What Year Was Boruto Born?

What Year Was Boruto Born?

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Boruto Uzumaki is the titular protagonist of Masashi Kishimoto’s Boruto, the sequel to his original Naruto franchise. Boruto was born as Naruto’s and Hinata’s son and has become the principal character of his own series. Throughout the years, we have followed Boruto’s growth and evolution from a baby to where he is now, and the story is still ongoing, so we assume that many thrills await us in the future. But, regardless of that, when was Boruto born? Okay, we know his birthday, but what year was it? In this article, we are going to explain the theories surrounding Boruto’s year of birth.

The exact year of Boruto’s birth is unknown, although we know that he was born on March 27. Knowing that he was born roughly three years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, we know that he was born when Naruto was 20 years old, and knowing the theories that state that Naruto was born in 1986, this would mean that he was born in 2006 (or 2009, if you’re prone to thinking that Naruto was born in 1989).

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Boruto’s childhood, as we are going to explain the story of his birth, but also the theories surrounding his age. There are going to be a lot of theories in here, as well as some spoilers, so do be careful how you approach the article if you don’t know everything yet.

What year was Boruto born?

This is, honestly, a question that has been bugging fans for some time now. Namely, Masashi Kishimoto never actually revealed the chronology of his magnum opus, so we do know how many years have passed between events in the manga, but we don’t know what year it actually is, nor how the Naruto and Boruto timelines are related to our real-world timeline. It is known that Naruto and Boruto use the same calendar as we do, but that is about it. We also know that Boruto was born on March 27. But what year was it?

Now, some fans speculate that Naruto and Boruto are set in real-time but in an alternative reality. That would make sense, and it would, of course, make things easier. That would mean that Naruto‘s plot began in 1999 when the manga began publication, and that would make it easy for us to track the chronology of the Naruto plot. As per that theory, Naruto would have been born on October 10, 1986.

What Year Was Boruto Born?

Now, knowing what we know about Boruto’s birth, we know that he was 12 years old when Boruto began, and we also know that the plot of Boruto began 15 years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. Based on these facts, it would mean that Boruto Uzumaki was born three years after the war ended, i.e., when Naruto was 20 years old since we know that Naruto was 17 when Shippuden ended.

So, based on the calculations we did when we wrote about Naruto’s year of birth, we know that Naruto was probably born in 1986 (there is a theory that suggests that he was born in 1989). Now, knowing that he was 20 when Boruto was born, it would mean that Boruto Uzumaki was born on March 27, 2006 (or 2009, as we said, based on which theory you adhere to), and that would make sense from a plot-wise perspective.


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This does make sense from a mathematical point of view, and the numbers are completely correct, but there is a problem: this is only a theory. We have absolutely no clue whether this theory is correct since Masashi Kishimoto never confirmed anything, and there are numerous other theories online, but from our standpoint, this one makes sense, and we hope that we have helped you grasp the whole idea a bit better. Now, let us describe the circumstances of Boruto’s birth.

Boruto’s birth and childhood

Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga were the parents of Boruto, who also had a younger sister named Himawari Uzumaki. In the early hours of a calm winter day in Konohagakure, Boruto and Himawari went outside to greet their father, who was practicing and engaged in a snowball fight with his mother. When Boruto and Himawari were getting ready for breakfast on the morning of Naruto’s ceremony to become Hokage, he was still asleep. His mother then ordered them to rouse him up.

Himawari tried to gently wake him up, but it didn’t work, so Boruto jumped on top of her and succeeded in his mission. Then, while eating breakfast, Boruto informs him that it is the day he will be given the title of Hokage and advises him to keep it in mind. While Naruto was ready to leave, Boruto began to argue with Himawari over a teddy bear that she was trying to take, but he refused. Meanwhile, the bear broke, infuriating Himawari and igniting the Byakugan, which caused Boruto to recognize her mother’s eyes after she was hit hard and pushed against a wall.

When Boruto sees his father coming, he tells him what occurred, and Naruto moves in between them just to be struck by his daughter, startling Boruto. A startled Boruto then hid from his sister, who then entered the room with a demon-like expression and questioned his older brother about whether or not he was playing hide-and-seek.

He would eventually enroll in the Academy, with Shino Aburame serving as a teacher. One day, Boruto took advantage of Shino’s request for everyone to leave the classroom and head straight to his house by telling them he would be teaching them a funny joke. Shikadai then informed Boruto that there would be heavy security for the Kage Gathering that day in the village, but Boruto countered that a true ninja could conduct a prank without being noticed.


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Boruto then started moaning so that nobody would notice his prank as he walked around. Later, Boruto would climb the Hokage Rock and deface it by scrawling various messages on the faces of the Seven Hokages. While doing so, he shouted profanities, declared his hatred for the Hokage, and predicted the arrival of his father. Naruto stopped him from throwing a shuriken and punched him in the head, while Boruto complained that using the Blinking Body Jutsu was unfair.

Saddened by having to attend an important conference and clean up the disaster, Naruto starts berating his kid. When Boruto offers to help, the Hokage makes a sad look and then takes it and climbs to the top of the mountain. When they both arrived at the roof of the Hokage Mansion, where Boruto had been reprimanded by Konohamaru because of the shuriken, Boruto asked him why he was there. Naruto explained that everyone in the village was like his family and that it couldn’t just be his father. He also said that he knew how difficult it was but that he had to learn to bear it since he was a ninja.

Both Mitsuki and Boruto expressed excitement when Shino told his students that they would soon have to take the exam to graduate. Later, he damaged the Hokage Rock once again, prompting Naruto to step in, and they got into a minor fight. Boruto kicked, but his father effortlessly blocked it.

Despite this, it was discovered that it was a Shadow Clone and that the actual Boruto was a bit farther away, waiting to meet Sarada, just as Naruto was ready to accept it. In response to Naruto’s request for him and Sarada’s incorrect address, Boruto motions for him to be quiet and hides in a sign. When Naruto arrives and asks for him, Boruto emerges from hiding and claims that it has been some time since Naruto has been pursuing him and that he couldn’t let her find him easily.

Despite this, Shikamaru Nara and Shikadai show up, claiming that if Naruto used Sage Mode, he would find him instantly. Boruto then confirms this. Shikadai then remarks that the Hokage must have a difficult time finding him and taking care of his business, but Boruto clarifies that this was a clone and that the real one was in his office.

He instructs his son to discover Naruto’s clone after realizing he was captured by Shikamaru’s shadow for a brief period of time. Later, he is seen waiting to deliver food to his father at Konohagakure’s entrance with Mitsuki and Shikamaru, but the latter has already left to meet Sasuke. Immediately after, Chōchō and Sarada interrupt him.


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When Sarada offers to carry the meal to the Seventh Hokage, Boruto declines, claiming he would return the lunch and inform his mother of the person who sent him because if it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have gone. This causes friction between the Uchiha and the Uzumaki. When Sarada told him that a meal wasn’t only for eating if it was something provided by a special person, Boruto had a memory of his mother and decided to reconsider. He then delivered the lunch and stayed to see the two kunoichi leave.

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