Who Does Boruto Marry in the Future?

Love and romantic interests in anime can be tricky because, in most cases, the main protagonists have chemistry with multiple characters. In the case of Boruto, the endgame is far from happening since the series still didn’t get to that infamous scene of teenage Kawaki and Boruto fighting on the ruins of Konohagakure. However, that did not stop the fans from speculating about Boruto and his potential love interest. In this article, we will discuss who Boruto will marry in the future, or rather speculate what seems to be the most probable love interest for young Uzumaki.

If we had to speculate, Boruto would likely end up with either Sarada or Sumire. Both girls commonly interact with Boruto and have shown interest in the young Uzumaki. Sumire is shown having a crush on the young boy but never confessing her feelings, while Sarada presents subtle signs of her having more feelings for Boruto as the series continues. However, the signs lead us to believe that Boruto will end up with Sarada because their story parallels Naruto and Sakura/Naruto and Sasuke dynamics, with romantic undertones, and we know how Masashi Kishimoto loves parallels.

We will provide you with our reasoning with whom Boruto could possibly end up and discuss what we know for now. If you are interested in this Boruto topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

Boruto’s possible romantic interests in the series

Before we fully dissect Boruto’s relationships in the series, we must mention that we are conscious of the fact that we are talking about children between thirteen and fourteen years of age. Of course, that means that the romantic dynamics are not at the center of the plot in Boruto, but as usual, there are undertones that some fans notice immediately. 

Before the Ōtsutsuki clan threat, the new generation of the peaceful Ninja World went on about their life normally – children played with their friends and prepared for the Academy classes that would lead them to become Konoha shinobi. Boruto was a troublemaker like his father, however, not for the same reasons as his father – Boruto disliked that Naruto was barely home with his family.

Who Does Boruto Marry in the Future?

Of course, that led to other children of Konoha looking at Boruto as someone who only brings chaos, but that fastly changes whenever the boy interacts with them. In the case of Sumire, she knew Boruto as everyone else in the village. Still, she truly met him during the Academy Entrance ceremony, where she noted that Boruto struggles with the burden of being Seventh Hokage’s son.

Their interactions through the Boruto series were mild since the anime wanted to include every member of the new generation in the spotlight. However, the most significant interaction the duo had in the series was during Jūgo Arc, which revolved around investigating the incidents that involved wildlife around the village.

Who Does Boruto Marry in the Future?

During that mission, Team 15 and Team 7 worked together; however, Boruto got injured when the birds viciously attacked him. As his father, Boruto inspired Sumire to follow her dream and decided to join Scientific Ninja Weapons Team, which allowed her team to find a replacement for her. 

Sumire found her purpose in life thanks to the inspired words of Boruto. This moment is the first time we see Sumire directly affected by Boruto and his belief which leads to more emotional reactions of the girl toward Uzumaki.

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We didn’t have to wait for long because the Ao Arc in Boruto saw Sumire “testing the field” around the relationship between Boruto and Sarada. In the lab where Sumire works with her Scientific Ninja Weapon Team, she meets her former classmates Mitsuki, Sarada, and Boruto during their assignment. Of course, the group hung out and even tested some of the new ninja technology. Still, when they departed, Sumire decided to ask Sarada a sensitive question – if she has feelings for Boruto?

Flustered about the question, Sarada answers that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Boruto but is shocked to learn that Sumire confesses hers for the boy. 

Who Does Boruto Marry in the Future?

This moment is crucial since Sumire clearly shows that she has feelings for Boruto, while Sarada is shocked and flustered by the idea of having any feelings for the Uzumaki troublemaker. Still, her reaction lets us believe otherwise. In fictional media, we have seen how characters, especially teenagers and younger characters, react when asked about their feelings for the other person. Female characters have that trope in films and TV series, which can be applied to Sarada’s character in Boruto. 

Sarada is a daughter of Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha, former members of the original Team Seven, best friends of Naruto, and legendary shinobi. Sarada is a perfect blend of her parents’ character, which makes her familiar to fans of Naruto, but makes her an ideal match for Boruto’s personality. 

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In the series, despite thinking Boruto is misbehaving and causing trouble for the village, after being placed on the team together, Sarada respects Boruto more. Her original thoughts of Boruto being a rebel for attention is replaced by understanding his situation, especially regarding Naruto. 

They know each other from a very young age because their parents have been friends for decades, making Sarada and Boruto very familiar with each other. Sarada even admits in the Boruto series that despite the differences and constant fighting since they were little, she thinks of Boruto as her brother. However, her reactions towards Boruto seem quite more than that. 

Who Does Boruto Marry in the Future?

Besides the shock from Sumire’s feelings toward Boruto, Sarada acts flustered multiple times in the series, especially when Mitsuki teases the duo for being a great couple and continues to do so throughout the series. During the Momoshiki arc and Boruto movie, Boruto tells Sarada that he doesn’t want to become Hokage, but he is willing to be her right-hand man when she becomes one like Sasuke is to Naruto. Boruto adds that he will always support Sarada no matter what. Sarada is amazed by Boruto, which happens countless times in the series. 

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They almost kiss, as their fathers did, and Sarada always puts her body on the line for Boruto, which suggests that she has some kind of feelings for him, despite her denying it. With that being said, Boruto does the same for Sarada by accompanying her on dangerous missions and trying to protect her.

Sarada and Boruto have many of these situations in the series, leading us to our final verdict – who will Boruto end up with?

Who will Boruto marry in the future?

First, we have yet to confirm anything since the Boruto series is still ongoing, and the characters are still around thirteen or fourteen years of age. The ultimate encounter of older Kawaki and Boruto on the ruins of Konoha is still up in the air, and the show and manga are steadily going in that direction.

Looking into Boruto’s character and interactions in the series, we can safely say that Sumire and Sarada are possible romantic interests of Boruto, much less Mitsuki, who is hinted at having feelings for Boruto as well.

Who Does Boruto Marry in the Future?

Sumire is a supporting character in the series, and besides her expressing feelings for Boruto, we cannot say for sure that she will be Boruto’s endgame. She reminds us of Hinata, with a much more useful role since she is part of the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team and is less “passive” than Hinata was with Naruto in Shippuden.

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In the case of Sumire and Boruto, the feelings seem one-sided, and it doesn’t help that Boruto is kind and friendly to anyone, which attracts many people toward him, just like his father was. Of course, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Boruto cares for Sumire in the series in some way, but their bond isn’t as strong as he has with Sarada.

Who Does Boruto Marry in the Future?

Sarada and Boruto seem more likely to end up together because they have a much stronger bond, knowing each other since their toddler days. Moreover, their connection with family situations, especially their absent fathers that protect the world from danger, and the fact that one wants to be a Hokage while the other is a protector.

Masashi Kishimoto loves parallels, which we see many times in the Naruto series. The fact that Sarada and Boruto reflect their parents, especially their relationships in a huge capacity, should be considered. Sarada wants to become a Hokage like Naruto, while Boruto wants to be her shadow like Sasuke is to Naruto. The chemistry between them clearly reflects their fathers in many ways (like it or not), and it seems that Naruto and Boruto’s creator finally wants to pay that off. Anything could happen, but we will wait and see.

Of course, we won’t know who Boruto will marry in the future, but we can conclude that many things hint at Boruto and Sarada being together. Until then, let’s hope that the climax of the series will come soon enough.

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