Unicron vs. Galactus: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

Unicron vs. Galactus Who Would Win in a Fight Why

Galactus is known as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. This is largely due to him being able to devour whole worlds and effectively erase the existence of certain entities. But what happens when we pit him against one entity that has similar powers and potential? This is where Unicron comes in, the ultimate antagonist of the Transformers Universe. Both Galactus and Unicron are immeasurably powered, can reach planetary sizes, and are known to manipulate space-time constructs. So, If it ever came to a fight between Unicron and Galactus, who would win in a fight? 

Unicron would win in a fight against Galactus. Although it would have been a tense fight, Unicron is, in the end, a universal concept that transcends the limits of space, time, and reality. He is impossible to destroy, and his powers and abilities are possibly on hyperuniversal levels. No matter how many similar powers Galactus has, Unicron is simply on another level. He is more powerful, more durable, and does not have the limits and weaknesses that Galactus has. 

Now that you know who would win in a fight between Unicron and Galactus, it’s time to analyze the two entities in a bit more detail. We will compare their strenght, powers, intelligence, durability, and other aspects. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities 

Galactus is hands-down overpowered. He is powerful to the extent that he can devour whole planets in order to sate his hunger. Most of Galactus’ powers stem from his control of “Power Cosmic,” which is a source of limitless cosmic energy. Galactus is capable of manipulating all forms of energy and all aspects of space-time.

He can manipulate gravity, matter, physics, and souls. He can use telepathy and teleportation, meaning that cosmic distances matter little to him. With the use of his Ultimate Nullifier, he is capable of “existence erasure.” With Power Cosmic, he can both bestow and take away the power of certain entities and is known to employ his “heralds.” Beings imbued with a fraction of Power Cosmic that basically serve as his servants. Galactus’ powers are universal, even perhaps multiversal in power, but how does he stack against Unicron? 

time warp galactus

Unicron can do everything that Galactus does but better. He is also capable of devouring entire planets. Hell, he is capable of devouring an entire universe, leaving nothing but an empty void. Unicron is capable of matter, energy, time, space, matter, soul, and gravity manipulation. Unicron can likewise employ heralds to do his bidding. What makes Unicron vastly more powerful than Galactus is the fact that Unicron is a concept.

Unicron force

He is an embodiment of evil, hatred, and everything bad in the universe. He existed before the universe was created and will continue to exist as long as the concepts mentioned above exist. While Galactus’ powers are multiversal, and Unicron’s are hyperuniversal, it means that Unicron’s powers span infinite dimensions, universes, and possibilities. Galactus’s powers also depend too much on whether he is fed or hungry. It’s safe to say that Unicron wins this round. 

Points:Unicron (1:0) Galactus

Strength and Stamina 

Galactus has the ability to lift at least 100 tons. This is, of course, only his starting point since he is capable of enhancing his strength well beyond the scope of what is actually measurable. It’s safe to say that Galactus’s strenght is infinite in nature. Although he rarely relies on this strength due to the plethora of other powers and abilities at his disposal. If there is something in existence that Galactus can’t lift, he can always use gravity manipulation or bend space-time to change the object’s physical properties. 


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Unicron’s starting strength is immeasurable as well. In the panel below, you can see him holding the Earth in his palm. Just like Galactus he rarely has to rely on his physical strenght to get things done. If something is “impossible” for him to lift, he can just change reality and give himself the ability to lift that object. Both Unicron and Galactus have vast, infinite reserves of stamina at their disposal. Although strength levels are similar, Galactus’ stamina relies on his state of current hunger. Due to that, Unicron wins this round. 

Unicron lifting earth

Points:Unicron (2:0) Galactus


This is the category in which both Galactus and Unicron match up evenly. Both are capable of immeasurable speeds and faster-than-light flight. But it makes little sense to travel on foot when you have the ability to open dimensional portals and teleport. In combat, it’s much the same. You rarely need to rely on your speed or physical strength when you’re capable of altering reality and bend-space time to your will. When it comes to speed, both Unicron and Galactus get the point. 

Points:Unicron (3:1) Galactus


Both Unicron and Galactus are technically immortal, although Thor most recently killed Galactus. Galactus is immune to almost all forms of damage, disease, poisons, and other ailments. Even when destroyed, he can bring himself back to life with enough willpower, and he hardly ever stays dead long enough to actually matter. He is capable of molecular restructuring.

It’s not the same as the healing factor. It’s much more powerful. If Galactus sustains some serious damage, he can easily re-arrange atoms to “fix” the damage dealt to him. Death also might be unable to claim him for the already stated reason. It’s just a matter of time before he resurrects himself. 

galactus death

Unicron can’t be killed. His vessel, avatar, conduit, whatever you want to call it, can be destroyed and affected, but Unicron himself will most likely outlive the universe. Even when he is destroyed, he can easily come back. He destroyed the universe once before and managed to survive in the pure void. He requires no sustenance. As long as evil exists, Unicron will exist. He is a concept and idea, and those cannot be killed. Unicron wins this round due to being larger than reality. 

unicron void

Points:Unicron (4:1) Galactus


Galactus is omniscient. He knows everything in existence. He can perceive reality on an unimaginable level. His intelligence is most likely immeasurable, and the same can be said for Unicron as well. His calculations allow him to see everything in the past, present, and future. When we’re talking about omniscience, it’s fair to give them both a point. 

galactus all knowing

Points:Unicron (4:2) Galactus


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Galactus’ most notable piece of equipment is his weapon Ultimate Nullifier. It’s one of the most powerful and dangerous weapons in the Marvel Universe and can create chaos on the cosmic scale. Why? Because it’s capable of existence erasure. 

ultimate nulifier

Unicron does not have a specific weapon. He has numerous lasers, guns, swords, and other weapons attached to his body, but due to his vast powers, there’s no need for him to reach for something as strong as Ultimate Nullifier. Due to Unicron’s absence of specific and unique weapons, this point goes to Galactus. 

Points:Unicron (4:3) Galactus


Galactus has one pretty glaring and serious weakness. He becomes significantly weaker if he does not consume enough matter and energy. In his weakened state, he can be taken down by creatures vastly less powerful than he is. Without nourishment, his powers become less potent, and he is capable of being destroyed in this form.

Unicron, on the other hand, does not have a weakness. The Matrix of Leadership is most often mentioned in such a context. The Matrix is used to power a Star Harvester and can, at times, be used to reactivate the lost spark of the Transformer. The Matrix is likewise not a weakness per se since it can’t be used to stop Unicron, only to delay him. When it comes to weakness, Galactus lost in this category to much weaker beings than Unicron, so it’s obvious who gets the point. 

Points:Unicron (5:3) Galactus


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Unicron vs. Galactus: who is stronger and who wins? 

Although it was a close fight, Unicron wins. His powers are simply more potent than those of Galactus, and the fact that he can’t be killed is the final nail in the coffin. Galactus’ powers also depend too much on how much he “ate,” while Unicron does not have such weakness. Unicron is the embodiment of hatred and evil, and he will continue to exist as long as reality exists. His powers are massively hyperversal, and there’s simply no going around it. The only thing that might threaten Unicron in this fight is Ultimate Nullifier, but it’s questionable what effect, if any, it would have on Unicron. 

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