jpg

Another character that isn’t necessarily a teacher at UA High School, Hound Dog, is a member of the UA staff. But the most surprising part about him is that he is actually the school’s guidance counselor, which may sound odd because he has a brash personality that isn’t too different from Katsuki Bakugo’s. On top of working as the guidance counselor, he also works in helping the school’s security from time to time due to his Quirk.

Hound Dog’s Quirk allows him to have the qualities of both a man and a dog, which means he has far superior senses to regular people. He can use his keen sense of smell to keep the school guarded against possible intruders, as that was one of the things that he did during the events of the School Festival arc.

7. Snipe


Snipe is one of the two known Heroics teachers in charge of teaching students the basic ins and outs of being a hero. After all, he is a pretty solid hero himself, as he was known as the best marksman in the country after Lady Nagant’s fall from grace. Nevertheless, he has the abilities that allowed him to become a great hero in his own right until he used such abilities to become a teacher.

With his Quirk, Snipe can hit almost anything within a certain range, which means he can use guns and other weapons effectively without even bothering whether he can aim his shots accurately. That means he is an effective hero in ranged battles, as this is quite useful when teaching students how to use their ranged attacks effectively.

6. Midnight


There is no doubt that Midnight was the most interesting out of all of the teachers in UA High School, and the boys will agree to that without a doubt. With her alluring looks and personality, Midnight could captivate the attention of anyone just with her presence. But it was her Quirk that made her into a great teacher and hero. With the ability to lull anyone into sleep, Midnight’s Quirk was incredibly useful for rounding up villains and assisting heroes.


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As the former Modern Hero Art History of UA High School, Midnight was among the teachers we often saw in the storyline. However, she died a true hero when she tried to stop Gigantomachia from reaching Tomura Shigaraki during the Paranormal Liberation War arc. Though we never saw how she died, it was presumed that she was heavily injured after failing to stop Gigantomachia and was murdered by remnants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Nevertheless, her final message to Class 1A allowed them to work together to contribute to the eventual defeat of the gigantic villain.

5. Present Mic

present mic

Some people may think that Present Mic is just there for the comedy and to provide an official commentator to the storyline. Of course, it is understandable why some people think this English Teacher isn’t someone they could take seriously. Still, Present Mic is a powerful hero who can shame many other heroes with his power and skills. After all, he wouldn’t be a teacher in the most prestigious hero school in the country if he didn’t have the Quirk and the skills to back his resume up.

Present Mic’s Quirk may seem useful for festivals and celebrations, but he is also one of the most useful heroes in the storyline. He can generate loud, devastating sounds whenever he isn’t in the mood for fun and games. We saw this in the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc when he used his Quirk for offensive purposes after he learned that one of his classmates back in UA High School, when he was just a student, was turned into a Nomu.

4. Principal Nezu


Principal Nezu is the top dog (pun intended) of UA High School because he oversees the entire school as its principal. He is an extremely rare case of an animal developing a Quirk, and this Quirk was what allowed him to be able to have the same qualities that humans have. But while he may be an animal, he is a lot smarter than any other ordinary human, and this intelligence allowed him to rise to the top as the principal of UA High.

Nezu may not have any offensive and defensive talents, but his intelligence allows him to become one of the best members of the UA High School staff. He is in charge of planning the security and defenses of the school and coming up with strategies that could help keep the students and its staff safe from villains. As such, he is an invaluable member of the school staff and is one of the most intelligent characters in the entire storyline

3. Ectoplasm


Unlike some of the other teachers on this list, Ectoplasm is a man of few words and is the scariest and meanest out of all of them regarding his appearance. He looks more like a villain than any other villain in the storyline. But he is a true hero in every sense of the word, as he even lost his legs in the line of duty before the events of the storyline. Still, he continued his career as a hero by working as a Math teacher at UA High School.

Ectoplasm powers allow him to produce ectoplasm from his mouth to create clones of himself. This allows him to create multiple versions of himself and use those clones to his advantage in offense, defense, and support. As such, he is an invaluable member of the UA faculty as he has been useful in many different situations due to how versatile his Quirk is. On top of that, he is often said to be one of the best fighters in the entire storyline.

2. All Might

all might

Some would say All Might is the top Teacher in My Hero Academia, and there’s a good reason why he might be deserving of that spot. He is the Symbol of Peace and was the strongest and most heroic out of all the heroes on the planet before he retired as a result of burning through all of the remnants of One For All inside his body. But while he used to be the most powerful hero, it has always been his personality that made him a great teacher.


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No one in the storyline of My Hero Academia has inspired more young heroes than All Might has, as he often worked hard as a hero not only to help other people but to inspire a new generation of heroes as well. That is why he ended up teaching at UA High School to mentor his successor, Izuku Midoriya while helping out other young and aspiring heroes. And while he may have lost his Quirk, he is still the most inspiring out of all of the teachers in My Hero Academia.

1. Eraser Head

eraser head.jpg

Some might not like the idea of Eraser Head or Shota Aizawa as our top choice for the best Teacher in My Hero Academia. But let’s not forget that he has always worked hard for the sake of his students and to make sure that all of the students of Class 1A, instead of just a few students, become the best versions of themselves. Initially, he may look like a lifeless person that doesn’t care about his job and doesn’t take being the homeroom teacher of Class 1A seriously. But he has always been there through the ups and downs of his class.

With his Quirk, Eraser Head is capable of erasing a person’s Quirk as long as he has his eyes fixed on them. This ability allowed him to train his students to learn how to use their other abilities instead of relying on their Quirks. He is the one that’s capable of changing the tide of an entire battle all by himself as he can neutralize the Quirks of some of the strongest villains, including Tomura Shigaraki, who targeted Aizawa first during the Paranormal Liberation War arc. And while he seems to be someone who doesn’t care about anything, he showcased how much he cares for his students by surpassing his limits and even cutting his foot so that he could keep on fighting.

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