Who Is Syndril in The Witcher: Blood Origin? Meet Zach Wyatt’s Character

Who Is Syndril in the Witcher Blood Origin Meet Zach Wyatts Character

Witcher: Blood Origin is an upcoming prequel series in the Witcher universe, and like the main show, it will feature a lineup of exciting new characters. Since the story of the series is set 1200 years before the events of the Witcher series, this means that we will be introduced to a new cast of characters, each with its own exciting story to tell. One of the more mysterious characters that have been introduced so far is Syndril, played by Zach Wyatt. He is a talented sage displaying a great capacity for magic in the trailer. Due to that, let’s analyze his character in a bit more depth. Let’s see who Syndril is and what his role is in the upcoming Witcher: Blood Origin. 

Syndril is an elven sage with a great aptitude for magic and dimensional travel. He is a celestial twin to Zacaré because they were born under the same celestial sign in the same village at the same time. It is unclear how Syndril will join the seven outcasts and what his overall story in the series will be, but we know that he will be involved heavily with sorcery. Syndril is played by Zach Wyatt, best known for his roles in Timestalker and Blithe Spirit. 

Now that we’ve given you a brief overview of Zach Wyatt’s character Syndril it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. Let’s put the elven sage into a historical context and see what his powers might entail. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Who Is Syndril in the Witcher: Blood Origin

While the exact plot of the Witcher: Blood Origin is in large part unknown so far, we do know that it takes place 1200 years before the events of the Witcher series. The series will showcase events that led to the celestial and destructive events called the “Conjunction of Spheres,” which introduced humans to the Continent. 

This means that human characters will, in large part, be absent from the story, and the events will follow elven characters and the characters of other “elder races,” such as Meldof, a dwarven assassin


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Elven society of that time was a complex one, with its own unique problems and challenges to overcome. They had a hierarchy as well and were mostly governed by the biggest city-states, such as Xin’trea, whose heir, Princess Merwyn we will also have the pleasure of seeing throughout the show.

Elven society was mostly divided into clans, and throughout the show, we will see warriors from several clans taking part in the journey, like Scían from the Ghost ClanÉile from the Raven Clan, and Fjall Stoneheart from the Dog Clan. While elves are so far mostly portrayed as highly-skilled warriors, the existence of Syndril and Zacaré is proof enough that elves had access to powerful and ancient magic. 

Syndril monolith

It is a common misconception that magic did not exist prior to the arrival of humans. Magic did indeed exist on the Continent. Only it wasn’t as potent as Chaos magic – a new form of magic that appeared. Elves were not skilled in chaos magic, and it was impossible to tap into it at the time. They were masters of elemental magic and had skilled individuals they called sages. This leads us to Zach Wyatt’s character named Syndril.

Syndril was an elven sage, a skilled individual similar to human sorcerers. We see in the trailer that he uses powerful magic, and the brief description of his character tells us that he is an adventurer and explorer and that he somehow unlocked the means to access other worlds. This is not surprising as elven sages were familiar with the concept of Elder Blood and the gene of Lara Dorren. Syndril also has a counterpart, a female elf named Zacaré. Syndril and Zacaré were born at the same time, in the same village, as a celestial object was passing through the skies.

This makes Syndril and Zacaré celestial twins, twins unrelated by blood but who share a fantastic and powerful magical bond. Syndril and Zacaré are not on the best of terms, and it is possible that the show will include their journey as they try to reconnect and learn how to utilize their powers. It’s important to note that Syndril and Zacaré have identical powers, and it is not known at the moment to what extent they are connected to the upcoming “Conjunction of Spheres,” which in itself is an event with a heavy emphasis on dimensional travel. 

Who is Zach Wyatt, the actor behind Syndril?

Zach Wyatt is a British actor born in London on an undisclosed date. He rose to prominence with his roles in Blithe Spirit, Urban Myths, and Karen Pirie. The young actor keeps his personal details fairly private, so we don’t have much to present you with at the moment. What we do know, however, is that the role of Syndril in Witcher: Blood Origin could be his biggest role so far. 


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Syndril, played by Zach Wyatt, is an elven sage, an individual gifted for utilizing magic, and a celestial twin to Zacaré. It’s clear from his preview that he is an adventurer that somehow managed to utilize his natural ability for magic to unlock dimensional travel. When it comes to his celestial twin Zacaré, something happened in the past that separated them, and hopefully, as the story progresses, this will be explored as well as their newfound partnership.

It is not known how Syndril will join the seven outcasts and what role overall he will have in the series, as he is a supporting character as far as we can tell. To uncover the rest of Syndril’s story, we’re going to have to wait till December 25th when Netflix starts streaming Witcher: Blood Origin. 

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