Who Are the Ancients in Star Wars? Oldest Race That Came Before the Jedi

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The fifth episode of season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch allowed us to see the Bad Batch going on their latest adventure, which is a treasure-hunting expedition that they were forced into by the mysterious yet entertaining Phee Genoa. While they were on that adventure, they noticed that Skara Nal, the place where the Heart of the Mountain was located, seemed to be so old that it pre-dated the Jedi and the Republic. Phee said that it was created by an ancient civilization. So, who are the Ancients in Star Wars?

Not much is known about them, but the Ancients were an ancient group that existed long before the Jedi Order and the Republic. That means that they existed at least 25,000 years ago and had technology advanced enough to create a war machine like Skara Nal. It is even possible that the Ancients were the first Jedi.

The thing about Star Wars is that there is a deep lore that is still left untouched because of how vast the universe is and how there are a lot of stories that still need to be told. Of course, the easter egg about the Ancients in The Bad Batch is one of the few teasers about the possible future of the Star Wars franchise, considering that there is a good chance that, at one point in the future, we are going all the way back to thousands of years before the events of the Skywalker Saga.

Who Are The Ancients In Star Wars?

One of the things that we learned in season 2 of The Bad Batch is that Phee Genoa is one of the most notorious pirates in the galaxy but is somewhat of a peaceful type of pirate that only cares about going through ancient civilizations to steal treasures. In that regard, episode 5 allowed us to see how she and the members of the Bad Batch went on their latest treasure-hunting expedition after Omega found what seemed to be a compass to an ancient treasure.

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The adventure took them to a place called Skara Nal, which was hidden on a remote planet. Phee said that they were there to find a crystal called the Heart of the Mountain, which can be sold for a very high price. And while they were in the structure called Skara Nal, Tech was quick to notice that this was a very old structure that was at least a thousand years old.

However, Phee was quick to counter that by saying that this place was much older and was made by the Ancients. Tech was able to confirm that when he realized that the markings in the structure were quite possibly created by a civilization that pre-dated the Jedi Order and the Republic. So, who are the Ancients in Star Wars?

At this point, not much is known about the Ancients in the world of Star Wars but what we do know is that they existed thousands of years ago. The Jedi Order and the Republic began right around the same time and existed for 25,000 years before the Empire destroyed both of those institutions. So, if the Ancients pre-dated both the Jedi Order and the Republic, that would mean that they existed more than 25,000 years ago and that Skara Nal was at least 25,000 years old as well.

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There is a good chance that the Ancients could be the Je’daii Order, which is an ancient group of Force-sensitive people that came from the planet called Tython. Of course, the Je’daii Order laid the foundations for what eventually became the modern Jedi Order. But what we know about the Je’daii is that they were capable of creating powerful structures that were seemingly powered by ancient technology, as that was the case in season 2 of The Mandalorian when Din Djarin and Grogu went to an ancient temple that was powered by Grogu’s connection to the Force.

In this case, Skara Nal seemed to have been operated by technology that none of the members of the Bad Batch understood. The only thing that they knew was that the crystal called the Heart of the Mountain was what contained the Skara Nal weapon from operating. And it is possible that the Heart of the Mountain is actually a large chunk of Kyber crystal, which could further tie the Ancients to the Je’daii Order that existed more than 25,000 years ago.

How Are The Ancients Tied To The Jedi?

Of course, as mentioned, there is a good chance that the Ancients could be tied to the Jedi one way or another. They could have been members of the Je’daii but could also be a group of people that were not exactly like the Je’daii but were still powerful. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to talk about a possible connection between the Ancients and the Jedi.

Back in the events of the Andor series, Luthen Rael gave Cassian Andor a Kyber crystal that celebrated the uprising of an ancient world against the Rakatan invaders. For those who don’t know, the Rakatan people were first introduced in the Knights of the Old Republic game, released in 2003. They are fish-like people that were the first to master hyperspace travel, and that means that they were able to travel from one planet to another in an attempt to colonize those planets.


In the game, it was said that the Rakatan people existed 30,000 years before the events of the Knights of the Old Republic’s timeline, which happened 4,000 years before the Skywalker Saga. That would mean that the Rakatan people existed right around 34,000 years before the events of the Skywalker Saga and that they are much older than the modern Jedi Order and the Republic.

The Rakatan people were actually so advanced in terms of their technology that they were able to create something called the Star Forge, which used Force-sensitive creatures as a source of power. It was this weapon that corrupted the Rakatan people and led to a brutal civil war that shattered their connection to the Force and brought their entire civilization down. 

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Of course, in the events of episode 5 of The Bad Batch, the planet where they found Skara Nal seemed to be so empty that there were no people or resources there. This is consistent with the fact that the Rakatan Empire was known to strip planets of their resources so that they could bring them back to their own planet.

Let’s go back to the connection with the Jedi. The Heart of the Mountain seems to be something that’s similar to a Kyber crystal due to how it had the power to stop Skara Nal from operating. It is possible that Skara Nal was an Ancient weapon (quite possibly created by Rakata) to devastate the planet. However, a group of Force-sensitive people that had access to Kyber crystals was able to use the Heart of the Mountain to force Skara Nal into a dormant state.

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So, with that being said, this is also consistent with the fact that Luthen said that the Kyber crystal that he gave to Cassian celebrated a victory over the Rakatan invaders. That would mean that there could have been an ancient group of Jedi-like people that fought against the Rakatan Empire thousands of years ago before the Jedi Order was even created. But that’s something that we are yet to confirm, considering that there is still so much lore to explore in the Star Wars franchise.

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