Who Are the Jedi with the Orange Lightsabers in ‘Ahsoka’? Here Are Our Theories

ahsoka orange lightsaber

The teaser of the upcoming Ahsoka series has just been released, and we are all psyched about what this upcoming show could offer. Of course, we saw the return of almost all of the members of the Spectres and a shot of Grand Admiral Thrawn facing away from the audience. However, we also saw three characters wielding orange lightsabers and obviously skilled with the Force. So, who are they?

We aren’t sure who those Jedi with the orange lightsabers are, but our best guess is that they are the remnants of the Inquisitorius and are working under Thrawn. The old man is Baylan Skoll, while the younger woman is Shin Sakhno. Other than their names, we aren’t sure who they are.

The thing about the timeline between the events of the fall of the Empire and the rise of the First Order is that we don’t know a lot about what happened. That is why the events of The Mandalorian and the Ahsoka series seek to tell us how the Imperial remnants returned to power and why the New Republic was powerless against them. Of course, these guys with the orange lightsabers might have important roles to play.

They Are Inquisitors

Those who grew up as fans of Ahsoka Tano and the Spectre crew in Star Wars: Rebels were excited to see the Ahsoka trailer that was released during the Star Wars Celebration event in London now. The reason fans were excited could be related to the fact that the beloved characters of the Rebels animated series were shown in the trailer. However, another reason to be excited is that there will be lightsaber fights in this series.

It was established that there are going to be three orange lightsaber-wielding characters shown in the trailer. The first one shown was a large older man played by Ray Stevenson. Meanwhile, the first to show her orange lightsaber was a younger woman played by Ivanna Sakhno. Then there was another one that wielded a double-bladed orange lightsaber.

According to sources, the larger old man played by Stevenson is named Baylan Skoll, while the woman is named Shin Sakhno. However, we don’t know the name of the one with the double-bladed lightsaber. While we know the names of two orange saber-wielding characters we saw in the trailer, we aren’t sure who they are. But one of our theories is that they are Inquisitors or something similar to them.

During the reign of the Empire, the Inquisitorius was an organization of dark-side users that Darth Vader trained to hunt down any of the remaining Jedi that survived Order 66. However, the last of the Inquisitors were believed to have been killed by Darth Maul during the events of Star Wars: Rebels. As such, Darth Vader was all by his lonesome by the time the original trilogy started.

But there’s a good chance that some of the Inquisitors survived the events of the Rebellion and went on to rendezvous with Grand Admiral Thrawn, who got transported by Purrgils to unknown parts of the galaxy at the end of Rebels. It is possible that these Inquisitors were what was left of the Inquisitorius. But instead of ordering them to fight alongside Vader during the Rebellion, Emperor Palpatine ordered them to rendezvous with Thrawn so that they could fulfill the contingency plan of the Empire.


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We know that the Empire is still active five years after the death of Emperor Palpatine. It is suggested that the Imperial remnants are working to find a way to clone Palpatine, as we know that the Palpatine that returned in the events of the sequel trilogy was a clone of the original one. As such, it is possible that Thrawn was the one that Palpatine placed in charge of overseeing the events surrounding the reformation of the Empire before his eventual return.

In the trailer, Ahsoka suggested that Thrawn is the heir to the Empire, which means that he is the de facto leader of the Imperial remnants in the galaxy. While Thrawn is a capable fighter, he is more of a military leader and a tactician than an actual combatant. As such, he would have to have skilled fighters that would serve as his enforcers or bodyguards while he attempted to rebuild the Empire and facilitate the return of Emperor Palpatine.

As such, the orange lightsaber-wielding Jedi we saw may be similar to the Inquisitors in that they were trained to be Jedi but were corrupted by the Empire. One of the clues we saw was the dual-bladed lightsaber that one of them wielded, as it resembled the ones that the Inquisitors used during the reign of the Empire.

orange saber

That is why it is possible that these guys were specifically tasked to join up with Thrawn to serve under him while the Grand Admiral worked to reform the Empire. Of course, we all know that the remnants of the Empire eventually became the First Order, and it is possible that Thrawn and those orange lightsaber-wielding Jedi had a hand in its creation.

They Are Rogue Force Users or Jedi

Even though most of the Jedi that survived the events of Order 66 were either converted into Inquisitors or hunted down during the Empire’s reign, others might do other things. As such, those orange lightsaber-wielding Jedi may be rogue Jedi that did their own thing after the fall of the Jedi Order and managed to survive through the manhunt of the Inquisitorius.

In that regard, they are probably similar to Ahsoka in the sense that they aren’t necessarily Jedi but were trained in the ways of the Force. We know that Ahsoka was no longer a Jedi during the events of Order 66, as she left the order on her own accord. However, she was still hunted down by the Inquisitors because she was still a threat. And it is possible that there were other rogue Jedi that ended up surviving the Inquisitors as well.


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We saw one of them in the form of Taron Malicos, who went rogue and became a dark side user during the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. And it is possible that there were more of these former Jedi all over the galaxy.

But while Ahsoka fought the Empire, these rogue Jedi probably did other things during the reign of the Empire. For instance, Baylan looks old enough to have lived through the time of the Jedi Order, and it is possible that he was the leader of the Jedi that ended up going rogue but never joined the Inquisitors. As such, Shin might be one of his apprentices when he went rogue.

In the trailer, Ahsoka said that there aren’t many Jedi left in the galaxy, and she was probably referring to Baylan and Shin as leftover Jedi that may have lost their way. As such, instead of being Inquisitors, they may be rogue Jedi that started their group and ended up opposing the New Republic after realizing that the Old Republic was one of the reasons why the Jedi Order fell.

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