‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ Episode 7 Ending, Explained: Who Survives the Creation of Mordor?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, episode 7. The first season of Amazon’s flagship show is coming to an end, and it seems like the best episodes of the show are already behind us. This sounds very sad, and it is because the series was announced as the most expensive TV series ever created. At least, when it comes to the visuals, it feels true, but when we start talking about the story and the characters, that is when everything falls apart for the show.

This episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is titled “The Eye”. The title is a reference to the eye of Sauron, who sees it all inside the land of Mordor, which was created in the previous episode with the volcano explosion that covered all the land in ashes. It is funny that this is the title of the episode because we don’t see the eye of Sauron anywhere in this episode. Why name it like that? It is true that the forces of evil are working, but the title seems like it could have been saved for something a lot more important.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Episode 7. Read at your own risk.

Who Survives The Creation Of Mordor?

Episode 7 starts with the aftermath of the volcano explosion. Galadriel wakes up to see the land covered in ash and in this eerie orange tone. Soon enough, she starts hearing screaming from everywhere around her, but she only pays attention to one voice, that of Theo, Bronwyn’s son. She takes the young man under her protection and then leaves the rest of the survivors to their luck. It is a very strange move as there are clearly other survivors, but none of them has a name, so Theo is the one that is chosen to be Galadriel’s partner in this episode.

Queen Miriel does start helping the survivors, along with Isildur and his friends. They try to save some people, but some ruins fall on them. Isildur is apparently killed, and the rest of the episode will try to convince us that this is the case, even though most viewers know that he will survive and will become the One Ring’s holder in the future. Elendil finds his son’s horse and then spends the rest of the episode sad because Isildur is surely dead. Elendil the queen, and the rest of the soldiers make their way to their camp, and here Elendil finds out that the queen is now blind.

Meanwhile, Galadriel walks the wasteland along with Theo. She assures him that he is not to blame for what happened, and they talk about their past. Galadriel confesses that she lost some people before at the hands of the orcs. It is revealed that her brother wasn’t the only one who was killed by the orcs. Galadriel reveals that her husband, Celeborn, is also dead. This is a huge change from the books, as Celeborn is alive and well alongside Galadriel, but here, the elf is dead for some reason. Let’s hope they don’t try to make a twist out of this and bring him alive later in the series.

Elendil and the queen arrive at the camp, and Elendil is ready to leave Middle-Earth behind now that he thinks his son Isildur is dead. Miriel promises Galadriel that she will come back with more soldiers to fight the enemy that is rising. Galadriel believes she and the Numenoreans leave Middle-Earth. Galadriel also finds out that Halbrand is alive, but dangerously wounded. She decides to take Halbrand to the elves so that he can be healed correctly. Theo reunites with her mother and Arondir, and they leave for the north.

Do The Mysterious Pursuers Catch With The Stranger?

There are other things happening in Middle-Earth. We come back to Elrond and Durin’s storyline in this episode, and things are moving at a very slow pace. If we remember, the elves are about to be forced to leave Middle-Earth, unless they are able to get the Mythril from the dwarves. Durin wants to help, but when he talks to his father about it, his father rejects Elrond’s proposal, because digging so deep is too dangerous. However, Durin’s wife gives him bad advice and tells him that his father should realize that someday everything will be Durin’s, so he must dig.

Durin goes against his father’s order and begins to dig with Elrond, and they discover a huge vein of the precious metal. However, Durin’s father discovers them and exiles Elrond from the city. Durin is sad and doesn’t understand why his father just wants to hold him down.

The Stranger and the Hardfoots also have some developments in this episode. The Stranger is being followed by some mysterious figures, and Nori tries to send them the wrong way after The Stranger took off from the caravan trying to look for his stars. Nori knows she has to help him, so she, her mother, and her best friend decide to go after him and warn him that some people are looking for him.

The episode closes as we see Adar and his group of Orcs happy that they won the battle. We see the destroyed landscape, and the screen shows us that these are not the Southlands anymore. From here on out, this land shall be called Mordor.

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