Who Is Mims in Willow? Meet Annabelle Davis’s Character

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A long-awaited fantasy adventure series Willow is finally here as it premiered on Disney+ on November 30. With the storyline happening 20 years after the events in the movie, we get to see some new faces, but some old ones as well. Mims is one of the characters that appear both in the movie and in the show. So, in this article, you can read about who is Mims in Willow, and you get to meet Annabelle Davis’s character.

Mims is Willow’s daughter. She is kind and wise, Nelwyn, and she was the one that found Elora Danan when Elora was a baby. In the show, Mims is played by Annabelle Davis, and she is the one who suggests to Willow that he is to present Elora with Cherlindrea’s wand when she masters her powers and when she is ready to wield it.

Mims is one of the characters that appear both in the show and in the Willow movie, which was released 34 years before the series. In the movie, Mims, alongside her brother, was the one that had found the baby Elora Danan as she was floating in the river and asked her father, Willow if they could keep the baby. Since then, 20 years have passed, and Mims in the show is now different than it used to be. So, let’s look into more details about Mims’s character.

Who is Mims in Willow?

The show Willow was released 34 years after the movie of the same name, and it is a continuation that adds up to the events in the movie with some new characters in the storyline’s center. There are also reappearing characters that we had the chance to meet in the movie, and Mims is one of them.

Mims Ufgood is Willow’s daughter. When she was a child, she was playing with her brother near the River Freen when they encountered a baby floating in the river. That baby was Elora Danan, the prophesized empress of the kingdom. That being said, it makes sense that Mims also appears in the show, as she is an important part of Elora’s past.


Mims is first introduced to us in the show when Kit, Dove, and the rest of their party come looking for Willow and his help. When they found him, Willow revealed that Dove is Elora Danan, an empress that is prophesized to unite the realm and defeat the powers of evil. After that revelation, Willow welcomed the party in his Nelwyn village, and Mims was impatiently waiting.

What is Mims’s role in Willow?

When Willow introduced the party to the villagers and revealed that Elora Danan was among them, everyone was excited. Mims was thrilled to see Elora after so many years since 20 years had passed since she saved Elora from the river. Mims introduced herself to Elora, and they immediately became fond of each other. Mims told Elora that she was the most beautiful baby when she had found her, and now when she is older, her beauty is there still, even though she is not a baby anymore.


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Later, Willow is determined that Elora needs to stay in the village with him, where he will teach her magic and train her. He is opposed to her wishes to go and search for Airk. However, Mims suggests to her father that he should go with Elora and others on their quest, and that is the only way he can truly protect Elora, and not by hiding her and himself from what he already knows is bound to happen. Mims also brought a suitcase with a Cherlindrea’s wand in it, and she told her father that when Elora Dan was ready, he would give it to her.

We have learned so far about Mims that she is cheerful, wise, and very fond of her father. She loves and respects Willow very much but is not afraid to speak her mind and give him advice when she thinks Willow is wrong. She stood up for Elora and showed faith in her and the abilities she possesses. Mims also encouraged her father to go with Elora and others on the journey to save Airk from the forces of the Crone.


Before the party departed, Willow said his goodbyes to Mims. At that moment, it becomes clear that Mims cares for her father very much and worries about his well-being. Mims also admires her father immensely and thinks of him as her hero. Mims also shows great courage and protective tendencies when she lies to Ballantine about Elora and her father’s whereabouts, even though that means putting herself in grave danger.

Who plays Mims in the Willow series?

In the Willow series, Mims’s character is portrayed by Annabelle Davis. She was born on March 28, 1997, and began her career as an actress in 2011. Since then, she has had several roles, but she is best known for her role as Sasha Bellman in The Dumping Ground. Annabelle is Warwick Davis’s daughter. The fun fact is that Warwick plays Willow in the show, just like he did in the original movie back in 1988. So, not only are Anabelle and Warwick’s daughter and father in real life but their characters, Mims and Willow, are also related in the same manner.


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This relationship that Annabelle and Warwick share in real life is perfectly depicted in the show because the chemistry between Mims and Willow feels genuine and warm. These two characters’ interactions and conversations make the audience believe in what they are saying to each other, and it also gives out a genuine father-daughter vibe.

Annabelle has worked alongside her father before. Annabelle appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, where she played Naughty Goblin, and her father played Griphook. She also appeared in Star War movies, where Warwick played many characters over the years.

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