Who Is the White-Haired Girl in Spy x Family? Meet Fiona aka Agent Nightfall

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Spy x Family features a spread of interesting, loveable anime characters for fans to enjoy, but the creators have teased a pretty mysterious character with Spy x Family part two. Plenty of fans are now wondering who the white-haired girl in Spy x Family is, as well as what role she will play in the ongoing storyline.

Fiona Frost, also known as Agent Nightfall, is the white-haired girl in Spy x Family, though her hair is actually pale lavender. She was trained under Twilight and worked for WISE alongside Loid Forger, eventually developing romantic feelings for him – however, she never professes these feelings. She wishes to remove Yor Forger from the picture so that she may take the role of Loid’s wife.

While there is still much more for fans to learn about Fiona, there is a handful of information we know about her character and story within Spy x Family. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Fiona so far, including her background, personality, and purpose within the Spy x Family universe.

Who is the White-Haired Girl in Spy x Family?

Spy x Family’s Forger family continues to embark on tons of exciting adventures, but things are only just getting started since the creators love adding interesting plot points to the mix. The first season of Spy x Family made its debut back in April 2022 with massive success, while the manga has accumulated a pretty large fanbase so far.

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Spy x Family season 1 was an absolute hit among anime lovers worldwide, gaining a sizeable audience ever since its premiere. Fans have been eagerly awaiting part two of Spy x Family, in the hopes that the series will continue bringing some stellar entertainment, animations, stories, and fascinating characters.

However, the tease of Spy x Family season 2 came with a new face – a white-haired anime girl with a mysterious demeanor. The sneak peek was shared on Spy x Family’s English Twitter page, as seen below.

The trailer of Spy x Family season 2 also teases a glimpse of this character, as seen below by TOHO animation, although she is only seen for a very brief moment with little to no context.

Although there was no mention of the white-haired girl in the trailer, the Twitter post, or the Spy x Family series poster, the creators did note that she would soon be introduced to the anime storyline. Spy x Family manga fans were quick to jump into the discussion and share everything there is to know about this figure so far.

This white-haired girl is apparently quite familiar to Spy x Family manga readers, and they shared not only what they know about her character but also what could be hitting fans’ screens sometime in the future – at least, based on the story outlined in the Spy x Family manga.


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Apparently, this character is none other than Fiona Frost, who also goes by the codename “Agent Nightfall”. As expected for many agents working in the spy field, Fiona Frost has a calculated and somewhat cold personality, but her past may be shrouded by far more emotion than one might expect. We’ve detailed everything there is to know so far, with images thanks to the Spy x Family Wiki.

Fiona Frost aka Agent Nightfall

Fiona Frost is a petite woman considered to be of average height (approximately 172cm/ 5 feet and 7 inches). She has fair skin and a short bob-cut hairstyle topped with a long fringe covering most of her face, complimented by her remaining fringe being swept behind her left ear.

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Her hair may appear to be as white as snow in some imagery and visual pieces, but it’s actually more of a light lavender color. She has cold eyes that are deep purple in color, framed by lengthy pastel-colored eyelashes and contrasted by her usually unemotional facial expression.

Fiona Frost is initially introduced to viewers wearing a fitted black turtleneck and pants topped with a duffel coat, while she wears a black blazer and a low-dip light shirt to the Forgers’ home. Her outfits are usually accessorized with unique stud earrings, which flaunt the shape of WISE’s symbol – a nod to her career and true identity.

Fiona Frost’s Origins & Purpose

Fiona Frost is a spy working for WISE, which is the very same secret organization that Loid Forger works for as well – posing some rather interesting and possibly complex ties between Fiona and the Forger family. She was initially trained under Twilight to become a spy, and Loid Forger was actually Fiona Frost’s mentor back in the day as he trained her and worked alongside Fiona for a significant period of time.

fiona frost love

This working relationship and bond led to Fiona Frost developing deeper feelings for Loid over time. However, being a secret agent with an intense background and mission in the Spy x Family universe, Fiona chose to keep her feelings to herself, especially considering that she was told spies should never reveal true feelings, or let their emotions bar their mission.

But, her feelings soon become intertwined after she finds she isn’t able to work alongside Loid on Operation Strix. She was instead placed in a position at Berlint General Hospital to work undercover as an assistant to Twilight.

fiona frost

Technically speaking, Fiona Frost’s purpose was to aid Loid Forger from the sidelines, being placed in a role where she would act as a secret informant. However, Fiona isn’t too happy with the idea of being left to watch the action from a distance – not to mention the existence of Loid’s new make-believe family.

Fiona Frost’s Relationships

She begins to find flaws in numerous aspects of Loid’s family, even though the family was formed made out of genuine love, and her romantic feelings toward Loid begin to throw things off plan when she finally meets them. Frost believes that Anya Forger is not raised with enough discipline, feeling that Anya would become a ‘Stella Star’ procurement under Frost’s guidance.

fiona frost yor

But, Frost finds a particular interest in Yor Forger, Loid Forger’s ‘wife‘, firmly believing that Yor is not suitable for the role – again, even though it’s just for show. She is quite obviously jealous of Yor, believing that a woman less-skilled than her should not have been given the role, and the fact that Yor seems to make Loid ‘happy’ by evoking genuine feelings doesn’t make things any better for Frost.

She may have gotten the role of Loid’s wife, and she did want to take the position at the time. However, Fiona was actively working on another mission when the role needed to be filled – which led to Yor being chosen.


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Frost begins plotting ways to get Yor out of the way so that she could hopefully fill the role of Loid’s wife herself. While Fiona Frost started off her journey as a solid and trusted ally working with Loid Forger, Fiona Frost’s newfound emotional complexity (and potentially dark plan) begins to blur the line between ‘sidekick’ and ‘budding antagonist’.

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With that being said, the Spy x Family manga is still ongoing as well, so there is still tons of information fans have to learn about this mysterious and possibly plot-twisting character. Spy x Family fans are hoping that new manga chapters and Spy x Family season 2 will shed more light on Fiona Frost’s true motives.

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