Who Are Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, and Saracen in She-Hulk?

Episode 7 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was one of the most lighthearted episodes yet because it focused more on self-healing not only for Jen Walters but also for the other characters in the form of Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, and Saracen. These characters were particularly new to the series, as we got to meet obscure Marvel personalities that were taken straight out of the comics. So, who are Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, and Saracen in She-Hulk?

Man-Bull is a human that was injected with a mutagenic serum that transformed him into a bull-like character. El Aguila is a superhuman that can use bioelectric blasts through his sword. Porcupine is a man that wears a suit with quill-like blades. And Saracen is a man that thinks he is a vampire.

There are a lot of different characters that can be found in the pages of Marvel Comics, but She-Hulk has done a good job at bringing some of the most obscure and less-popular characters to the series. These characters include the aforementioned personalities that aren’t really people most comic book fans are familiar with but are still quite part of the Marvel universe in the comics.

Who Are Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, And Saracen In She-Hulk?

If there’s anything that we have noticed about She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, it is that this superhero comedy series is great at bringing some of the most obscure characters from the comic books to the MCU, as Marvel Studios probably doesn’t care about who the series brings into the MCU as long as they aren’t really going to affect the overall flow of the MCU canon. We’ve seen this in the likes of Mr. Immortal. Of course, we already knew that Leap-Frog was going to eventually show up in the series.

Now, with that said, episode 7 introduced new characters once again. These characters come in the form of some of the most obscure personalities that anyone would ever see in the pages of Marvel Comics. We are talking about Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, and Saracen. So, for us to get to know more about these characters, let’s each take a good look at them.

Man-Bull was the first to introduce himself in the She-Hulk series. His introduction could be traced all the way to the beginning of the episode when Jen Walters went on several dates and finally slept with Josh, the same guy she met at a wedding in episode 6. However, Jen got ghosted by Josh, as she waited for three days for him to text back. Meanwhile, Emil Blonsky’s parole officer contacted Jen and asked her to come with him to Blonsky’s retreat because his inhibitor malfunctioned.

After Jen and the parole officer fixed the inhibitor, the titular character was about to leave Blonsky’s retreat so that she could wait for Josh to text back again. However, two characters came out of nowhere and started fighting. One of them slammed the other on the hood of Jen’s car and damaged it to the point that she could no longer use it. That character was Man-Bull, who was quick to apologize to Jen after she She-Hulked her way into pacifying the two.

Man-Bull comes in the form of a man that looks like a bull but is actually quite a respectful character because he did apologize to Jen. In the comics, Man-Bull was once a human being named William Taurens. However, he was injected with a mutagenic serum that turned him into a minotaur-like creature called Man-Bull. He appeared a few times in the Daredevil comics but was a minor character that hardly ever had any appearances.

Meanwhile, Blonsky said that the fight was the product of two men just merely letting some steam out. The other character was a Spanish man named El Aguila, who was still working on his identity as many people thought that he was a matador, but he was simply a swordsman. In the comics, El Aguila is a Spanish man named Alejandro Montoya, who happens to be a mutant as well. He has the ability to use bioelectric blasts that he can release using a conductor, such as a sword, that he wields quite proficiently.

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After Jen tried to find a signal for her phone throughout the entire property, she stumbled into a room where Blonsky was leading a group therapy session for the people that were on his retreat. Two more people were there, along with Man-Bull and El Aguila.

The first was Porcupine, who was a man that was wearing a suit with several blades sticking out of it. However, his face is covered as he refuses to remove the suit despite getting encouraged by Blonsky and the other members of the group. In the comics, Porcupine is a weapons designer that was able to design a suit that had quill-like blades sticking out of it.

Meanwhile, the final one in the group therapy session was Saracen, who is a man that claims he is a vampire, even though it is clear that he isn’t one because he was seen walking in broad daylight. In the comics, not much is known about Saracen except for the fact that he is a man named Muzzafar Lambert and is a mercenary that clashed with the Punisher a few times.

With all that said, all four of these men are some of the most unknown and obscure comic book characters, as it has become a theme for She-Hulk to introduce new Marvel characters that not all people are quite familiar with. And these four happen to be at the top in terms of some of the most obscure ones in the series.

What Roles Do Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, And Saracen Have In She-Hulk

While we don’t expect Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, and Saracen to have huge roles in the series anytime soon, they did have a big impact on Jen Walters’s life in this episode because they were able to include her in their group therapy session. On top of that, the group also included Wrecker, who we met earlier in the series as part of the Wrecking Crew group that attacked her and tried to take a blood sample from her. But Wrecker had already turned a new page in his life as he was ready to become a better person, and it started with helping Jen.

When the group urged Jen to share what she was feeling about the entire incident with Josh, they were able to help her accept the fact that she had gotten ghosted by him. They also made her understand that she feared rejection because she probably rejected herself a lot of times in the past, as she is still struggling with her dual identities as Jen Walters and She-Hulk.

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Jen was also able to understand that she didn’t have to be like She-Hulk for people to like her because the entire group therapy session liked her as she was already. This allowed Jen to make her feel better about herself and who she is as a person, as she gained the strength to accept rejection and finally delete Josh’s number from her phone. 

Then, near the end of the episode, everyone in the group made Jen feel accepted when they gave her a card as she was about to leave the retreat. In a sense, while these people may not exactly be the most wholesome characters in the comics, they were able to give a more wholesome touch to the She-Hulk series in this episode.

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