‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Ending Explained: What Is the Conjunction of the Spheres?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Witcher: Blood Origin, a Netflix TV limited series created by Declan de Barra, and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and based on the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The series serves as a prequel to the main Witcher series and tells the story of the first Witcher. This first Witcher was apparently an elf, and Jesker believes that this is a story that will make Geralt mad for some reason. The show stars Sophia Brown, Michelle Yeoh, and Laurence O’Fuarain in the main roles.

The limited series comes with some caveats as it tries to achieve the same level of quality as the main show, and it is clear that the project just doesn’t have the same budget to work with. Some visual effects look very dodgy, which is now normal for the Witcher series, and with only four episodes in the season, the story feels rushed, and some plot points are unearned. This is not to say the story is bad; it is actually fairly interesting as we see all these factions in conflict, but the execution leaves some things to be desired.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin. Read at your own risk.

Who Is The First Witcher, And Who Are His Companions?

The show begins as usual with Jesker, the bard, also known as Dandelion, in the midst of a very problematic situation. He is seen captured and about to die when a mysterious and powerful elf basically stops time and takes him far from danger to tell him a story that he, as a bard, must carry to the wind. The mysterious elf explains that it is the story of the first Witcher and the Conjunction of the Spheres, one of the most important events in the Witcher cosmology. Jesker accepts, and the elf begins her tale.

The main storyline follows the tale of three characters. Eile, Fjall, and Scian. The story is also set in the world of Xin’trea, the world of the elf race, and a primordial realm full of magic and wonder. Our three main characters are on very different paths. Eile used to be a great warrior, a protector for the novelty. However, she has become disappointed by the powers that be and has turned into becoming a bard, which is a very strange occupation for someone as lethal as her.

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Fjall our other main character is one of those protectors and the best one at that. He is in service of princess Merwyn, and they are attracted to each other. When Fjall’s father discovers him having sex with the princess, he exiles him from Xin’trea. However, things don’t go smoothly in the elvish realm. Mewwyn has become obsessed with the elves’ past, a past when they were a big empire, and that has become the only legend in the ears of the common people.

In his exile, Fjall becomes entangled with Eile. They start out not liking each other, but they quickly develop feelings, and they fall in love. During their travels, they find a potion that is said to be used to enhance the physical strength and senses of the person that consumes it. Eile plans to drink it, but Fjall does it instead. By doing this, Fjall becomes the first Witcher. However, the potion is a lot less unstable than the one used for the creation of the future Witchers, and so, Fjall mutations are out of control.

What Is The Conjunction Of The Spheres?

Princess Merwyn stages a coup against her brother, the king, and summons powers that are beyond her control and comprehension. A mage named Syndril, who is said to be one of the most powerful mages in the entire realm, joins Eile and his team to stop the princess from calling something that could destroy the entire realm. At the same time, another mage, called Balor, is ready to stage his own coup by taking the power of distant realms for himself when the princess starts her scouting of other realms.


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Merwyn is totally over her head, especially when she is told that the Syndril magic equations could also allow for time travel. Eile, and the rest, reach Xin’trea and get ready to stop Merwyn once and for all. Eile tries to incite the people to take arms against the now Empress Merwyn, and she is successful when they realize there are no food reserves in the city. Meanwhile. Merwyn tries to bring Fjall to his side, but when she tries to justify the killing of Fjall’s family to achieve her plans, Fjall dismisses her completely and calls her a monster. As we know, Witchers kill monsters.

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Fjall fights a powerful creature that was summoned by Merwyn, while Syndril tries to stop Balor’s own attempt at seizing power. Eile faces Merwyn and kills her. Meanwhile, Fjall faces the creature and gets access to his mutation, which transforms his body into something hideous. Fjall kills the monster but dies in the process, not before telling Eile he loves her. Syndril, on the other hand, destroys the pillar and kills himself along with Balor. The power stops Balor from making bad use of it but also opens doors to other universes.

This is the Conjunction of the Spheres, an event where multiple realms collide and start existing on top of each other. The result is that the human world is then invaded by elves and many other races. Most of the elves land near the Yaruga River, in a land that, in the future will be named Cintra. Jesker is returned to the battle after the story finishes. He is told that the descendant of the child between Eile and Fjall will be important for the future of the entire world. Very special blood runs through this lineage’s veins.

In a post-credit scene, we see that the descendant the prophecy is talking about is none other than Ciri. Geralt’s child of destiny.

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