One Piece: Just What Is Momonosuke Doing with Onigashima?!

One Piece: Just What Is Momonosuke Doing With Onigashima?!

Kozuki Momonosuke in One Piece is the current shogun of Wano Country and patriarch of the Kozuki family, being the son of the last daimyo of the Kuri region, Kozuki Oden. He was born twenty-eight years before the current timeline but traveled twenty years into the future while still eight years old. He became a prominent character in the Wano County arc because of his actions and his bravery in opposing Kaidou, but also because he saved the Flower Capital by, well… moving the floating island of Onigashima away from it so when it fell down, it fell next to the Flower Capital and not on it. This article is going to focus on these events.

The recently-aired episodes of One Piece showed us how Momonosuke, in his dragon form, was moving the floating island of Onigashima away from the Flower Capital. Onigashima had been falling down because Kaido was losing his powers, so Momonosuke did everything he could to move it so it wouldn’t destroy the Flower Capital; he was able to do it after he produced a Flame Cloud that was stronger than Kaido’s.

In this article, we will tell you the story of how Kozuki Momonosuke managed to save the Flower Capital of Wano Country in the world of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. We’ll tell you a bit about Onigashima and the events surrounding Momonosuke’s displacement of that falling island. We will elaborate on the above-given answer and provide you with all the details you need. Also, if you’re not fully up-to-date with the story, we have to warn you that there will be spoilers in this article.

Onigashima floated because of Kaido’s powers

Onigashima forms part of the plateau on which Wano Country lies, lying near its southwestern edge and surrounded by strong eddies. The island is very mountainous, allowing you to land on only a small coast in its interior. The mountain range that surrounds the island is connected to a large skull-shaped landmass in the center. The island itself has a port where ships can dock. Notable structures that can be seen in the port include a giant-size katana that pierces the ground, jets of water that form oni faces, and a huge wagasa full of paper lanterns.

Two komagitsune sculptures surround the entrance to the bay, and it looks like a stairway leads from the harbor to the interior of the central mountain, which is formed like a skull. There are two ways to leave Onigashima without going around the island encircling the skull dome: one is to the east, and the other is to the south.

A large lake bordered by wisteria plants can be found on the eastern path. The left hemisphere tower of the skull dome’s leisure room parts, which are constructed over the lake, is also accessible from the promenade. A substantial fence constructed between the mountains blocks the southern route. The Skull Dome’s left-sided tower may be accessed via the recreation room entrance, while the right-sided tower can be accessed via the south door.


Is Momonosuke an Ancient Weapon?

After the assault on Onigashima, the island was displaced by Kaidou using his Flame Clouds to place it on top of the Flower Capital as part of the New Onigashima Project. But after Kaidou’s defeat, Kozuki Momonosuke managed to stop the island using his own clouds of flame, eventually leaving the island on the outskirts of the Flower Capital.

Momonosuke was saving the Flower Capital by moving Onigashima away from it

As we have said, when Kaido took over Wano Country, he made Onigashima his base of operations while, at the same time, planning to restructure the land as part of his New Onigashima project. This would be done by moving Onigashima on top of the Flower Capital, thereby destroying the capital of Wano Country. By expanding the weapon factories and having the residents of the Flower Capital work there, Kaidou planned to turn it into a “lawless zone” for pirates that they would call “paradise.”

By transferring the island of Onigashima to the Flower Capital, Wano Country would become the New Onigashima, and Yamato would be its shogun, thus replacing Kurozumi Orochi. Kaidou and Big Mom thus plan to prepare for the great war to come and also intend to obtain the Ancient Weapons to annihilate the World Government before finally going to look for the One Piece treasure.


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And while the project was planned, the assault of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance hindered it, although not in the way that the Alliance wanted it. Namely, as Luffy engaged Kaido on Onigashima, Kaido’s powers started weakening, and thus the Flame Clouds that were holding it became weaker as well, which resulted in Onigashima descending down on the Flower Capital. In due time, the island would have fallen right on the city, and it would have destroyed it, which is exactly what Kaido wanted, but it wasn’t how he wanted to do it. And this is where Momonosuke actually comes in.

Kaido fait s27envoler Onigashima

Namely, as Luffy was fighting Kaido, Momonosuke, in his dragon form, learned from Yamato how he could fly, so he practiced it, and the two of them were in the air, observing Onigashima’s descent. Realizing that Kaido’s fight is making him weaker and, consequently, the Flame Clouds holding Onigashima in the air, Momonosuke suggested that they ask Luffy to stop fighting to save the Flower Capital, but Yamato punched him then because of his weakness and told him that he would have to produce a Flame Cloud more powerful than Kaido’s in order to control Onigashima.


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At some point, Momonosuke managed to take over Kaido’s Flame Clouds, and he started pulling Onigashima away from the Flower Capital, but he was not strong enough to do it quickly; at the same time, the Flame Clouds were losing power, and Onigashima was falling down faster than Momonosuke could pull it away. Seeing that his endeavor would fail, Momonosuke thought of his late mother, which gave him enough energy to produce a powerful Flame Cloud just in time and pull Onigashima away from the Flower Capital into the sea nearby.

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