Who Is Chris Prince Based On in Blue Lock? Explained

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The first glance at Blue Lock‘s new English team named “Manshine City” brought along a brand new character named Chris Prince. Considering that many of the characters in Blue Lock are loosely inspired by various real-world pros, many fans are now curious to find out who Chris Prince is based on in Blue Lock.

At first glance, it seems that Chris Prince in Blue Lock has been based on Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition to a somewhat similar first name, Chris Prince has a variety of similar personality traits, in addition to some spot-on references such as the Coca-Cola reference as well as Chris Prince’s ‘CP7’, which is strikingly similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘CR7’.

While the specific inspiration behind Chris Prince has not been officially confirmed by the Blue Lock creators, there are quite a few reasons why many Blue Lock fans believe he has been based on Cristiano Ronaldo. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Chris Prince so far, including the specific details that make him so similar to this infamous football star.

Chris Prince in Blue Lock

The Blue Lock manga brought a very interesting chapter in mid-2022, introducing its English team named “Manshine City”, remarkably similar to the world-renowned team, Manchester City. Along with the debut of this new team, Blue Lock also introduced the team’s “master” – a young and talented pro footballer named Chris Prince.

chris prince blue lock

Originally making his debut in Blue Lock Chapter 155 titled “Body Revolution”, Chris Prince also goes by the alias “World’s No. 2”. Chris Prince plays as a forward for Manshine City, and he first arrived at Blue Lock during the Neo Egoist League taking the role of the master striker and coach of the England stratum.


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Appearance & Personality

This footballer flaunts blonde hair in a messy-ish hairstyle, with his hair parted down the center. He is described as a confident and expressive type of person, although he is somewhat obsessed with himself to a degree – at least, his health, body, nutrition, and performance.

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Chris Prince appears to have little to no boundaries in terms of social interactions, being quite straightforward with others and often egotistical (some fans have even said that Chris Prince may have some mild narcissistic tendencies). He is often seen taking his shirt off for no reason at all, occasionally to make a point or simply just to show off his sculpted physique.

That being said, no one can deny that his body is one of his major achievements, as he spends a lot of time working on his body and taking care of himself in as many ways as possible. He later admits that he took his body and physical talents for granted when he was younger, but he is now far more aware of himself and the world around him, and he tries to use his gifts in order to inspire others.

Chris Prince’s Skills & Abilities

Chris Prince’s main abilities include being a talented striker and central forward, meaning that he has a high degree of physical strength and is fairly tall compared to some other Blue Lock football players. He can create space on the playing field as he pleases, keep opponents occupied with the ball while waiting for support, and score some amazing goals when the timing is just right – just what every football team needs!

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Being taller than many other players and flaunting a near-perfect body topped with unparalleled confidence, Chris Prince has the ability to mark opponents with expert precision and skill – to the point where he can mark even the best players into a corner. He can get his feet on the ball in even the most pressured situations, all while being able to make room for a shot. There’s still a lot to learn about Chris Prince, but many believe he could become one of Blue Lock’s best players.

Who is Chris Prince Based on in Blue Lock?

Fans have been able to identify various similarities between Chris Prince and numerous real-world football stars to date, and his abilities have been described as “on par” with that of Noel Noa. It can’t go without being mentioned that there has been a ton of debate surrounding Chris Prince’s inspiration. Many fans still feel that Chris Prince could have been based on pro footballers such as De Bryune, Kun Aguerro, Harry Kane, Grealish (mainly based on Chris Prince’s appearance), or even a combination of different pro footballers.

Is Chris Prince Based on Cristiano Ronaldo?

However, there are so many tidbits of information that link Chris Prince to Cristiano Ronaldo – over and above Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic blonde-ish hairdo, which is somewhat similar to Chris Prince’s hairstyle. Other than the direct parody of “Chris” and “Cristiano”, the most notable reference seems to be Chris Prince’s overall personality.

Chris Prince is obsessed with his body and is often seen shirtless, being fixated on achieving the optimal physique needed to pursue his career. In addition to having some insane talent on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo has gained tons of fame for his incredible body as he has been in pique condition throughout his career, making this a huge point of interest for Blue Lock fans.

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In addition to the similarities between Cristiano Ronaldo’s and Chris Prince’s personalities and habits, the creators of Blue Lock have added a few details that feel far too accurate to be coincidental. Of course, there is no way to confirm that these details were not coincidental, but it all just seems to line up too well for it not to be a parody.

Such examples of this include Chris Prince’s “CP7”, which could very well be a direct reference to Cristiano Ronaldo’s “CR7”. The overall attitude, attention to physique and nutrition, as well as the confidence shown by Chris Prince in various situations may be referencing Cristiano Ronaldo. Similar to Ronaldo, Chris Prince is an incredibly hard worker as well as an amazing brand ambassador – seen in Chris Prince’s ab machine ad.

manshine city

This has all been topped with a humorous Coca-Cola reference as well, which can also be linked to Ronaldo. Plus, many Blue Lock lovers believe that Chris Prince being in “Manshine City”, a parody of Manchester City, could be quite a comedic twist – placing Manchester United’s most famous football player on its most infamous rival team would be quite a funny detail.


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With that being said, quite a few Blue Lock fans feel that minor details and similarities in personality are not enough to go by, and many expect to find some more links and references after we see Chris Prince’s on-field performance. The majority of Blue Lock fans are satisfied with the concept of Chris Prince being based on Cristiano Ronaldo, but quite a few fans are hoping to find some more grounds for theories through future Blue Lock releases. Still, fans are looking forward to seeing Chris Prince in action in the Blue Lock anime series.

That’s everything there is to know about Chris Prince in Blue Lock so far, with images thanks to the Blue Lock Wiki. Quite a few fans still speculate that Chris Prince was based on a combination of sports stars in the real world, although there are still overwhelming similarities between Chris Prince and Ronaldo. While there hasn’t been an official statement confirming that Chris Prince was inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, sneaky parodies and tongue-in-cheek references are partially what makes Blue Lock so enjoyable.

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