One Piece: Are Kizaru and Sentomaru Related? Relationship Explained!

One Piece: Are Kizaru and Sentomaru Related? Relationship Explained!

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Sometimes, the relationship between certain characters is not clear from the very beginning. At times, this is what the author wants because he has a big reveal planned for the future, but at other times, there is no plan – it’s just a bit confusing. In this article, we are going to explain such a confusing relationship from the One Piece series, as you are going to find out whether Sentomaru and Kizaru are actually related in the series or not.

Sentomaru and Kizaru are not actually related in One Piece, and they are, as of the time of writing, actually enemies in the series. Sentomaru initially had great respect for Kizaru and used to refer to him as “Uncle” (Kizaru no Ojiki), but that doesn’t really mean much here. Namely, the term used in this context doesn’t signify an actual familial relationship but rather a term of respect, as it is a term that is actually used by the yakuza to portray a “boss” figure, so it actually symbolizes someone’s utmost respect for someone. On the other hand, seeing how the two of them clashed over Dr. Vegapunk, it is highly unlikely that he will still hold the same respect for him.

The rest of this article will explore the relationship between Sentomaru and Admiral Kizaru, i.e., Borsalino, while focusing, in particular, on why Sentomaru keeps calling Kizaru “Uncle” and whether that means that they are related by blood, which is also the main and principal question of this article. If you’re not fully up-to-date with the events of One Piece, this article might contain some important spoilers, but we have to state that no new information will be presented here, as we will focus on old and well-known facts about the two of them.

Sentomaru calls Kizaru “Uncle” out of respect, but the two of them are not related

Now, before we actually provide you with a proper answer, allow us to talk a bit about these two characters, as not every fan knows all they should know about the two of them, especially Sentomaru, who hasn’t been featured much in the anime and has only gained a more important role in the current, Egghead Arc of the manga.

Sentomaru is Doctor Vegapunk’s bodyguard and the Navy’s science team captain. He appears to be the commander-in-chief of the Pacifista, as they usually only move on his orders. After two years, he claims he has become an official member of the Navy. Although he declares himself reticent to speak, he often reveals confidential information; each time, however, he claims to have spoken of him voluntarily and not to answer whoever asked him the question.

Sentomaru possesses considerable physical strength and speed. He also boasts of having the strongest defense in the world. As he himself states, his strength does not come from any Devil Fruit but from his Armament Haki. His weapon is a huge double axe.


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He appears for the first time in the Sabaody Islands to capture the Straw Hat crew, slightly ahead of Admiral Kizaru, Bartholomew Kuma, and the Pacifista. He reappears during the battle of Marineford, in which he takes part as commander of a special team formed by about twenty Pacifista. In the fight he tries to attack Luffy together with his squadron, but Boa Hancock stops the Pacifista.

Two years later, he is informed of the return of the Straw Hats and is ordered to go and stop them, taking the PX-5 and PX-7 with them. After defeating the imposter Demaro Black, he orders the Pacifistas to attack Luffy, but the androids are easily defeated by Luffy, Sanji, and Roronoa Zoro.

Kizaru, whose real name is Borsalino, is an Admiral of the Marines in One Piece. He appears as a careless, absent, and forgetful man. He usually speaks in a very calm and composed manner and never breaks down, not even in the face of problematic situations, in which he often sarcastically feigns fear or amazement.

Kizaru’s whole demeanor is based on a concept he calls vague justice: he feels absolutely no pity for criminals but also does not want to involve innocent people under any circumstance. Kizaru ate the Logia-type Pika Pika no Mi, a Devil Fruit that allows him to become a man of light.

Like all owners of a Logia-type fruit, he can become intangible at will since his body is entirely made up of photons that can rejoin if the body is damaged; he is also able to launch laser-like beams of light as well as strike the opponent and move at the speed of light. His powers have been studied by Dr. Vegapunk, and in fact, the laser he also uses has been installed in the Pacifista.

After Luffy attacks the World Noble Saint Charloss, Kizaru is sent to the Sabaody archipelago to capture him. Here, after easily defeating several Supernovae, he attacks the Straw Hat crew but is stopped by Silvers Rayleigh and by OKuma, who ships the pirates to various parts of the world. During the battle of Marineford, he confronts Marco, managing to wound him after he is handcuffed with agalmatolite; he then tries to prevent the escape of Luffy and Law but is interrupted by Benn Beckman, who arrives in Marineford together with Shanks and by Sengoku, who puts an end to the conflict.

Now, what you need to know about the relationship between Sentomaru and Kizaru is that the two of them work for the same employer, and although they are part of different organizations, Sentomaru garners great respect for Kizaru, which is why he calls him “Uncle.” If you think this is just nepotism and that Kizau got his nephew into the World Government, you’re wrong.

Namely, the term “Uncle” in this context doesn’t actually mean uncle, but it is a term of respect that shows that Sentomaru has a lot of respect for Kizaru, considering him as a mentor-like figure. This is often used among the yakuza to show respect to a boss figure within the organization, and knowing the structure of the Marines, it actually makes sense that Sentomaru would call Kizaru “Uncle.”

So no, the two of them are not related, but they are on very good terms, and Sentomaru has a lot of respect for his mentor. Or… at least.. he had, until recently. Namely, as we’ve seen in the Egghead Arc, the two of them actually clashed, and that happened over none other than Dr. Vegapunk.


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Namely, Sentomaru is Dr. Vegapunk’s bodyguard, while Kizaru is sent to kill Dr. Vegapunk. And in a “battle” of choices, Sentomaru actually chose Vegapunk’s side, so the two of them ultimately chased. This indicates that Sentomaru probably lost the respect he had for Kizaru and that the two of them wouldn’t be on such good terms in the future. But no, regardless of everything, they are not related, as there is no way for that to happen.

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